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Biotechnology is a subfield of neurological science linked to research areas such as recombinant DNA technology and hereditary engineering. As a result biotechnology is applied in many of companies (Chen & Marchioni, 2008).

According to the Biotechnology Industry Corporation, one fourth in the Biotechnology industry’s financing originates from venture capital and it is not just when it comes to money yet also managerial guidance to the biotechnology organizations. This is due to the fact that biotechnology is a knowledge intensive industry and a large amount of capital is needed intended for research and development (Chen & Marchioni, 2008).

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Capital raising financing is usually favored by nearly all business startups including the biotechnology companies. Venture capital is an equity investment until the organization matures. Opportunity capitalists are involved in the development of a biotechnology firm by becoming board associates. The enterprise capitalists as well advice the biotechnology businesses on potential strategic partnerships (Munroe & Gary & Hutton, 2002). This gives the venture capital reinforced firms a great advantage within the non-venture capital backed businesses.

Materials Review

Even though venture capital makes up about a small fraction of the entire funding in the United States, it takes on a major part in the funding of biotechnology companies. The biotechnology businesses that are financed through capital venture outperform their counterparts in work creation and revenue growth. In the first quarter of 2009, the biotechnology sector received the most important amount of funding compared to the other Life Science businesses. This was yet , a 16% decrease through the fourth 1 / 4 of 08, constituting a downward stand in the financing of Biotechnology, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals (VentureDeal, 2009).

Due to the existing economic crisis, the funding in biotechnology has reversed from an upwards tread while the amount of money has reduced as well as the numbers of companies funded. Sangart Organization which studies and commercializes technologies relevant to oxygen travel agents received $50 million in the 6th round, the largest venture funding during the initial quarter. BioVex Company however received $40 million via a large ligue of capital raising firms in the sixth circular of money (VentureDeal, 2009). There are successes in biotechnology venture capital.

An example is the case of Thomas Tedder. Tedder collaborated with a venture capitalist, Intersouth plus the company provided seed money that helped Tedder’s business called Cellective Therapeutics to develop a business program and to complete the license agreement. This helped Tedder to focus on the technology advancement. In due course, Cellective Therapeutics demonstrated a success as well as the company was sold off at the one year anniversary to MedImmune (Gwynne, 2009). In the venture capitalists point of view, there are issues that are unique into a biotechnology point of view.

The opportunity capitalists search for unique technologies which are critical to the biotechnology field because they are also buying a market. This means that the venture capitalists appreciate areas including disease areas which have a big market. The attractive types of analysis are people with a common target including cancer, diabetes and illness areas (Rosenman, 2001). Some of the major investment capital firms in the usa are Adhesión Partners, BA Venture companions, Forward Projects, Genentech, Latterell venture associates, MedImmune Endeavors, Soffinnova projects and Intersouth (Gwynne, 2009).

The geographic clustering of venture capital loaned biotechnology companies is similar to the geographic pattern of the biotechnology industry. The biotechnology web based clustered together in a area for several benefits. Through the clustering, the companies achieve scale overall economy; have know-how and technology spill over in addition to labor pooling and a decline in transaction costs. The clustering of companies in identical locations allows workers to improve jobs without the need for touring long distances for interviews and they you may not need to transfer homes after having a transfer.

Labor mobility consequently facilitates the exchange of technology, information and knowledge among the list of biotech companies. Through geographic proximity, the transaction costs are decreased in addition to personal speak to being preserved (Antonelli, 2000). This allows in-depth and quickly feedback among the economic providers involved and helps build trust, and bonuses in financial relationships hence reducing deal costs. This kind of enhances socialization within the professional network and stimulates co-operation, competition and innovation (Storper & Venables, 2004).

These are important factors for a lifetime science understanding. The clustering of biotechnology industries relies upon venture capital availability, life science knowledge, significant pharmaceutical companies and metropolitan diversity. Prior to the first biotechnology firm, Genetech, was established in 1977, professionals of hereditary engineering had been located around universities and research acadamies. These educational institutions and establishments also provide quality labor force. Therefore, the areas which might be in close proximity to technology research corporations have better access to qualified graduate and post graduate student students.

Inside the biotechnology industry, much of the venture capital is concentrated in California and Massachusetts, which includes San Francisco, Hillcrest and Boston (Gompers & Lerner, 2006). Methodology This kind of research uses several techniques to investigate the importance of opportunity funding for the biotechnology firms. Examination for the literature review on the subject of enterprise funding in biotechnology organizations supports the conclusions on the industry. However , if conducting analysis, a specialist is always confronted with the task of identifying the methodology to use.

This is due to the fact that the specialist has to consider the research question (Morgan & Smircich 80, pp. 491-500). A researcher can place more choose either a positivist or post-positivist approach according to whether the research focuses more on social sciences or perhaps natural savoir. The books review within a research takes on an important position in the study as the researcher needs to consider different perspectives and possibilities before you make any findings (Armitage & Keeble-Ramsay 2009, pp. 1-36). The review of various information sources helps the researcher in understanding the significance of the analysis process.

According to Knalf & Breitmayer (1991), the authenticity as well as reliability from the literature review is key in a research. The researcher initial has to consider the research alternatives in addition considering the data collection methods. This kind of said, the accessibility and availability of many sources of info has necessitated the need for a scientific methodology that can be used in making decisions. In this research on venture capital in the biotechnology industry, the emphasis can be on the existing firms, the firm’s area and money. This is mainly achieved through analysis of documented resources and case analyze reviews.

The truth studies have got inherent talents that allow tailoring of data collection techniques to the exploration question. Currently it has become common for experts to combine both equally qualitative and quantitative info collection strategies so as to raise the validity of the data collected (Denzin & Lincoln 1994). Data Research Data analysis helps the researcher translate the studies of the exploration hence it is crucial in any study. According to the analysis, the majority of biotechnology firms be based upon venture capital funding to a increased extent. This study researched the money of biotechnology firms pertaining to venture funding.

All recommended hypotheses happen to be supported employing analysis, indicating that biotechnology businesses favor endeavor funding. In addition, it shows that the biotechnology organizations are grouped in the same areas where there are life scientific research research bottom, large pharmaceutical firms, many capital endeavor providers and a large pool of experts. There is no big surprise that biotechnology firms make use of venture capital rather than other forms of lending. The finding that the biotechnology companies are also located in urban areas with talent and a favorable environment for new tips and discoveries is also in-line.

On the other hand, capital raising is not only significant in terms of financial support although also in providing insights, managerial skills and entrepreneurial spirit towards the newly established biotechnology organizations. Results Biotechnology funding nevertheless still has a large number of huddles one being reduced IPO value which has quashed early investment capital funding. Almost all of the venture expenditure has averted the innovative early stage research and opted for the specialty proven companies (Robbins, 2005). Summary This examine examines investment capital funding inside the biotechnology sector.

The research analyzed the sequence of situations that happen during the money and subsequent setting up of the biotechnology firms. The research targets require the involvement of both the biotechnology firms as well as the venture capital companies in order to fully understand the relationship in addition to the key elements in their relationships. The specialist designed and set to use a number of research tools to aid in the research. The main purpose of the research was going to bring to the fore the difficulties involved in the money process.