Assessment the ph of prevalent household chemicals

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Background Information:

The pH range is used to look for the acidity or perhaps basicity amount of liquid solutions. If a answer scores a pH degree of 1-6 costly acidic remedy, 1 getting the most acidic and 6th being the smallest amount of acidic. If the solution prices a pH level of several it is a fairly neutral solution, meaning it is neither an acidulent nor a simple solution. Last but not least, if a remedy is 8-14 on the pH scale it is a basic answer, 8 staying the least basic and 18 being the standard.

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The products that are used on a daily basis within your house can also be acidic solutions, basic solutions, or even neutral alternatives.


Food products are likely to be weak stomach acids because meals is certainly not slippery, you can eat it that is why it’s a weak acid, and because foods are sour. Cleaning products are forecasted to be good bases since they include a very key characteristic of bases; they may be slippery.

Personal maintenance systems are forecasted to be neutral solutions since they are not corrosive like stomach acids and angles that can injury your skin.


¢12-well dish

¢Paper indications

oRed litmus

oBlue litmus

opH paper

¢Various common household chemicals


oLemon juice

oGreen tea






1 . Get yourself a small sample of each substance to be tested. Place the compound in one well of the 12-well dish. installment payments on your Test the result of each test on crimson litmus and blue litmus to determine in case the substance can be acidic, standard or simple. (Make sure if you have a substance from EACH merchandise type) three or more. Test every single sample with universal sign paper. Match the color from the universal signal paper with all the indicator data to determine the approx . pH worth of the material. Record the pH worth and sort the element as a: ¢strong base (pH=11-14)

¢weak basic (pH=8-10)

¢approximately natural (pH=7)

¢weak acidity (pH=4-6)

¢strong chemical p (pH=0-3)


SubstanceProduct TypeRed LitmusBlue LitmuspH PaperpH ValueAnalysis Acid or Base?

ShampooPersonal CareStayed RedPinkStayed OrangepH 4Weak Acid Citrus JuiceFoodStayed RedRedBright RedpH 1Strong Acid

Green TeaFoodStayed RedStayed BlueStayed OrangepH 7Neutral SpriteFoodStayed RedPinkStayed OrangepH 4Weak Acid

MilkFoodLight PurpleStayed BlueYellowpH 7Neutral

DetergentCleaningBlueStayed BlueYellowpH 10Base

WindexCleaningBlueStayed BlueLight GreenpH 9Weak Foundation


The three classes of home products examined for ph level levels in this lab were; cleaning, personal care, and food products. The sole personal product that was tested through this lab was shampoo; which was a very weakened acid, this scored some on the ph level scale, when ever tested with red litmus it remained red, although turned pink when examined with blue litmus and stayed orange when tested with pH paper. ” lemon ” juice was your first foodstuff tested that proved to be an extremely strong acidity; red litmus stayed the same color, green litmus converted red and pH daily news turned bright red, rating a several on the pH scale. The 2nd food

product that was examined was green tea supplement which was simple; it stayed at red with red litmus, stayed green with blue litmus and stayed lemon with pH paper and thus, scored a pH amount of 7. Another food product that was analyzed was Sprite, which was a weak chemical p, the reddish litmus remained red, blue litmus turned pink as well as the pH paper stayed orange colored scoring a pH level of 7. The last food product that was examined was milk, which turned out to be neutral, the moment tested with red litmus it converted light crimson, the blue litmus stayed at blue as well as the pH paper turned yellow-colored, which won a ph level level of six. Lastly, washing products had been tested. The first cleaning product examined was detergent which was a base, the crimson litmus flipped blue, the blue litmus stayed green and the ph level paper converted yellow, offering it a pH standard of 10. The very last cleaning item tested was Windex which has been a weakened base; that turned crimson litmus blue, kept green litmus a similar color and turned pH paper light green and scored a pH standard of 9.


Once red litmus paper was tested on substances through the food category they slept red, except for milk which in turn turned mild purple. When ever tested with blue litmus paper the results varied; lemon drink was red-because it’s a great acid, green tea supplement and dairy stayed blue-because they’re fairly neutral and -Sprite turned pink-because it’s a poor acid. The results likewise varied the moment tested with pH daily news; lemon juice turned bright red-because 2 weeks . strong acid, green tea and Sprite stayed at orange and milk flipped yellow-because 2 weeks . base.

Only one personal care product was analyzed; shampoo. That showed acidic properties when ever tested with all three symptoms; the red litmus stayed at red, the blue litmus turned lilac and the ph level paper stayed orange. Shampoo or conditioner resulted to be a weak acidity.

The benefits for washing products were very similar. Once tested with red litmus detergent and Windex both equally turned the paper green. Then, if they were examined with blue litmus both products retained the blue litmus a similar color. The sole result that varied was when examined with pH paper detergent turned the paper discolored, while Windex turned the paper lumination green. But also in the end they were both bases, just one more robust than the different.


1 . The majority of the results inside the product course are the same, nevertheless the results differ within the class of foods. Food products vary from being stomach acids and neutral solutions. Foods which are bitter, like citrus juice, turn into acids. Alternatively, some food items are fairly neutral such as milk and green tea herb. 2 . Most of the household items are stomach acids, but in standard whichever category they fall under they are weak. The reason the acids will be weak since its components things that you just use in the day-to-day your life, if the level of acidity level is definitely high it could burn throughout your skin and cause damage. On the other hand, the cleaning products are fragile bases mainly because they need to incorporate some acidic homes to these people in order to destroy bacteria, whether it was a good base it would not have the same affect. 3. There are many likely errors that may have occurred. First, when placing the selected substance inside the 12-well dish, the solid wood stick that was coming in contact with the compound may have been polluted with one other substance. Second, when each of the substances were in the 12-well dish, it absolutely was possible that a single substance would have accidentally handled another material. Another error that could have occurred is that enough time was not directed at see the modify of color in the several indicator paperwork. Also if the person’s fingertips were contaminated with one other acid, base, or simple solution it might have altered the ph level level identified for the substance. To ensure the best and a lot accurate outcomes this research could be conducted once more.


12-Well Dish

Blue Litmus Paper

Red Litmus Paper

pH Paper


Citrus Juice

Green Tea