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Software has been a great help to the improvement of one’s lifestyle. Most institutions, corporations and institutions experienced developed their own use of these kinds of technology to aid themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele. One example of computer technology is the creation of your computer system. A design, in shape for the company’s needs as well as the client’s. A system that will assist personnel function more efficiently especially in accessing and retrieving data in and fewer time as is feasible.

The creation of an Computerized SSC Election System of ISU-Roxas will help the staff’s work a lot easier plus more effective due to automation of tally of votes of students throughout the election period. Using computers/machines, they would always be the one to tally and transmit the votes to the electoral plank without human intervention.

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Political election is a commencing and a great ending. A beginning of desire and an end of sacrifices.

Individuals have the ability to transform our world by using the automated electoral system mechanisms which significantly reduce the odds of errors, since vote keeping track of is based on an indoor machine count rather than about individual boule. THEORETICAL PLATFORM

In this study, the specialist aimed to develop a system over a Automated Voting in which the complete university will be benefited. The researcher as well aimed to change the traditional technique of computing the votes of students serves to avoid problems and to understand the result faster. Statement in the problem

In Local Election particularly the Community Election, the process of counting of votes will not be easy due to the devices used, which can be the traditional way of counting. The said checking is performed by hand. They consumed more time and money just to perform the job.

The existing system is usually performed after a couple of days. They will consume 1 day for voting and 1 day for counting. Because of the manual counting, the end result isinaccurate. That causes dirty work of votes or mistakes.

But in daily lives of human being, that they always require doing all their works faster in order to get hold of their goals on time.

On the other hand, computer system can perform tasks faster and display outcomes after a short period of time. From these kinds of, this project consists of designing a repository system which will do all those operations quickly and help to make tasks to become performed with all needed services: correctness, speed, with fewer personnel and low cost.

Generally speaking election is present anywhere in the world although most of them are build based upon foreign nation laws.

The primary purpose of this study is always to develop a Automated Voting System for Isabela State University-Roxas Campus, Roxas, Isabela. The study seeks to answer the following inquiries:

1 . Precisely what is the recommended SSC computerized voting system?

2 . Does the system lessen the work of the election administrators and personnel?

3. Will the system decrease the error?

four. Does the system do even more work than the election employees? Statement of Assumption

1 . The suggested system will certainly design a straightforward and correct operation.

2 . The proposed system will secure the ballots of the arrêters.

three or more. The suggested system/automated voting system can lessen the burdens of election staff in computer the ballots manually.

4. The proposed program will make the user’s functionality more efficient, exact and smaller time will probably be consumed. a few. The proposed system will do more work than the political election personnel for the reason that system can help the user to compute it instantly by just pressing the desired button for the operation. Significance of the Examine

Today the world has become a smaller village of computer and technology. Every day, people are facing with some sort of new difficulties in life as an example the changing of numerous traditions by utilizing differenttechnologies. As technology alterations, lifestyle as well changes. If we like a better life, we have to go along with the changes. One particular part of changes is going out with our comfort zone. Change each of our traditions and one a part of traditions can be leaving lifespan of having an elaborate life. We need to live an easy life.

This kind of project contains designing a process that can improve the voting system of voters quickly and correctly where the data are placed and then utilized easily by user from the system. Votes are properly viewed, kept, reviewed, approved, processed, documented and accurately coded intended for accounting and distribution. Computation for the votes, will be accurate. It and summarizing of ballots are accurate and believe established bank account. Classification; Presidential, Vice Presidential, Secretarial to the accountant location are properly documented and may produce appropriate result.

The researcher is convinced that change is constant into our planet. The researcher wants employees to have a basic life making use of the system. Through this system many will be gained. The selection personnel know the burden in computing the votes of the voters physically. It really requires more time. They will admit it’s far really hard to work in a manual basis. The investigator wants to help the staff that will count their votes, hence the developer made a decision to make something that will make the staff living the complicated existence. It is a extremely big help for them to have a method to calculate the ballots. The election personnel, proved helpful hard simply to give the appropriate result of votes in every category.

The manual system gives them so much stress and pressure since sometimes they duplicate the votes. Together with the used in the proposed system, the political election personnel only will perform tiny task like monitoring and guiding the users. The arrêters and the candidates will be experiencing the life of the simple your life, because they shall be having their very own correct counting of ballots in just a second. With the applied of the suggested system, counting of ballots is instantly counted with accurate end result. Scope and Delimitation in the Study

The research focused in counting the quantity of votes from the voters. It is computing the votes as soon as technology change. It is while accurate as it is because the devices designed by a database which in turn be instantly compute

the votes and the number of voters.

The said program will secure your ballots, because the system will not be looked at the votes of the voters. This system is fixed to all specifically to the not authorized personnel. This is protected simply by passwords and restricted username.

