Character analysis of john ryan in the movie crash

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I will be analyzing the smoothness of John Ryan that is played by simply Matt Dillon. Ryan is actually a white middle-aged police officer who may have been while using force for quite a while. He is apparently racist from his various encounters together with the black heroes. From the beginning from the movie, you can tell Ruben is an arrogant person. He seems to feel like he is superior to the other personas. This is shown in the way this individual carries him self and the way he condescends to almost every other figure he interacts with.

Hispanics such as blacks, Hispanics, and Middle Eastern ethnicities are the groups most often stereotyped in the media. Film production company used stereotypical characters thus they would become easier to understand or understand. John interacts with other officers of fraction but this individual seems to have a lot of respect for these people because they are an element of his most prominent social group, the police. The other main characters he interacts with are a white expert named Mary Hansen (played by Ryan Phillipe) and a black couple called Cameron and Christine Taylor (played by simply Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton).

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He contains a real disdain toward blacks because of the way minority owned or operated businesses received preferential treatment from the authorities which induced his father’s business to fail.

Although there are many people who will recognize the injustice of his patterns, there are also various people who will justify this because of the general stereotype of blacks. The media sustains the stereotype of blacks by typically emphasizing their gang activity, criminal accounts, lack of education, and poverty levels. Since that time John’s father’s business went under, every offense a black person commits continue to be reinforce John’s misconception from the black inhabitants. Instead of just viewing the person who have commits against the law, he recognizes a dark person who commits a crime. He assumes the reason why they make crimes is really because they are black and he actively seeks reasons to hurt or insult any black people. David Ryan may be the part of central America that propagates the race battle because he is definitely influenced by the media and lacks the ability or understanding of the competitions different from his own. This really is close to a parallel of C. L. Ellis’s and Ann Atwater’s relationship with each other, where as soon as they realize that they will aren’t so different they may become good friends.