Character analysis of “The Hitch-Hiker” by Roald Dahl Essay

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The hitch hiker’s appearance was described as a small ratty faced man with grey tooth, rat like eyes, a bit pointed ears, wearing a material hat, greyish coloured clothing with enormous pockets. Basically, he appeared as if a human rat. In my opinion I do believe that Roald Dahl identifies the hitch hiker similarly to a rat so that it the actual reader imagine the hitch hiker is most likely a looney-toon, murderer or any other kind of criminal.

After the reader assume that, it will make them predict that something poor or interesting will happen involving the narrator and hitch hiker. The problem hiker’s physical appearance as a verweis also forecasts his persona. When normal human beings consider ratty type people, their very own stereotypical reaction will be the person is selfish, backstabbing, dirty, smelly, disloyal, chaotic and most likely a felony.

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At the beginning of the storyplot, the narrator asks the hitch hiker why the he was see the horse races if he wasn’t likely to bet, the hitch hiker acts as in the event that he didn’t hear the question and doesn’t seem to want it. These activities predict that something is up, otherwise so why wouldn’t this individual answer the question. In the account, the problem hiker provides very fast hands. He was able to roll up a cigarette within 5 seconds. He also managed to knick off the narrators watch, finances, shoelace, driving license, key diamond ring with important factors, coins, a letter, a diary, and an expensive sapphire and pearl ring, of the narrators better half.

The hitch hikers extremely talented hands make the readers assume that the hitch hiker’s job, that he has become hiding every along, experienced something to do with his hands, leading the reader to assume that he was probably a pick pocket or purse. Yet again Roald Dahl makes the readers suppose something and after that surprises the reader; in this case the hitch hiker is actually a ring finger smith, evidently the top placement in the opt for pocket job. When the problem hiker addresses, he has an accent, one example is he says, ‘guv’nor’ ‘od’carrier’.

Allowing the readers understand that he is not likely from Greater london, and through the country area. The most obvious thing about the problem hiker’s talk is that he manages to criticize almost everything as if this individual looks upon every type of job out there. For example if the narrator guesses the problem hikers work as a piano player, the hitch hiker responds declaring, “My job, is a 100 times tougher than a keyboard player, any twerp can easily learn how to accomplish that. ” If the narrator guesses that the problem hiker can be described as card person, the problem hiker responds saying, “Me! A spoiled cardsharper?

That’s a miserable racquet if ever there was one. “The hitch hiker criticizing every job makes the reader think that he must end up being incredibly qualified and gifted, and that his job is among the most knowledgeable work out there. Yet again, Roald Dahl surprises the readers that the problem hiker is in the criminal business even though each of the clues add up to it. The relationship between the narrator and hitch hiker is incredibly surprising and unpredictable.

As it happens that they turn into friends eventually despite the fact that the hitch hiker is a lawbreaker and the narrator is a powerful writer. I do think that Roald Dahl instructs a little lesson in this account that however, two many opposite type people may have some thing in common and be friends.