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The novel Catch-22 by Joseph Likas? is a very interesting and very funny book. It is filled with crazy characters and strange occasions. All of these heroes and occasions help the writer to demonstrate one very obvious motif. Theme of Catch-22 is that battle and the armed forces are full of lunacies, catches, and unfairness. One catch with the military indicated to the reader in Catch-22 is located about pages 46 and 47. A guideline of the naval pilot states that any guy who is crazy may be grounded.

This get, for which the book is named, was created by the military to let anything to happen, or to never happen, because they desired. This incredibly simple clause could be used whenever by the armed service to take a lot more power away from common troops. In this particular case, catch-22 was used to keep crazy men on battle duty. Another lunacy of war portrayed to the audience in Catch-22 is found in pages 77 through 82. Lieutenant Scheisskopf hates Clevinger. Lieutenant Scheisskopf is a member of the Action Plank which prosecutes, defends, and finds criminal suspects doing crimes.

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People of this panel have the power to punish any person for nearly anything. For example , 1 day Clevinger stumbled while marching to category, the next day having been formally incurred with? breaking ranks although in formation, felonious strike, indiscriminate patterns, mopery, high treason, provoking, being a wise guy, hearing classical music, and so on.? This was all caused by Lieutenant Scheisskopf who had a private problem with Clevinger. Not only were the charges helped bring against him ludicrous, nevertheless the trial was also.

There was three users of the action board, the bloated colonel with the ig fat mustache, Lieutenant Scheisskopf, and Key Metcalf. Lieutenant Scheisskopf was one of the all judges who would weigh the is worth of the case against Clevinger while presented by prosecutor. Lieutenant Scheisskopf was also the prosecutor. Clevinger had an officer defending him. The police officer defending him was Lieutenant Scheisskopf. This really is another way the military usually takes power away from the lower rates high. People of higher ranks can easily do just about anything they want to by abusing their particular power and controlling the people of reduce ranks.

Yet another example of lunacy in war and the armed forces comes in the proper execution of greed and file corruption error. During the conflict, Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder started a business called M & M Enterprises. Most of the cash he made originate from buying and selling Egyptian cotton. When the market for his cotton disappeared, he tried desperately to hold his organization going. Therefore Milo began taking deals from the Germans to bomb his own men. One of these of this takes place on internet pages 263-266. Milo uses his own guys, who this individual has chosen, to use Twenty-Seventh Air Force aeroplanes to explosive device a Twenty-Seventh Air Force base.

From this deal, Milo produced enough money to pay the government for those people and property he destroyed, and still have enough money to hold his organization running. Although Milo did not reimburse the federal government, claiming that, in a democracy, government is definitely the people, through keeping the cash he would just be cutting out the middleman. This is certainly a fine sort of how the objective of a conflict can be forgotten by a lot of in order for them to generate income. Milo proceeded to go against his own people for money. This shows that not really everyone likes you war which can be another capture of the army.

The military forces visitors to fight even if they wear? t value the cause for which they are struggling. Many persons do not accept war, and think that you will find better ways of solving problems. Others think that war is necessary. Whether it is important or certainly not, it will continually be true that war plus the military are filled with lunacies, catches, and unfairness. Persons of higher positions in the military are given a significant amount of power, especially during conflict time. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller will an excellent work of displaying this towards the reader.