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It is a regarded fact also to a beginner that Digital platforms such as video games, social support systems and messages services are part of the Net revolution that is certainly experiencing mind blowing growth which growth includes its possibilities strategies, and challenges for monetization. Nevertheless , monetizing all of them is not at all times easy for items developer because users always think they may be entitled to free of charge service and this has led to firms selling costumers data irritating third party promoting in order to make money from their contents.

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The best way to generate income from these digital platforms is always to find creative ways to promote products to its users which is achieve by selling virtual goods to these people. Virtual items are items that only exist in the scope from the digital platform and do not basically exist in the physical world. They are very profitable mainly because essentially they may be intellectual house and do not have higher costs associated with real world production, labor, and distribution. They are also not restricted by location and their creation has a one time that expense t yet unlimited distribution so revenue can size indefinitely.

The job that i am sharing with you friends aim to take a leading role inside the monetization of virtual items using blockchain technology. Companies will be able to offer virtual items on the platform, it will act as a global digital goods market place that will be run with Epik tokens on Ethereum blockchain. The expression will be used to get transactional purpose in the environment. All orders history will probably be recorded on blockchain which will be verifiable by anyone.

The platform is also suggesting a solution to formulate its own blockchain within a year of operation to solve the issue of transaction scalability and privacy, this all inclusive getaways blockchain system will be known as Helium.

Blockchain Licensing Market place (BLMP)

BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a B2B2C blockchain organization processing B2B2C transactions and providing value through productivity, traceability, and security. BLMP is landmark licensed electronic goods plus the mission of BLMP is always to connect the intellectual property licensing sector with digital platforms. BLMP leverages crypto-token technology built on blockchain as a means to very easily produce and exchange liquid worth in digital ecosystems. BLMP will decrease friction and leverages blockchain technology to create a unique effort network exactly where short term licenses can be made and forced on the blockchain.

BLMP will also make use of blockchain technology to manage the production and completion of these virtual good products. BLMP includes the entire electronic goods source chain like the creation, tokenization, and plant source of these qualified virtual merchandise items.

The last but not the least, BLMP processes the conclusion consumer transactions for the virtual items items making certain all parties involved will be automatically paid out tractably, safely, and proficiently.

Benefits Of BLMP Ecosystem

BRANDS- By simply joining the BLMP network, brands can scale and expand their very own reach with better control of their relationships while increasing granular insights that were previously impossible due to lack of transaction transparency and traceability. BLMP intends to produce a network where brands can easily stick to their perceptive property indefinitely on the blockchain all the way by product creation to final ownership to resale market segments.

DIGITAL PLATFORMS Pertaining to digital websites, joining BLMP means keeping total creative freedom above their digital ecosystem without restrictive or perhaps long-term licensing contracts. Digital platforms can make and select and only recommend licensed virtual goods that they can determine is the right in shape for their digital ecosystem. With this overall flexibility, digital platforms can expect to hold their existing revenues, get help with end user retention, and gain added income by licensed goods for sale if he or she choose.

CUSTOMERS Buyers benefit from firms joining the BLMP network because ownership becomes simple as they only have to manage one account which may be created within the digital program of their choice without the need to understand fully crypto billfolds. Customers can make their favorite digital platform to produce their consideration and then gain access to that accounts across all the other participating digital platforms. Yet more importantly, buyers benefit since they get the freedom to get the things that that they already appreciate, everywhere.