The automated voting system can make reports, like the final result of votes. It can give us as well the accurate result of counting. The users which are the arrêters have their own password so they can access the automated system and to make sure the user will vote their selected prospect for the respective position per category. Voters can easily vote when. If the voters will political election again, the machine can obstructed the voters whom experienced already the best performer. Before the customer will have your vote, the political election personnel can check initially the identification card from the voters for them to identify the correct voters according to their security password given to all of them. The specialist will make sure us all the accurate and address result. Cheating and corruption is not possible to perform. Not any flying voters and most especially, no worries. EXPLANATIONS OF CONDITIONS

To have a more clear understanding within the discussions of the study, the researcher described the following conditions in the framework of this examine. Analysis ” Process of learning a system.

Code ” programmed in visual fundamental 6. zero.

Computer system ” An electric device accustomed to install the software to run the program Database ” A collection of data. A record of the entire election. Paperwork ” A written manual of a computer program.

Election- activity performed by people of choosing their very own leaders while group simply by voting all of them. Manual ” it is utilized to instruct an individual on how to use the system. Menu ” This refers to selecting task to become done by you. Report ” A formal or perhaps official business presentation of facts or the data of the same previous in exploration. Program ” A logical collection of coded instruction indicating the procedure to be performed by a computer in solving a problem or perhaps in control data. Printing device ” An output device thatconvert duplicate.

System ” A group of bonding, interrelated, independent elements creating or considered to be forming a collective enterprise. CHAPTER 2

Overview of Related Literature and Studies

This study shows some related literature and studies, that have significant bearing on the present study. These types of literature and studies present insight of different authorities, that this researcher believe that are tightly related to the present examine. Related Literary works


Identification because procedure and mechanism that allow a entity to notify a process of its identity. The necessity to perform id techniques occurs when it is important to associate an action with a consumer or business that causes every single action. Personal computer and networks device can determine whom invoked a surgical procedure by reviewing the reported identity with the entity that initiated the session in which the operation was invoked. This kind of identity is usually established via a login collection. A system officer may have got assigned this login. The login is definitely the simplest form of mechanism that comprises recognition. Once users logged in, they are in order to access different resources depending on the right and privileges designated to their consumer accounts within the object they will process. Recognition is usually combined both another procedure, authentication which enable a system to determine if the recognition sequence was occurred.

Authentication is procedure whereby a user process they are who they will claim to end up being. Additionally , to authenticate is to establish that transmission strive is authorization and valid. There are several techniques for authenticating user. The first is to allow networks logon, which make sure that only valid user are allowed to access the network. The next phase is to provide consumer authentication upon server. Authentication o the server level operates individually of the network logon. Authentication is also necessary for message exchange, to validate that particular message has not been fabricated or changed in transit. A username/password is the most prevalent form of identification for networks security. This kind of authentication approach can be used a dynamic admittance. Authorization identifies security the networks simply by specifying which usually area ofthe networks unique as application, a device or possibly a system a user is allowed to access the authorization level varies from customer to end user. Local

It discusses the values shown in the proverbs and the proverb as a expression of Philippine character, their function in the society, it is nature and purpose, its stylistic attribute and its relevance in Filipino culture. Folk traditions

Prof. Damiana Eugenio (2002), a renowned Filipina folklorist, said that there is absolutely no universally approved definition pertaining to the word “folklore. But the lady gave some that folk traditions is virtually any form of reassurance that is inherited from generation to era that portrays the way of existence of ancestors of the picked ethnic group can be considered part of folklore. Your woman likewise highlighted that college students should look for ways in studying folk traditions for maintenance purposes. Your woman continued that what pupils usually perform are write out and interpret what is related to them by simply storytellers and it ends right now there. Further, the girl expressed that students have to explore different facets in folklore, use fresh approaches and experiment innovative ways. Eugenio further more emphasized which the study of folklore inside the Philippines is diminishing. She attributed this to these subsequent reasons: deficiency of interest in studying folklore and difficult work which goes along in studying folklore. Folk Materials

Eugenio (2001) defined people literature while the final amount of the classic learning with the folk which can be expressed in their literature, all their customs and beliefs, their particular games and recreations, their particular music music and dances, their arts and designs, and other forms material tradition. She added that Filipinos know little or no of folk literature by stating: “¦even knowledgeable Filipinos find out little regarding folk literary works.  This is simply not surprising in accordance to her mainly because “there is usually an imperfect state of collection and inaccessibility of existing manuscripts about Philippine folk literature.  (Eugenio, 2001) Related Studies


In Russia, the latest advances in democratization have created the need for a newapproach to elections. As a result the Central Electoral Percentage of The Russian Federation is seeking a modern approach to the running and organizing of elections.

The country’s unique conditions, including its big territory, large numbers of time zones, wrinkled distribution of population, and various areas with differing levels of system and transfer development have all influenced the search for a strategy to the organization of elections.

You will find at present one zero five million voters in Russia. More than 85, 000 voting centres will be set up during elections, and also one million persons take part in the corporation and conducting of polls. As a result, the electoral commission rate faces many organizational and technological concerns associated with the prep and execute of clear democratic polls, as well as significant financial costs. Of main importance is definitely the preparation of voters email lists, running the pre-electoral advertisments, processing and distributing the election results, and insuring transparency of elections. Difficulties which are unavoidable without the usage of modern technology could lead to significant political and economic outcomes.

