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Can India become a Superpower? The question is common and comes in evey mind, the topic is eternal and in limeline. For being a superpower a rustic must have to resolve his exterior and internal conflicts, their true that no nation an get a superpower in the event ts not only a developed one particular and india has however to devlope andcan become said as an appearing power. Walking on this path is not smooth you can find thorns which make you lame and sometimes large rocks are ready to crush you so as India is facing it in this present senario (courption and repeatedly millitant attacks).

India: A short discription

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India so called while democratic nation struggling to become a developed nation has got a huge heritage. The general population of India is definitely 1 . 2 billion in 2013 and according to survey it will probably be going to turn into 1 . 5 billion in 2025 and 2050 it will become 1 . 6 billion dollars. Putting some light in political area, Indian constitution has parliamentary system, multiparty system, liberal and very conservative.

But it really doesnt matter what rights we now have there inside our constitution because all are violated either by us or by governmennt, cant fault on a particular society or perhaps league of people. Now, problem comes, why it is not really easy to become a superpower, even we have proved ourself in every part of development? It is not necessarily so significant either you have taken your first stages in every portion of development nonetheless it mainly depends upon what factors that converts a country from developing to a produced country.

Famous mistakes

India has suffered a lot and yet it is suffering from condition, in famous time health issues was that i was always becoming ruptured by foreign intruders Mughals, Englishmen, Portugese etc . The reason was our weak spot because in those days trading were created on a mass and to match our requirements manual making starts suffering and professional revolution occur which was the father of modern background guess who was the mother non-e other than renissance that may be “re birth. Re birthday of rationalism therefore the people of India had been divided in several parts and didnt agree to this modify, now we are facing a serious problem as during those times we belive in traditions not on reasons. The main reason was, i was not usa and until now were facing precisely the same problem of unity.

Interior conflicts While disscused above the first difficulty we confront is  Being a usa nation however, not a combined one that is certainly, we admit India is known as a secular region, every one may follow his or her religion and yes we could enjoying it alot but somehow religious beliefs has divided us. The best example, RESERVATION, it is boldly mark as the worst issue to face and to fight, it is quite similar to a railway reservation, for that you must wait for your call, however it never comes because the middle man has arranged all the tickets for quest, here the middle man happen to be bureaucrats. And on other hand the politicians are using it as being a weapon to fill their very own vote banking institutions, the manner, is giving booking on the basics of religion and earning ballots according to it. They alone can’t be blame mainly because its all of us who support them for our own cause. Not only reservation there are many complications like Indio Muslim issue, telangana circumstance, diffrent dialect (yes the also a cause of not being united) etc can also be responsible and wrtting within this will take a whole lot pages and suffcient time.

External issues India is surrounded by lot many friends like Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Afganistan and Sri Lanka. India Has bilatreal relation using its friends and trying to maintain it but once we discuss Pakistan among the oldest enemy of India causing a whole lot trouble maintained China. Recently there was great load of firing in Poonch, Kashmir after PAK elects it is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who assured to solve problems with India relating to there relation. If we recollect our recollection Sri Lanka accustomed to say that the LTTE is supported by India to break all of them. So the quite clear though we have bilateral relation with our neighbours, we could facing a sense of digital rebel from there area.

Terrorism Probably the most significant trouble faced by simply India which can be restraining this to become a extremely power. The word terrorism often recall us Kargil war(1999), 26/11 mumbai attack, Dantewada tragedy and recently the attack about congressmen, not only this a lot many more attacks we have faced. PAK millitants offers threaten socalled heaven Kashmir anad about eastern area and central part Naxalites responsible for getting rid of innocent people. Naxalites will be considerd since terrorist company after Unlawfull Activites (Prevention) Act 1967 and also a most dangerous internal danger. Terrorism would not posses virtually any shape, size, face, religious beliefs or community it is only to threaten people with gun power.

Courption In addition courption one of the major threat which is rotening each of our admistrative system from inside obtaining us poor and if we could weak than its only a dream to become a superpower. That adversly results our economy. No man or woman is responsible for that we all are responsible for it. Those scam like 2g colgate and CWG has an huge effect on our GDP level, 4. seven percent fourth quatqer of 2013 from 6th. 2% relating to 2011-12 fiscal, that make us to count on Indio rate of growth that is certainly slow rate of growt.

These mention are a few of the significant cause apart from other folks, which are preventing India becoming a superpower. Without a doubt its authentic that after independence we have brought up ourself into a better level in the feild of research, tourism, tradition etc, however the goal is usually far away to achive and presently India is appearing as a superpower.

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