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Halong Bay general info

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Halong Bay (the bay the place that the dragon landed) is a tiny bay on the west coastline of the Gulf of Tonkin in the North East Seacoast of Vietnam, including the sea island of Ha Lengthy City, Cam Pha Town and section of the island region. Van Add of Quang Ninh province.

It’s the center of a large area with elements which have been more or less comparable in terms of geology, geomorphology, panorama, climate, and culture, with Bai Su Long These types of to the northeast and the Kitten Ba Islands to the south west. Ha Lengthy is limited to the area of about 1, 553 km which includes 1, 969 large and small destinations, most of which are limestone island destinations, of which the core from the Gulf has an area of 335 km which has a density of 775 destinations. The geological history of the limestone karst of the Gulf of mexico has been around five-hundred million years with completely different geologic circumstances, and the total evolution of karst over 20 million years with a combination of thick limestone, hot and humid environments, and a slow progress of tectonic overgrowth. The combination of environment, climate, geology, and geomorphology have made ‘ Long These types of a affluence of biodiversity including warm evergreen warm rainforest ecosystems and marine and coastal ecosystems. numerous ecosystems. 14 endemic plant species regarding 60 endemic species have already been discovered amongst thousands of flora and fauna populations inside the Gulf.

Bai Chay Tourist Attractions in Halong

Visiting Halong, you should go to Bai Chay with cool green beaches. Bai Chay characteristics is a precious stone island using a length of 6km, a large and beautiful manufactured beach located near the shoreline of St?lla till med ett Long Bay with sandy beach much more than 500 metres long, 95 meters wide. Bai Chayis becoming the most amazing tourist vacation spot in Anordna Long Metropolis with shorelines intermingled with diverse new villas, normal water puppet shows, traditional music, and online games. play on the sea exciting.

Located on the edge of Halong Bay, with its well-appointed lodge and many restaurants, bars and entertainment centers, it offers 24-hour service. Bai Chay tourism with fresh climate, the clear green sea is incredibly suitable for tourism and relaxation.

Co To Island

Cô Tô is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Tonkin and one of the attractive holiday destinations in ‘ Long Gulf. With untamed beauty, wonderful. With the of forty seven. 3km2 Co To tropical isle is famous for more than 50 island destinations, small stones, and clean beaches, clean, natural scenery is ideal for swimming and summer time resort. Going to Co To island, you must also visit Ben Chan Suspended beach with gentle, short water and wild, wonderful. Co area with two very clean beaches, ideal for picnics. Hong Van seaside with the quietest and clean beaches in Co To. Especially in Co To is usually admiring the morning sunrise on Co To Island and enjoying the specialties is an extremely pleasurable experience when traveling to Company To Area.

Tuan Chau Island

About 2km from Anordna Long Metropolis is Tuan Chau Island tourist holiday resort with 220ha area is definitely the only island and shale stone inside the island from the region. With fine white sand stretching over the clear green sea, surrounded by green pine trees and cool climate, Tuan Chau Island is a perfect retreat.

In addition , Tuan Chau Isle also has eating places with exclusive architecture and specialties, and also numerous modern day club reveals. With the seaside sports activities, normal water music, and many more services Tuan Chau tropical isle has become the Ngoc Chau island of St?lla till med ett Long.

Yen Tu Pile Ha Very long Tourism

Situated in the tourist bunch of Ha Long are unable to mention Yen Tu Mountain in Uong Bi Town, Yen Tu also stored many historical sites and was dubbed as the land of Buddhism in Vietnam. Based on the length of the street to the maximum Dong Ba?ny?ia about 6000m if the walk takes about 6th hours, has the cable connection system around the travel is likewise easier.

Handbag Hang doing some fishing village in Ha Extended Bay

Lying following to Thien Cung cave is Purse Hang fishing village famous for many home and overseas tourists during travel to Anordna Long. With more than 50 homes living largely fishing, Handbag Hang angling village is known as a peaceful and attractive traveler destination. Go to Ba Hold fishing village to enjoy not simply beautiful water views although also experience the life of fishermen doing some fishing year below. The appeal here is the fishermen can directly get seafood promote at really cheap prices.