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Human habit can be looked into by taking a review of the different aspects of a person’s your life.

These elements include the natural, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual. These types of aspects can help social personnel better understand the background good a person’s life and collect information to do an accurate assessment of a person. This paper does not want to make an examination but is actually rather a helpful paper to find out and be familiar with various devices of a individual’s life. Furthermore this conventional paper will also give attention to how these kinds of systems interact with one another.

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I chose to do this daily news on my cousin who merely became a mother and she is currently learning how to adapt to her fresh way of life. I think she is in an interesting stage in her life and that is also how come I chose her. My cousin and I are only a year separate in era and your woman chose a distinct path from your one that is expected after she graduated from secondary school.

She decided not to head to college and began to function doing randomly retail jobs right up until she found a permanent job as a host or hostess. We are and so different at this point but a few years ago all of us did get along and had lots of things in common.

Her relationship with her mother has also transformed and now that my personal cousin is actually a mother, they seem to appreciate each other better. BIO-PHYSICAL My personal cousin’s brand is Carla Sanchez and she is 22 years old and the youngest of three. She actually is 5’5 and before the lady had the baby she got lost so much weight nevertheless she obtained some of the weight back. She gets dark extended hair and dark brown eyes. Before the lady became pregnant she became adoringly obsessed with her baby’s daddy and misplaced a lot of weight. During her teenage years the girl was not as determined to manage your weight as the girl was when ever she was nineteen once she achieved her mate.

During her pregnancy her body had some physical changes. Your woman did not possess impulsive urges and the lady ate the foods she normally eats but also in larger helpings. She gained around sixty pounds now she appears to be the way the lady did just before she misplaced the fat. Her weight when she was a younger child prior to teenage years resembles that of her mother. My aunt had an common weight since she had not been skinny yet she had not been overweight either. My cousin’s weight in that case was average like her mother’s because due to the genetics that were passed on to her through her mother.

My cousin’s baby is actually a girl and looks more like her father nevertheless she has my own cousin’s straight hair. Given that it has been days after childbirth my relative plans and is also determined to shed the weight again. The girl looks like her mother and both have a wholesome mother and daughter romance. She is incredibly open-minded and intensely out voiced. Her mom is also an open-minded person. According to the biological determinism theory it is noticeable that a person’s personality and physical appearance is embedded into a child via birth trough genetics.

My own cousin’s father and mother divorced when she was a young child and so she has been close to her mother and this is the reason why my cousin has been capable of greatly affect my cousin’s behavior. Most of her lifestyle she has been more mounted on her mom. PSYCHOLOGICAL In accordance to Erikson’s theories of psychological expansion my aunty is in the intimacy versus solitude stage. My cousin’s years as a child and teen years include passed simply by. All that is left of her years as a child and teen years happen to be memories. Your woman began working at eating places during her high school years and features stayed with that career.

This lady has gone by being a waitress when she was sixteen to a hostess. However the girl with thinking of going back to school mainly because she was her little girl to admire her the moment her daughter is old. My relation did not marry and she actually is not coping with her boyfriend. She lives at home with her baby and her mother. All her time can be devoted to her baby even so there have been occasions when she is confused with the task of raising a child and her mother will help her so that she can easily at least have some time for you to rest. According to Paiget my relative is at the stage four which is based upon formal businesses.

At this level problems are at this point approached employing logic, reason and combinational thought. Likewise individuals at this stage with formal operations can think about their own thoughts, emotions and consider thinking. I do think that at this point Paiget can be focusing on how we can look back again at our past and reflect. My own cousin is able to do this at this point and she now indicates how her mother increased her so that she may raise her daughter the same way. My relative constantly concerns whether or not she is raising her child in a proper method or to the extent that it is expected of any mother to improve her kid.

She lives with her mother and her mother helps her by giving her advice coming from how to comfort and ease the child to how to supply the baby a shower. My cousin’s friend experienced her baby before my own cousin and when her friend met my own cousin’s child she was also giving her suggestions on hoe to take care of the newborn. She is learning on how to raise her child from people such as her mother which may have had a lot of experience raising children. Her friend told her that your woman worries to whether she is caring for her baby the right way. My cousin needs to endure a psychological along with physical variation.

Paiget explains adaptation as the process by which structures with the mind develop over time to obtain a better complement the environment and external fact. My cousin is still consuming food in significant portions while she would when she was pregnant but now she actually is drinking more milk because she decided to breastfeed her baby. Therefore she retains gaining weight which is also stressed. As far as her mental state she is stressed and cannot concentrate on herself because she is continuously thinking about the wellbeing of her baby. The girl worries equally as much as other mothers do because your woman wants her baby to be happy.

