Blackberry company dissertation

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BlackBerry is known as a line of Smartphones developed by the Canadian company called “Research In Motion” (RIM). That they integrate mobile phone email assistance and standard applications just like: address book, appointments, task list, memo pad and so forth, as well as phone capabilities about newer types. It is generally known for its QWERTY keyboard, and for its ability to send out and get e-mails in the same network, making it easier for your business to talk constantly with not vices. The initially BlackBerry was released in 1995 in Canada.

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The very best known Cell phone was released in 2002, which usually supported drive e-mail, portable telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing, web surfing, and other wireless information services. Currently, one of the most widely offered is the Cell phone Bold 9700. BlackBerry equipment are currently very popular in the commercial marketplace in Latina America. The strategy that Blackberry applied was to incorporate to their mobile phones a BlackBerry Messenger that is an instant messaging application solely for them. The BBM permits users to chat with all their Blackberry contacts and also may create organizations among family,  friends, or colleagues to talk about files, photographs, music, emails.

Thanks to the connected applications, BBM users can discuss everything you possess on your Mobile phone. The BBM provides an possibility to communicate instantly and can find clearly that the recipient of the message was received, examine, and when they are answering. Functions via a FLAG code and is customized which has a profile photo, add a phrase, or even demonstrate users music.


The success of BlackBerry was for the next reasons:

An innovative item with an accessible selling price

Relationships with brands (BBVA, DIRECTV)

Moral business


Blackberry was effective by being an innovative product for a lot of applications that integrates the cell phone. Due to these unusual features, consumers got the opportunity to choose the product with many payment alternatives.

installment payments on your 2 . RELATIONSHIPS WITH BRANDS (BBVA, DIRECTV)


BBVA say: “Security is essential. We are a bank and the BlackBerry remedy is very safe. ” Rewards

The BlackBerry® option has built-in BBVA’s workflows and operations resulting in a 25% reduction in time taken to total these activities The high level of security has empowered BBVA to justify the mobilization of its operations BlackBerry® mobile phones have been incorporated into every aspect of BBVA’s employees functioning lives, helping them to take care of tasks and duties when working remotely


“With the DIRECTV Móvil application, we have more ways to get our clients to contact us, which means happier consumers and it offers us a chance to drive the sales. ” Benefits:

DIRECTV create a custom app called DIRECTV™ Móvil, created to offer readers in Spain access to DIRECTV services from their smartphones and tablets, which include BlackBerry smartphones – with operating system a few. 0 and above – and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. The most recent release of DIRECTV Móvil also operates on Cell phone PlayBook tablets, allowing users to record their favorite TV shows even when away from home, browse through videos and perspective trailers.

installment payments on your 3. MORAL BUSINESS

BlackBerry features programs which will present several opportunities to support communities through fundraising hard drives and helping out. BlackBerry donated to 294 businesses around the world.


Lounging Off staff due to monetary problems with the company New Competition

Bad Application of marketing

3. you – PERSONNEL

The Canadian organization “Research In Motion” (RIM), will eliminate 2, 1000 employees around the world, which is much more than 10% of total employees, to cut costs. RIM has endured a damage in the market because of competition by Apple and Google’s Google android system. Among February and May this year, the BlackBerry market share fell by simply 24. seven percent as opposed to Google android and i phone which grew by five per cent and 27%.


The primary competitors of the Cell phone are the Google android and the Iphone. For a number of years, the BlackBerry was the leading Touch screen phone in many market segments, particularly the Us. The entrance of the Iphone and the Google’s Android platform, caused a slowdown in BlackBerry expansion and a decline in sales in some markets, most notably the United States. It has led to unfavorable media and analyst sentiment over the industry�s ability to continue as a completely independent company. Cell phone has were able to maintain significant positions in numerous markets, strengthened by a large user base, cost effective phones and plans, and a growing touch screen phone market internationally.



Blackberry mobile phones 10 may be the solution to RIM’s declining business, turning the business around to once again turn into a player of significance in the smartphone market.

The main features of the Blackberry mobile phones 10:

You can get everything by means of a swipe.

It enables the smooth transitioning between applications, without having to keep an application entirely. Blackberry mobile phones Hub exhibits all of your conversation (mails, communications, tweets, linked-in updates, therefore on). When you are in an iphone app, you can get all of the selection of that iphone app by moving your hand top to bottom, again beginning outside of the screen.


They should contemplate partnering with other companies

Make a better marketing of the new products

Motivate employees to inner customer loyalty

Enter to the market with a brand new name and with a better product