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Linear Technology was primarily based out of Silicon Valley and founded in 1981. The corporation specialized in style, manufacture and marketing of analog built-in circuits. Geradlinig enjoyed a diversified customer base, with 33% of its business coming from the communications sector, 27% from computers, 6% from automotive, and 34% from various other applications. Using their focus on the analog part of the IC sector, that has been characterized by designed products, it had been imperative that Linear hires and retains talented people who were used to out-of-the-box thinking and who could readily develop progressive techniques and products that will keep them competitive.

Heading IPO in year 1986, Linear operated with a humble CAPEX. Additionally enjoyed low obsolescence of kit and approaches. This put together with their low R&D expenditures led to margins that surpass that of rivalling digital IC products. This is supported by Linear’s 7th chair positioning on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange Semiconductor Index (SOX).

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Linear’s net income was at its greatest in 2001, when global technology spending was at the highest, and its lowest sales the following year.

That they still managed positive funds flows and strong margins; this was achieved through several mechanisms such as cost trimming aided by way of a variable expense structure. As of 2003 Q3, Linear was emerging out of the recession with strong financials. However , top line product sales and net gain remained less than their large point in 2001. Due to politics unrest around the world, the future of the tech industry remained not clear. Year more than year growth in 2003 when compared to 2002 was good, but the business didn’t visit a clear path to reaching 2001 levels. As well, they failed to want to sacrifice margins in fresh markets just like Asia.

By 1992 Linear’s management was comfortable in their ability to preserve future cash flows, having been cash flow positive since IPO, and started issuing returns of $. 00625 every share (payout ratio: 15%). In 2002 LLTCcontinued giving dividends, despite the higher pay out ratio (27. 24%), because they didn’t wish to lose prefer with shareholders. It is likely that Thready viewed returns as a way to stay in the stock portfolio of common funds and EU investors who firmly favored dividend-paying stocks.

Simultaneously, Linear likewise began to buy back shares when interest rates were low or/and when marketplace valuation of Linear share was low. They were distrustful about having to pay all or more of their cash in dividends while this could signal lack of development potential. It can be notable that many institutional buyers held Linear stock, greatest among which has been Janus Capital. Linear planned to be sure to send out positive alerts to their shareholders. With a large cash balance ($1. five billion) without debt, Linear was at a crossroads ” they required to know what to do with their money. Their options were: 1) Invest in new projects, 2) Payout by means of dividends and/or repurchases, and 3) Preserve it intended for future investments in innovation and diversification. From this p every, we will analyze three different approaches in choosing

Linear’s payment for Q3.

Approach ” 1 Penny Dividend Boost

The research below assumes the decision to repurchase one hundred sixty five. 7 , 000, 000 in share will not be adjusted. The decision to become made is to either raise our gross by a single cent every share, or leave the third quarter gross of. 05 per talk about intact.

Pay out Decision

Traditionally Linear has not increased dividends in Q3, so a conservative strategy for the board should be to approve the continuation with the dividend insurance plan from Q2. Continuing the status quo of. 05 per share, the payout ratio might adjust to 28. 48 percent of Net Income. Increasing gross by one cent per share will increase the YTD payout ratio to roughly 29. 23 percent pertaining to the three quarters (Exhibit 1), a moderate increase.

By $0. summer dividend every share, the whole Q3 gross payout will probably be $18. several million, that may still be regarded as small by our institutional investors, given our huge cash location. The adoption of the 1-cent increase will give you a full offering of 215. 70 mil dollars back in our investors in the form of dividends and inventory repurchases as shown under:

Paying the extra 1-cent would still be in line with our long lasting dividend approach, but the total package are not aligned with all the requests of some of each of our largest investors.

Available Cash to Distribute

At this point it is crucial to note the fact that firm will probably be paying out even more to the investors via discuss buybacks and dividends, compared to the firm features available to the equity slots through their operations. This overpayment is true if the firm holds the dividend at. 05, or increases that to. summer. The organization has produced a total of 207. 5 million FCFE dollars, yet would be deciding on to payout a total of 215. 7 million provided the decision to increase the dividend by one particular cent. Staying committed to the. 05 gross reduces this kind of figure by only 3 million.

Money Needs and Agency issues

Surplus cash to cope with any unexpected needs can readily be around by taking on the old-fashioned one-cent increase plan. Elevating the gross to. summer includes holding on to almost 100 percent of a very large cash location, and therefore provides little pressure to identify this sort of future funds needs.


Linear’s sales happen to be trending upward since the 2002 decline, but the immediate foreseeable future is still unclear. The re-homing of this conventional plan might continue all their strategy of consistently signaling a message of safety and consistency of cash flows to their investors, but provide alternatives for our turbulent occasions. Other purposes of this money such as better employee offers, training, and workplace advancements should also be looked at.

