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Leadership Integrity on Facebook

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The motorola milestone phone in the history of social networking world was created with all the advent of Facebook . com. It was in the beginning created simply by Mark Zukerberg for the students of Harvard as a platform for social media. The innovation, creativity and the most importantly good leadership made this social network portal a great internationally identified social networking web page translated in almost 70 languages. In today’s era where definition of organization has changed immensely and how businesses are conducted have found all their new paths, survival has turned into a challenge for any small and large organizations. The success aspect for Facebook . com has become a main success rule for all businesses that is elevated role of leadership and its particular active engagement in the innovation, creativity and change is essential intended for the longevity of the businesses. Businesses need to be flexible and adaptive to the ever changing environment whether it is internal environment or perhaps external environment.

When we talk about adaptability towards the changing environment and achievement of Facebook or myspace in adopting this strategy is credited to its groundbreaking leadership abilities. Businesses fail if they are unwilling to change and accept development. This unwillingness is handed down from the commanders pulling the strings from the organization. Facebook has been powerful in acquiring the highest talk about of industry and creating strong manufacturer awareness in the shortest possible time because the leaders will be convivial for the innovation, creative imagination, change and risk currently taking. Leaders perform an prestigious role in reducing the hurdles that have been brought about inside the organizations because of external and internal environmental influences through prudent managing and control mechanism. Leaders therefore have to involve workers in this change management method and stimulate them to adopt it and be much less reluctant to it. To further support this view Amy L, Fraher a retired Navy Leader and representative of the Foreign Team Training Center in San Diego Miramar College, since the concern of leader’s position and responsibility is not with ZuckerBerg’s age who is continue to in his 20’s or the organization experience he possesses. Nevertheless the concern is actually he offers the team-building skills important to bring out the leadership attributes within the workers of the corporation which is necessary for the durability of the business. Leaders should never forget the most significant lesson of leadership that may be always request yourselves about your own assumptions.

Studies have demostrated that there is a positive change in the entrepreneurial style of command and managerial style. The evolution through the entrepreneurial style of leadership towards the management style is critically important. During this period one thing must be taken care of is that organization’s culture which has created success inside the initial

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Creativity and Creativity: Case Study of Facebook


On 29th October, the year 2003, Mark Zukerberg wrote Facemash in order to build a social networking internet site for the students of Harvard. At that time having been not aware that he was beginning a whole new era of social networking development and creativeness. What was started out as a device of social networking for the students of school became the greatest social networking hub. The reason behind this kind of unexpected and surprising success is the ground breaking and reckless attitude from the Facebook head. In this swiftly changing globe, it has become essential for each and every organization to pioneer and change in order to survive and operate earnings. To create samples of this kind needs leadership hype in creativity, creativity, and alter.


Thefacebook. com, since known during that time, was launched about 4th Feb ., 2004 by simply Mark Zukerberg. Initially it was limited to the scholars and faculty of Harvard University, later it absolutely was extended to other schools located in Boston and then for all Universities of United States. That kicks off in august 2005 it had been named facebook. com, and from Sept 2005, the several High Universities of Us were also added into the network. Next milestone for Fb was going global and it reached to universities of United Kingdom a month later (Phillips, 2007).

The network was even more expanded and extended to other people who experienced email ids, apart from distinct educational institutions, in September 2006. The site is definitely free of cost from the very begin. Advertising is an essential and major source of earnings for Facebook or myspace. In 2010 the business reported revenue of around two billion dollars dollars (Womack, 2010).

Facebook or myspace is used by simply around 78% online people of Us (Hofstetter, 2009). In the year 2010 the Facebook reported around five-hundred million effective users which is a big quantity (Chapman, 2010). Google and Yahoo are one of the companies which are considering purchase of Facebook . com, but the owner and CEO of Facebook . com, Mark Zuckerberg is not really interested in advertising Facebook.


