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In India, celebrities happen to be idolized as Gods and marketers had been trying their finest to touch on this emotional connect with the people with the celebrities. Today, most of the well-known brands happen to be being backed by a well-known personality either from entertainment industry or perhaps sports area. Strategic company positioning and effective communication are the important factors to success in today’s market exactly where many brands compete in the same category for the marketplace share. Businesses are employing their maximum may possibly to promote all their brands and occupy a long lasting image for the customers.

In India, television is among the most popular and effective way of the mass communication. You will find over three million tv set commercials being aired annually. However , 80 percent of them are forgotten by the persons in a day or two.

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So , it is imperative intended for the internet marketers to ensure that all their ad campaign stands apart amongst the group (Suhalka, d. d. ). Since promoting is a highly critical application for tempting customers to generate purchases, Indian firms happen to be investing a lot of rupees on celebrity marketing (Khatri, 2006).

Celebrity endorsements can also be an easy option for Indian marketers because of the disparities of the Of india consumer basic in terms of religious beliefs, ethinicity, value system and many importantly financial variations. Therefore , advertisers in India emphasis a lot on brand recall and buyer persuasion intended for differentiating their particular ad advertisments from those of the equivalent. It is below that superstar endorsement gives a tremendous improve (Surana, 2008). For instance, one of the strongest celeb endorser can be cricketer Sachin Tendulkar that is a junior icon and endorses various successful brands like, Soft drink, Boost, Aviva Life Insurance, TV SETS, Britannia Biscuits, Visa, Airtel etc . Like, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor also have many brands in their kitties.

Indians love their very own celebrities and blindly comply with their suit. This has proved to be a benefit for the marketers and celebrity recommendation is just recovering by the day. It has now become an needed part of the marketing communication approach. It is a get? win circumstance for both the celebrities and the brands. However , the consumers are types who will be least benefitted as they finish up paying more for the products and companies.


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