Other Things to consider

The drawback pertaining to adopting the conservative plan without dealing with the concerns of Janus and other like-minded investors may signal that they are not quite prepared to suggest that all their recent troubles are behind them. If we choose this plan, a carefully constructed message to deal with investor worries should be communicated to shareholders as quickly as possible. Additionally , other approaches such as one-time share buybacks and special dividends should be considered to address the concerns of Janus and other firms that share their view on Linear’s current funds position. We address those inside Approach 2, 3 layed out in the sections that follow.

Approach ” two Payout all of Linear Technology’s Cash one particular

In this section, we consider an alternate pay out strategy through which Linear earnings all of it is 1 . five billion to its shareholders, by possibly (a) Paying out a special gross of $5. 01 every share, or perhaps (b) Repurchasing about 60 million stocks.

(a) Unique Dividend of $5. 01 per discuss

1 goal of the special gross will be to present investors that Linear is a good location and to buy shares by Linear Technology is not really comparable while using risk normally associated with the purchase of shares via technology companies. Additionally it alerts to the marketplace that Thready is interested in sharing their wealth with its shareholders. With these larger overall pay-out odds, Linear Technology can reach investors which may have specific profits goals.

Share price

In the case of a dividend announcement, with regard to shares is going to rise. In the event investors be aware that a certain gross amount will probably be paid, the share value increases by that amount (Law of One price). In this case, the present share price are $30. 87 and gross announced will be $5. 01; hence the share selling price cum gross can be expected to enhance to 35 dollars. 88.

1 Exhibit some shows calculations for numbers presented through this section

Company value

Depending on the period until the dividend is paid out, not the entire amount of dividend can be added to the share cost. If there is even now a certain time frame until the dividend is paid, only the net present value of the dividend will be included in the talk about price. In addition, it can be said which the closer the payment of the dividend gets, the more the amount of the total dividend payment can be added to the conventional share value. That does mean that as a result the market worth of collateral also will climb.

At the day ex-dividend working day the talk about price is going to drop below the level of the pre-announcement working day because the dividend as driver of the increasing demand had been paid. The additional value of $5. 01 that was is not really part of the talk about value anymore. The dividend, as part of the collateral, is paid to the shareholder. Therefore , the dividend policy as a whole are not a decisive factor in the firm’s value.

Payout proportion

Yet , in this circumstance the payment ratio turns into a ridiculously large 945% (Exhibit-4), which is extremely high compared to peers. (Exhibit 2)


By implementing capital through an increased gross versus a share repurchase, management is definitely signaling that Linear’s share is fairly appreciated in the market. Yet , If Geradlinig increases it is dividend a lot of say by providing out each of the cash as dividends, management could sign to the industry that it believes the company’s expansion is delaying and there are simply no new confident NPV tasks for the business to invest in.

Yet , this may help send a positive signal that the company is confident about generating confident cash flows for its operational and investment needs. As profits of Linear Technology this 1 / 4 was far lower than that last year, a massive special gross may help the investors restore faith inside the company.

Company problems

Increasing dividend is also a good way to reduce agency costs. With large amount of cash balance in hand, managers’ control over the capital turns into larger. Paying out dividend towards the investors is definitely an efficient way to obtain additional monitoring of the capital, and thus generate it much less attractive to managers to invest the bucks in jobs that will reduce the benefits of the shareholders.

Duty Clientele

With this kind of very high dividend, the company might attract more European and mutual pay for investors, but it may generally upset Institutional investors who have do not have taxes exemptions. Also, the announcement of a dividend may quick older and poorer shareholders to buy associated with Linear’s share. (b) Discuss repurchase

Reveal price and Shares outstanding

Thready can repurchase 50. 7 (16. 23% of common shares) mil common stocks by spending all of its cash. When they do that, the amount of outstanding stocks and shares will be 261. 7 mil. Historically, the stock price of businesses has grown following a sharerepurchase announcement as it could boost EPS. In this case EPS increases to $0. sixty five. (Exhibit-4)


By simply deploying most of its capital towards talk about repurchases, supervision can signal the market that its share very undervalued. Linear has had a positive income over the years and they have an option with a net cash of $1. your five billion to bridge the supposed value disconnect simply by accelerating discuss repurchases.

In conclusion, if the business goes out having a big share buyback or special dividend, it will give a signal to investors the company, has ceased to be a growth organization, and share value may possibly decrease

Procedure ” a few Payout 50 percent of Geradlinig Technology’s Cash2

Considering that management does not have a good line of eyesight into the future at this moment, paying out all of Linear’s money may be a risky move. Hence, with this section we look at a less hostile approach that lies between preserving their particular cash stability (Approach 1) and spending all of their money (Approach 2). In assessing this approach, we now have assumed that Linear will have to keep up their quarterly gross at $0. 05, as well as the remainder of the cash following accounting just for this quarterly dividend is available pertaining to either a particular dividend or possibly a share repurchase.

The following section analysis the effect of having to pay 50% from the remaining cash reserves either by means of a special dividend of $2. 51 or by repurchasing 25. thirty-five million stocks and shares.

