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Traelene beals “9am Friday” Initially, a formal circumstance analysis – This should be written in a business style format using short paragraphs and content, self-explanatory headings, and virtually any figures/tables that would facilitate examining. Reports have to be no longer than 2000 words (excluding appendices Issues to be addressed – No procedures of output or efficiaency in the plant- no way of telling if the plant was doing a realistic alternative. Difficult demand forcasting because of seasonality of sales. 2 new shops had okay type revenue.

Best customers of Wholesale sales improved focus on cheaper items and also own products.

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Phone sales agents could be dismissed with ninety days notice. Other areas of US haven’t heard of all of us. Of the 221 wholesale buyers purchase merely $1000 really worth of products. Different 125 purchase between multitude of and 2k per year. Phone sales agents, don’t know the right way to represent the all items. Speculating future orders from wholesale clients to customise boxes and logos-waste of capital. 60 per cent of the total online/phone purchases were from existing customers.

On-line sales haven�t grown – orders prepared within 3-4 days. So why ship internationaly(only 5%)—Antartica? Actually? Summer trouble at Sub heaven – why did staff keep?

How to get new staff through this tight work market. Promoting service – old fashioned? — Undefined Target audience? Packaging? (tourists publicatins, seasons print press and the airwaves spots) Tips on how to increase recognition without diluting the brand. Power on sturdy search engine raankings to promote online sales? Basic website, reminder service to customers-good/bad? Sales agents dint provide backlinks to best accounts. Corporations revenues acquired grown due to Sandwich heaven(franchising)? High stability on travel. Corporate surprise marketing – 25% price cut – industry was great – Explore boston? ice cream sales??

Enhance retail penetration? Acquire a niche chocolate firm? What about the tradiotnal brand? Internal capability? Relocate stock? Background Charles produced premium quality, hand twisted chocolates, Portland creams. Highest quality, many devoted customers around the globe. Huge factory(24000 sq foot)-owned-. Only seventy five retail and 35 production employees, twenty in management. Working hours 7am-4pm(each day). – Leverage long shelf life? From suppliers production necessary early preparing and on the web sales necessary late production… Production planning was completed by info distortions arising from out-of share and over stock issues.

– out of stock-over development – killed the prices – simply by discount charges. Special purchases put the entire order over a stand still Retail stores presented 50% of sales. – Wholesale acquired 30% of sales – Charles is just used because an add-on product. Online and phone – online 4% of total sales. –phone is 6% of total sales—60% of most these requests were by regular purchases.. Avg sales $138 by phone and $91 from website…High expansion industry… Hoagie heaven – 10% of sales – Industry Popular for organic/dark chocolate- anti oxidant houses.