Character evaluation of roger in thank you ma am

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Thank You Mother Am

“Thank You Maam” by Langston Barnes is about boys named Roger. In the beginning from the story Roger steals via a woman called Mrs. Jones and attempts to steal her purse. Roger fails to do this, so the female takes him to her property and shows him a really valuable lessons “Do not really steal”. I truly understood the message Langston Hughes places into this kind of story and I think Roger really does too. In the long run, Roger quite simply starts out as being a cold-hearted robber but performs his solution and discovers how to value others and not to steal. Roger changes in to another person eventually of the story.

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I would personally think of Roger as a poor child and he had tiny money since in the tale it says that he doesn’t have any person at his house. Also the whole reason Roger shop lifts from Mrs. Jones is really because he does not have enough money to obtain his “Blue Suede Shoes” so he previously to steal. An additional example could be the description of his clothing and how his face and hair was all sloppy and filthy. The story states that Mrs. Jones needed to tell Roger to wash his face and comb his hair being presentable. To conclude, Roger experienced very little cash and because of the he had of stealing.

I would also explain Roger as being a respectful person towards the end of the history because if he was pulled to Mrs. Jones’s house you could previously tell that he was experiencing a change. When he was generally there, he presented Mrs. Smith to buy some groceries from the store. Also, he had a number of chances to ditch her but he chose never to it was almost like he wished to stay generally there. Whenever Mrs. Jones told a story, Roger listened and actually learned out of her stories. Roger actually discovered respect from Mrs. Roberts when he traveled to her house.

The last thing I would describe Roger is unthoughtful and he does not think prior to he truly does his actions. For example , if he tries to take from Mrs. Jones, he doesnt consider the outcomes on this action which supports that he is extremely unthoughtful. If he fails to steal the tote, he only loses his balance and falls. Although Mrs. Smith teaches him to be more thoughtful and work for your own money instead of stealing and she also educates him to get more respectful and innovative.

To conclude, he essentially learns the value of respect and not to steal. I think all of the experiences in the story that happened to him changes his your life and ideally will make him more successful down the road. Even We taught a little from the tale, to help the good things in life rather than stealing an individual elses hard-earned money just like Roger do. So eventually, Roger becomes a better person all because of that one time if he stole Mrs. Jones’s tote. He learned to be well intentioned and not of stealing.