EPS and Share Price

If we were to repurchase stocks using fifty percent of the cash, the EPS will increase from 0. fifty five to 0. 59 near to the 2002 amounts of 0. 62. Using a price/earnings ratio of 56. 53 in the year 2003 (Exhibit-3), we can estimate the share value to increase to 33. 65 with this kind of increased EPS, cum dividend.

If we would be to pay out a special dividend of $2. fifty-one per talk about instead, the share value cum dividend could be estimated to be a strongly comparable $33. 38 (Exhibit-5). EPS will be 0. fifty-five, very close to Q2 amounts (0. 54).

Payout Ratio

The dividend pay out ratio in the matter of the unique dividend will be close to 486. 3% (Exhibit-4) which is once again much higher than all of Linear’s peers (Exhibit-2). In contrast, using a share repurchase, the payment ratio remains at level consistent with earlier quarters at 27. five per cent.

2 Display 4 reveals the calculations for figures presented with this section

Company value and Shareholder riches

Repurchases will help relieve some of the dilution of the EPS arising out of options awarded to employees and managers, considering that Linear’s incentives for all staff include stock options. On the other hand, payouts will help deliver the wealth more evenly among all buyers, while repurchases cause a great uneven division as the shareholders whom do not sell off will see a drop in book benefit of the stocks, from

$5. 01 to $3. twenty three (rough estimation based entirely on funds assets ” Exhibit five. Tax Consumers

While using new rules that state equal taxation rate of 15% pertaining to Capital profits and OIC, there are no quantifiable advantages one way and also the other according to decision to payout possibly in the form of a particular dividend or perhaps repurchases. Generally there may nevertheless , be some psychological effects to be regarded as depending on tastes of the investors. For example , in case the vast majority of shareholders are part of the older demographic, they might prefer it if the share paid dividends.


Linear’s investors are used to getting a gross, and discovering periodic repurchases. Additional pay-out odds of cash help increase ROE and reduce shareholders’ risk premium. In current low interest rates on cash (as of 2003), paying out at least some of the cash balance definitely seems to be in the needs of the shareholders. Though high payouts might signal the fact that company can be lacking development potential, it assists send an optimistic message the company can be keen on posting its riches. This communication of being a “cash-cow is better compared to the picture of a company that is certainly hoarding its wealth.


A quick look at Maxim’s financials implies that they have began sharing all their cash with the shareholders ” in 2002 their cash returned was over 200% of their FCFE (Exhibit-2), and their cash reserves decreased by 455 million. They appear to have used that profit repurchases in an effort to concentrate their very own wealth amongst a smaller range of shareholders, on the sametime that they managed to increase their top series numbers considerably, even compared to 2000. By sharing half their money with their investors, Linear should be able to put by itself on par with this kind of close competitor.

Agency issues and other considerations

One time particular dividends don’t need to be kept up, so might be essentially similar to repurchases due to that. However , repurchases help increase EPS preventing dilution, both these styles which have permanent effects. To that end a repurchase may be much better than a dividend. As far as firm issues go, retaining fifty percent of the money position might not exactly provide as much incentive to work harder on determining positive NPV projects, since expending completely of the cash, but will function much better than keeping almost all of the funds as in Approach 1 .

Each of our Recommendation intended for Linear

Our recommendation to Linear should be to maintain status quo with respect to payouts ” pay the quarterly dividend of $0. 05 per reveal, and to will buy back 25. thirty five million stocks and shares using fifty percent the cash balance. Dividends in line with previous sectors of the year 2003, are suggested to avoid any kind of adverse industry reactions, as the company ideal for figuring out their strategy to boost top range sales and earnings to the 2000-2001 amounts or better. Cancelling the dividend completely or spending less than previous quarter is not an option, as this may be perceived incredibly negatively by market. Traditionally, Linear has not increased payouts in the Q3 compared to Q2; hence it is safe to take care of a dividend of a few cents every share as in Q3. Additionally , as shown in Exhibit-2, Linear already pays more dividends when compared to peers, which includes their close competitor Saying.

Paying out each of the cash might deprive the corporation of the required levels of fluidity. Given that the analog semiconductor industry requires constant development and taking into consideration opportunities for new ventures such as entering the Asian marketplace, it is safe to assume that the company should certainly keep some

cash reserves to account for unknowns.

Thready is well aware that they need to expand their organization and find approaches to increase top rated line amounts, so keeping some cash, and supplementing this with capital from debts or/and value markets is worth looking into. This kind of forms the basis of our reasoning for recommending the use of only 50% in the cash stability to repurchase shares.

In addition , by repurchasing shares, Thready will be able to even now sufficiently sign to the industry that the inventory is undervalued. At the same time, by managing some of the money balance, they will additionally sign the existence of profitable positive NPV projects for Linear to pursue. With the industry features, and the nullwachstum reached in top line revenues, Thready will need to check out innovation and new markets, both of that could bring dramatic increases in growth. Because of this, our company is convinced that the EPS boosting effect of a share repurchase is more important to Thready at this point, compared to the effects of an equitable distribution of shareholder wealth through special payouts.