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doze 2 . Response any 4 of the following question: (a) Write piece on, Replicate for Children as the Target Audience. (b) Offer two illustrations each of comparative and demonstration form of advertising. (c) What are the essentials of a Very good Poster? (d) Give your touch upon ‘Daag Achche Hain’, Television set commercial. (e) Analyse one of the following recent general public service tv set or printing advertisement. (f) (i) ‘Maine poocha kya’? is the foundation line of which detergent manufacturer? (ii) ‘Insan Phone lete hain baat karne ke liye, ‘ is the distinctive line of which tv commercial? (g) Explain the different stages of producing a TV commercial? 12 twelve PDF Driven By BMMBox. com (b) PDF Run By BMMBox. com PDF FILE Powered Simply by BMMBox. com