Australias forward defence policy dissertation

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? Interact with History Question: “The Australian policy of ‘forward defence’ was based on the idea that it was preferable to fight potential enemies in Asia instead of wait and also have to combat them upon Australian garden soil. Write a page to the Sydney Morning Herald in which you both support or oppose the concept of ‘forward defence’. Dear Sydney Morning Herald, I’m publishing to you today in order to go over the main reasons in which We support the concept of ‘forward defence’.

During the fifties and 1950’s the fear of communism remained the politics issue that gripped Australia.

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The government authorities defence coverage was completely outclassed by the concept that sending troops overseas to fight against possible enemies was the proper way to prevent a war via being battled on Aussie soil and i also agree with this idea. Such as the war in Korea, the outbreak of war in Vietnam was seen as the consequence of communist violence. Australia really feared the domino effect which was thought to mean that if one country fell underneath communist dominance, superiority, it’s neighbours would fall like a distinctive line of domino’s.

Therefore the decision to deliver Australian troops to deal with in Vietnam war i visited the time a good strategic idea and not whatsoever surprising presented the belief that ‘the takeover of South Vietnam would be a direct military threat to Australia’. On April 19th 65 Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Robert Menzies announced Aussie involvement in Vietnam and stated ‘We do not and must not overlook the point our alliances, and providing assures and ensuring for the security, help to make demands upon us’.

I really believe Australia necessary to continue slowing Communism definately not our dirt because it might connote one of the most disastrous beats abroad and the most extraordinary difficulties intended for it’s good friends and allies desiring to help them. Defence units were essential because with Australia’s vast territory and small human population it would certainly not of been able to survive a surging communism challenge in foreign countries without the assistance of effective friends which include in particular U. K and U. T. A.

The forward defence policy was a brilliant policy, Australia demonstrated a sign of loyalty into a powerful number one ally ” the U. T. A that was a diplomatic gesture aimed at ensuring that Down under could contact her allies for protection in the event of a Communist harm on Aussie soil. This plan was based on the belief that Down under could be the majority of effectively looked after if virtually any threat was met and fought prior to it come to Australian shores. I support this plan one hundred percent and am happy Australia guaranteed it.