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1 . DESCRIPTION This case is about a piece team that worked with each other effectively, fused well and felt secure around the other person.

All until another person (Fester) came into the organization who had more knowledge that the best choice of the group (Knowlton), causing a type of intimidation leading to Knowlton to resign, plus the group to be without a head. 2 . ANALYSIS. The main problem in this case was the lack of self-confidence Knowlton created due to a new member to the company who had more knowledge to bring in the relationship.

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Knowlton was impressed by Fester’s approach to the group- assessed reports, described the imperfections in the group, and innovative ways to address things. In addition the group was uncomfortable with all the amount expertise Fester acquired causing absence in work performance- not able to speak out their particular thoughts/opinion, action with doubt, and less crew meetings. Essentially Fester interfered with their regular routine. THEORY: The theory behind all of this was Fester was supposed to be combined up with Knowlton to acquire an ideal of his function.

However , as a result of propinquity which usually Luthans details as individuals affiliate with one another because of partial or geographical proximity Intensify got involved by critiquing previous report, leading him to raise concerns and questions (2011). Furthermore, according to Newcomb’s equilibrium theory of group development, Fester and Knowlton did not have similar attitudes to common items and desired goals of the group causing a failure for connecting. Moreover, with Fester pointing out good ideas that will have in fact helped the group, the group didn’t want to make that effort to try and take that new strategy and was resistant to alter.

Luthans explains this as the punctuated equilibrium model, groups type in a initial phase where a target or mission is set and then are not altered very easily due to a process called masse, or methodical resistance to change (2011). Finally Knowlton shown poor leadership skill by leaving the group rather than trying to stick it out. 4. PRESCRIPTION: your five. FALLOUT: Intended for Knowlton, if doesn’t transform his techniques he will never be a powerful leader and instead a failure (quitter) A true leader would not back down or perhaps quit with no fight.

Furthermore, if the group don’t’ understand that things are certain to change, chances are they too will never find an job that they are completely happy with- companies are growing and alter is element of it.