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Every academic institution aims outstanding educational performance of each and every student enrollment. Not only the colleges but as well the parents of the students hope to see all their sons and daughters to excel at school with good results. In order to obtain so , pupils must attend their classes regularly so that they will be provided the utmost common learning knowledge. Class takes it to a different level, an automatic, secured and efficient attendance checking system. There are certain main reasons why schools ought to apply this sort of technology.

Teachers nowadays are having problems in taking daily attendance from the students, at times they miss to take it or they are going to just simply give the class a blank paper to leave them create their titles and sign so it will certainly serve their particular attendance and then later on who have knows if perhaps that paper will be misplaced. This system will replace the obsolete magnetic card system with finger authentication technology that may be more reliable and accurate.

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With this kind of technology, attendance will be documented faster for the database with just a touch of the thumb.

____________________ is an automated program located on every classroom, furnished with biometric technology and computerized SMS application, interfaced which has a computer machine where the database is then kept.

Statement of the Problem

School instructors have responsibilities in the classroom towards students. It truly is their responsibility to ensure each of the students enrolled in that subject matter must profit the lesson that the class is using at the moment. Nevertheless sometimes instructors forgot to consider class attendance or dropped them. Therefore parents cannot be guaranteed that the scholars are within the school building because the instructors do not have the data that will support the situation. The primary objective of conducting this design should be to improve the automated attendance monitoring system in academic establishments and to ensure that the parents with the students in order to monitor their child whether he/she attended school or continues to be cutting classes.

Hypothesis with the Study

1 . Ensures that the daily presence of the category will be taken and a soft copy will be saved on a database and print a hard copy for the instructor’s documentation. installment payments on your To limit the students via loitering in hallways during class hours. 3. Reduce the tardiness of students in participating classes. 4. Avoid altering school papers that are available only by instructor in authority. 5. Provides father and mother the chance to monitor the presence of students. 6. Allows the instructor to inform students if he/she will not be able to can be found in class punctually or will probably be absent. 7. To replace the obsolete and inefficient magnetic card technology while using finger print out authentication biometric technology. 8. Saves course time for debate instead of the classic roll-call with the names of every student.

Theoretical framework from the study

This kind of research is stimulated for the introduction of the school’s attendance monitoring system, supplied with the biometrics technology and automated system. This will help the college authorities to experience a permanent and even more secured database management in attendance monitoring. A report from Teleron 2000 “Data Acquisition about Class Hour Attendance of the Faculty in Southwestern University features the same concept because ____________, nevertheless his analyze is focusing only about school personnel. Teleron applied Barcodes for the staff’s IDENTITY that contains the info and the Bar code visitor on the other hand scans the bar rules as the staff swipes the IDs. He recommends the application of biometric technology and further development of his study, which will convinced the researchers to push through to assist _______________________.

Biometric devices currently are more suitable than other authentication technologies just like barcodes and magnetic stripe scanners. This sort of technology is difficult to alter or interfered because it needs a unique routine for authentication. Amazingly, man finger has unique textures and valleys that vary from one human being from one other, even similar twins.

The first good thing about using this new-technology is the uniqueness and it is likewise the main attribute which allows biometrics technology to get more and more important in our lives. With uniqueness of biometrics technology, each individual’s identity will be solitary most effective identification for that end user. A chance of two users having the same identification inside the biometrics reliability technology strategy is nearly no (Tistarelli, 2009).

Significance of the Study

People who will be benefited by this task design benefit those in:


This innovated technology will be able to help the teachers to mark and update student course attendance quickly. He/She can certainly print hard copies with the attendance in case of necessity. It can lessen wasted time upon roll-calls and teacher can easily immediately continue into his or her lecture.


Our design and style will be typically be taken advantage of by the learners.


The fogeys will conveniently track all their sons and daughters’ attendance by simply mailing the right keyword to the ____________ through Short Message Assistance (SMS). They may know at once when the students are really participating in the class or cutting classes when the system will response after they sent the TEXT. They can also ask for a difficult copy from the attendance, such as: they want the record for the entire month of January; the teacher will appear up on the records of that particular college student and then produce it immediately.

Scope and Delimitation

This kind of design project aims to help the faculty as well as the entire pupil body on this institution to market secure monitoring of the students’ attendance during class hours, and that father and mother will also be presented the chance to know the dimensions of the student’s position first hand with just an TEXT away.

Researchers designed the biometric gadget to be found on every class room only. Since the device can be powered by electricity, a rapid loss of electric power will interrupt the whole system if there is an on-going access, where it should take a few minutes for the generator to supply electrical energy temporarily for the system to resume.

TEXT MESSAGE feature of the system is limited only to the parent’s mobile number provided to the operations encoded around the database. Different cellular quantities unknown towards the database or perhaps not recorded can not be interested by the system. Incase parents want to incorporate or transform phone numbers for the system; they should submit a brand new form for the administration intended for approval and re-entry of data.

Definition of Conditions

Listed below are the terminologies as well as the conceptual which means used in the research.


Is it doesn’t measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (as fingerprint or perhaps voice patterns) especially as a method of verifying personal id. (


Finger-print scanning essentially provides an identity of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of those unique habits and ridges in a fingerprint. The actual fingerprint identification method will change slightly between companies systems. The foundation of recognition, however , is nearly the same. Regular systems will be comprised of a sensor intended for scanning a fingerprint and a cpu which retailers the finger-print database and software which in turn compares and matches the fingerprint to the predefined database. Within the database, a fingerprint is generally matched into a reference number, or PIN number which can be then matched up to a individual’s name or perhaps account.


one particular