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First of all we began by looking in art by Georgia Okeefe who mainly painted abstract flowers this is a new style for me?nternet site have never tried out drawing in abstract design before, following this we would two artwork in acrylics one of shells and one piece of hammer toe and around the border of the works of art I then collaged in the background. It was a new way of accomplishing backgrounds for me, as I have not tried employing painting and colaging jointly. We have also tried a photo of natural objects with pastels after that used chalk to make a greyish background.

We didnt appreciate the results of the chalk background as it was and so dull. In that case we performed a picture of fruits in pencils and shaded all of them this piece was nearly the same as the pictures I actually made of fruits later during my book one in watercolour pencils and one particular I collaged. I was happy with my own picture in watercolour pencils but the collage didnt result in well. Following this I built a page of leaves drawn in 2 styles two in pencils and two in rubbings.

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I was pleased with the leaves required for pencil nevertheless the rubbings couldnt look that nice as possible only get yourself a single color and no covering. Next carrying on with the plants theme I actually made a photo of Monets water lilies. I was satisfied with this as it allowed myself to experiment with famille rose and empowered me to make a strong brilliantly colored picture. Next we made a copy of the picture of Jesus for the cross in acrylic this painting was done by Gauguin. This enabled me to realize a new design of painting having its simple lines and dazzling colours.

The next piece of art is the piece that Im happiest with out of my entire book. It was a copy of any print of black and white colored natural items shaded with dots and contours. This was an entirely new type of shading for me personally and it is the one that I like a whole lot. Then I started developing my own final artwork piece to get the year We took a piece of my garden and drew and shaded it in dark pen after this I did 2 or 3 more pictures of this portion of my garden one in pen one in collection and one out of acrylic.

Just read was all to develop my personal picture nevertheless the only one I used to be really content about was my 1st picture in black pencil. I have likewise done a picture of feathers one collection done in white colored pencil and coloured pencils on black paper, the other arranged was done in inks. Using inks was a completely new encounter for me since was coloring on dark paper My spouse and i liked employing both. I quickly did another 2 pictures of all-natural pictures one among scallops in coloured pencils and one among horse chestnuts done in chalk and then I coloured in the back in greyish chalk.

After that we started concentrating on panoramas more. First of all I made a picture of two trees one replicated from Truck Gogh and one of my very own creations. I was very disappointed with both of those pictures We thin I possibly could of improved them by spending longer on the experience. Then holding on with the landscapes topic we did 2 images of skies by renowned artists one done watercolour a copy of any sky by Turner and one by Van Gogh in pastel. I was quite happy with these two pictures and I liked making the unusual effects of the Van Gogh sky with pastels.

I also looked over the style of skill noveau, which I found really interesting, and I was quite happy with my photo in coloured pencils, the style was of any design away fruits. We also do a picture once again in acrylics, this was a duplicate of a painting fruits over a table by Paul Cezanne. Another piece of art I did in this book was obviously a landscape picture by Katsushika Hokusai in an interesting Japan style applying blocks of colour and very bold lines. This was my other preferred piece of art it was an interesting picture of a large creamy wave.

I coloured that using watercolour and applied fine lining for the edges of some of the ocean. In the other part of this coming year we as well did several work on some thing called the mizu project where we worked around the theme of the river Thames and how crucial it is and that we created buildings using different parts from our operate so far this season and from your imaginations. I do believe my projects worked well especially the one I black and white. I developed them by simply cutting out the thick cardboard making the images and adhering them for the pieces of cardboard boxes then overlapping the cardboard boxes and sticking that jointly.

Then we started getting yourself ready for my exam so we did some work taking a look at Janet Fishs drawings of fruits goblet and her bold use of colour and light, this was attractive our exam as we had been drawing desserts placed in a jam jar. It was a fairly difficult factor to draw firstly the reflections stored changing and with so various sweets in the jar it had been difficult to draw them all the rights size and the jam jar was a difficult condition to bring as the most notable changed according to where you checked out it via.

I liked the way this picture arrived I think My spouse and i drew the glass reflections well yet I think I should have used stronger colours with the sweets to make them stand out more against the dark-colored paper. I then created my personal final building which was a variety of everything from the first 2 and all my work previous that year but this time all of us made every thing on the building rather than applying photocopies, I was happy with just how my construction turned out and I liked the application of colour upon it.

I Feel that total this year I possibly could have done quite a bit better with a of my earlier items, most of the ones I all smudged were in acrylic so I think that probably next year I will do a little bit better as I have had a lot more practice in using them. When i did do some bad bits there were quite few pieces I was satisfied with I was pleased with all my pictures done in watercolour or watercolour pencils My spouse and i also like the pictures that I did using famille rose. I have found this topic really interesting and they have enabled myself to experiment with innovative styles, supplies and techniques.