The main reason and cause of achievement of Facebook . com is the advancement and imagination. The strategy of Facebook towards creativity and creativity is the key of its success. The best of Facebook is ready to take risk for deliver new suggestions and concepts into practice. The creation of Facebook or myspace itself may be the biggest sort of innovation and creativity of part of it is leader. Fb is an innovative organization and it will keep on getting creative alterations and development irrespective of their implications. The approach of Facebook is to first get it done and then see where the night takes us (Blodget, 2010). This approach is certainly much important for the success of any organization in this changing world.

In the last five years, Facebook is believed to be the most successful on-line innovation. Facebook’s idea of advancement is extreme but concurrently smart (Blodget, 2010). Tag, as a CEO, has the ability of coming up with new ideas and has the guts to apply them and take the risk. At the same time this individual has wise and clever enough to see, judge, and predict surroundings and conditions effectively and correctly and bring innovative developments accordingly.

This method towards advancement of Facebook or myspace has given the company a competitive advantage over all additional social networking websites. The Facebook has been began as a modern organization and it is still proving to be a master and leader in developing and trying fresh ideas and concepts.


Innovation, creativity, and alter have become important to survive and succeed in present world. Anything is changing at an instant pace, and in order to adopt and adjust to changing surroundings the organizations have to come up with new and innovative ideas and concepts. To be able to bring in ongoing improvement and changes there ought to be a strong leadership (BlessingWhite, 2007).

This kind of way towards development requires life changing leadership expertise. The leader needs to be innovative, imaginative, and ready to consider risk. At the same time the leader needs to have the tendency and ability of motivating and inspiring the employees intended for innovation and change. One of the successful and best instruments for change managing for powerful and successful leader may be the innovation and creativity.

The change will not be easy, it is important to deal with the modify process successfully and effectively. Change can be accompanied by higher level of amount of resistance both from inside the organization and from beyond the organization. The obligation and activity of an successful leader should be to minimize this resistance and bring in fresh ideas and innovation (BlessingWhite, 2007).

Advancement and creativeness is critical for the success of organization, but the process of innovation should be smartly been able and handled. One has to first measure the climate pertaining to bringing in advancement and change. To be able to bring in continuous changes and innovation the climate in the organization needs to be such that that supports impressive ideas and concepts (BlessingWhite, 2007).

The very best management will need to involve employees in the process of change and encourage them to generate new tips and principles in order to inspire them and reduce the level of amount of resistance. In order to bring in effective transform and creativity the employees should be involved in the daily operational decisions and enable them and delegate expert to staff. This raise the confidence and motivation standard of employees and encourage them to develop innovative suggestions and ideas. There should be a casual and friendly environment by which employees can easily think about new ideas and elaborate and share them with the other person. Moreover there ought to be support via top supervision and command and the new ideas must be welcomed and discussed of course, if appropriate they should be implemented. Apart from this the very best management and leadership of an innovative business should be ready to take risk and should have got tolerance of uncertain and unexpected results which can accompany the development, creativity, and change (BlessingWhite, 2007).

Because of globalization and technical advancement the whole scenario of business world is changing. In this changing context and circumstance, innovation, creativity, and change has become main driver and source of attaining high performance, growth, and valuation (BlessingWhite, 2007). This is actually the main reason behind the growth and success of Facebook. What is more it is the management which is most critical in bringing in innovation and alter, which is also obvious from the circumstance of Facebook or myspace success.


The latest craze and imagine is that intended for competitiveness and ongoing success the organization should be innovative and creative. Regardless of this pattern many companies are not able to generate necessary creativity and improvements according to the changing requirements and demands. The key reason behind this can be a lack of effective and effective leadership (BlessingWhite, 2007). The innovation and creativity depends on the effectiveness and talents of the innovator. The leader should know the changing environment and situations and really should have the ability to anticipate future and devise tactics accordingly. The modern leadership should know about the ways and methods of bringing in effective creativity and applying the advancement in the whole business. It is important intended for the leader to get ready to consider risk and at the same time he or she should be able to effectively manage and defeat the associated resistance with the change and innovation.

It is the leadership on what the development, creativity, and alter relies on. The best should be innovative and innovative himself and at the same time should have the capacity of encouraging and encouraging the other people inside the organization for growing new