She declared her baby seems to be irritable most of the time and basically she’s dedicating every her time for you to comfort the infant. My aunty had learned to adapt to her fresh role as being a mother and she will need to keep up since the baby undergoes different periods of her life. SOCIABLE She has not really been operating since July and her social a lot more not as it used to be before she had the infant. However your woman was stopped at by her godparents and several friends when ever she brought the baby home. They have showered the baby with gifts and seeing how other people possess acted for the baby makes her cheerful.

My aunty is trying her best to imitate her mom because the girl loves her mother and wants to stick to her advice so that your woman can raise a happy kid. According to the sociable learning theory behaviors happen to be mediated by simply thoughts, objectives as well as feelings and stresses the importance of observational learning or perhaps modeling. Within my cousin’s circumstance she recognizes her mommy as a unit mom that she desires to imitate. In terms of I know my own aunt seriously sacrificed a lot so that my own cousin’s would have a better existence than the one she got.

I have seen how selfless my aunt has been particularly with my relation Carla since she is the youngest one particular. My cousin wants the approval of her mother in everything she does mainly because she has recently been very attached with my great aunt. Her buddy and sis live far away from them. My personal cousin features kept in touch with her many other co-workers and lots of of them found visit her when she brought the infant home. One of her friends who is a teacher and brought her a huge package of pampers. He also gave her some child-rearing advice because he, as a dad of 3, thinks that he has had enough experience with kids.

He was very happy to find the baby and lots of of her friends found see the baby as well. Even though my cousin has not absent out seeing that she gave birth in November thirtieth, she has acquired her good friends come over with her place to start to see the baby. On the other hand her weeks have changed into the same routine of merely staying at home to manage her baby. The infant’s father likewise visits her but not too often because their very own relationship can be not in good standing. My relative is trying as the mother that society desires her to be but most significantly she is aiming to imitate her own mother.

My aunt is a eager believer in the Catholic trust and the girl raised her children inside the same faith as your woman was raised in. All of her three children were baptized, did the communions and attended mass on Weekends. Until this very day my great aunt does not miss a mass at her local church. Her children however have never been since devoted as my great aunt has been. My own cousin Carla stop participating church following her teen years the moment she managed to graduate from high school graduation and spent her week-ends working. However my great aunt always attempts to make sure that my personal cousin does not loose her faith. In accordance to Adam V.

Fowler’s theory of religion development my cousin is in the level 5 which is the individuative-reflective faith. With this stage young adults question the beliefs and stories they may have received via family, friends and other sociable groups. My cousin will not believe exactly what my cousin was trained about Catholicism. For example my own cousin did not get married and decided to increase a child as a single mother. My aunt did not approve of this mainly because she was taught that a woman should be a virgin until your woman gets wedded. Her other daughter shifted in with her boyfriend and after that got married.

My aunt would not approve of this kind of either. My personal aunt believes that salvation is acquired by following the church’s sacraments but my cousin feels that nobody really can really obtain solution. She also believes that Goodness is everywhere and therefore the girl does not need to attend mass just about every Sunday. My own aunt grew up in a very spiritual home in addition to her indigenous country religion plays an essential role is obviously but her children who had been raised in the usa have located a way to practice their religion however approach they think is a proper way.

My aunty plans to baptize her daughter and she has picked out the god parents already. My family is by Ecuador which can be in Latina America to ensure that makes all of us part of the Latino community. My own cousin Carla was born in New Jersey. Your woman had to learn about the Ecuadorian culture and the American culture. The moment she was a kid my aunt could travel with her and her different siblings to Ecuador in order that they could check out their granny and learn their particular cultural roots. My aunty had to study both different languages English and Spanish. She now understands them fluently and this has helped her a lot because she could make a lot of good friends.

In Republic of ecuador gender roles are so delineated. Men are required to function and women are required to stay at home raising your children. It is not prevalent for females to work outside of the home. Most females graduate from high school and after high school that they start increasing families. My cousin understands both ethnicities but seeing that she came to be and brought up in the United States she identifies more with the American culture. When ever her baby gets older she expects to return to work as well as go back to institution so that your woman can be capable of provide a better living pertaining to both.

She actually is a single mom but features learned a lot from her mother who also got divorced from her husband the moment my relation was a child. In conclusion these kinds of several facets of a person’s life help us understand how every one pertains to the different and how they affect human being behavior. Human being behavior can be affected by the folks we associate with and by the lifestyle we are raised in and also other factors. These several theories described through this paper are extremely helpful to understand why a person behaves a particular way.