The decree by the Chief executive of the Russian Federation to determine a State Automatic System Elections was given on September 23, year 1994. From this time an intense advancement new Russian election systems and stage-by-stage implementation of any new electronic digital system has taken place. The 1st components of the device were utilized during the polls of deputies to the Russian State Duma on Dec 17, 1995.

In 06 1996, during experimental exploitation of the first stage, the System was used to prepare and conduct the Presidential polls for more than 80 percent of the subject matter of the Russian Federation. The device was used primarily to prepare voters lists and summarize the preliminary results of voting. However , it absolutely was effective during this period.

During the polls for brain of exec branches of power, deputies of legal bodies, and local administrations (October-December 1996), theSystem was used in 75 (out of fifth there’s 89 total) subject matter of the Russian Federation. The operational experience of the System inside the subjects from the Russian Federation confirmed the efficiency, comprehensibility and adaptability for solving neighborhood specific challenges, when new software goods had been developed with consideration for particular local conditions and local legislation..

The State Program of the Development of the State Automated System Elections took place via 1996 to 2000. During the time of writing, it absolutely was already applied in 88 subjects of the Russian Federation, i. e. almost the whole Russian terrain. The scale of its use and volume of technical products and technical solutions rank it because the largest laptop network near your vicinity. From the point of view of its efficient potential, computer software, and universal structural make up, it is considered the leading information and telecommunication system in Russia.

Possibilities and methods of the Program

More than 6000 personal computers have been designed to form a sole system. Out of these, 80 local sites have been made which, consequently, unify more than 300 automatic workstations. The System provides verification of ballot validity, protect voting results from fraudulence, and display election brings about all parts of the country in real-time method. On the day of elections, the usage of scanners permits the tallying of outcomes of different types of voting with a hold off of just 20-25 a few minutes. Then the advanced results of voting can be transferred to the Central Electoral Commission as statistics, schemes, text, music and visual information and, after processing, be promptly forwarded for the media.

In order to provide a high level of sustainability and versatility, numerous auxiliary elements were constructed into the system. These auxiliary solutions and gear compose a lengthy list, starting from various kinds of intricate internal redecorating for voting places and centres, to technologies to get high-quality creating production using a high level of fraud safeguard, electronic fingerprint identification devices (dactyloscopy) and

ballot-counting equipment.


Research thoroughly all the various systems as followed in democratic declares and recommend one because so many suitable for Trinidad and Tobago. If you want to retain the present system, describe why?

The objective of an electoral system is to translate the will of the electorate, as portrayed through the ballot box, into members of your legislative human body. The ways this can be achieved are diverse. In this paper we all will look at the different types of electoral systems, and what exactly individuals expect from the electoral program. How should it work? Will be any features more desired than other folks? Then we all will look at the present situation in Trinidad, make a wisdom on whether the current method is adequate or if there are changes which should be made. Electoral systems across the world range from very easy First-Past-the-Post systems to quite complex agreements using parts of different systems. Within person countries, different electoral systems may be found in different locations and at several levels of government.

The three key types of electoral systems are: Plurality electoral systems, Majority electoral systems and Proportional manifestation. Under all these systems, you will discover variations of every type. Plurality electoral systems consist of ‘First-Past-the-Post’ or ‘Winner-take-all’ and Block Vote systems; however FPTP is the most prevalent worldwide. In its’ fundamental form it awards a seat to the individual prospect who obtains the most ballots in an election. The prospect does not need a lot more than fifty percent of the votes to win. In the event that he includes a larger range of votes than all other applicants even if it is only 5 ballots more, he’s declared the winner. In addition , if the candidate obtains even more votes than any other whether or not that person simply won a minority in the total votes cast, he is still announced the winner.

Chapter III


Centered from the data gathered by researcher the Isabela Express University, Roxas Campus, Roxas Isabela, happens to be using the classic way of counting of ballots. The selection personnel are applying the traditional way of voting and counting of votes. Due to using the classic way, at times they come across acts including malicious acts during after the stated activity. Flying voters could perform anytime and anywhere. They could hardly easily find the cheaters, due to lack of security of the existing system. Data flow diagram of existing system

Information of recommended System

On the prior years the University experiencing the manual primarily based election system. Having this kind of manual primarily based system, the university skilled all the outcomes. The investigator no longer wants to experience this again that’s why the system was being developed. Is it doesn’t answer for those miscalculations created by the manual system. Computerized voting system could do more careers than the selection personnel. The election personnel will only screen and slowly move the users. They will only evaluate the users, if they are nonetheless following the right procedure with the system. The device will reduce the burden of all, the voters, election staff and the candidates. The computerized system can automatically count the votes of pupils per category. It can make result of votes immediately. The said system can also develop hardcopy pertaining to reports. It is usually viewed and printed as well.