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Children inside the Philippines: “No Time for Play’ What model of sugar are you using right now? Where was it built? Do you know what went into the making of your sugar? It can be the blood of a child, the sweat of any child, the tears ofa child. Right now, as I find out about child labor, I appearance down with the pack of sugar I have been using. I twist it about in an attempt to get a look at the marking, I can see the plain white colored tape into the tag: “Manufactured in Negros Occidental.

As I slowly place the sugar available, I think as to what it means. Negros Occidental may be the major producer of sugarcane and an important home to child labor.

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According to DOLE, approximately 3 ” 5 mil working youngsters are there inside the Philippines. While likely while not, the rest of sweets I’m using is the product of some unfortunate kid forced by circumstances to work aside his or her childhood in a sweatshop.

Seems sad that what we use as our day to day commodity may be the work with the poor Philippine children. “The child is the father of man.  This popular line quoted by William Wordsworth identifies the importance from the child pertaining to the development of contemporary society as well as for the all-round advancement the human race.

Childhood is definitely the time to garner the best hysical, intellectual and emotional capacity to fulfill this duty towards the nation and one’s very own self. However , this basic rule of nature continues to be crippled by ever- developing menace of kid labor. If one conceives the idea of child labor, it brings prior to the eyes the style of exploitation of small, physically tender, illiterate and under-nourished children working in harmful and harmful conditions.

Since what we found last Wednesday, September six, 2010 in our film displaying about Social Class with the Educational Media center setup of CPL], it is very disappointing that many Philippine children are below child labor. In Sudtonggan, Cebu youngsters are carrying heaps of marbled stone issues head. In Diwalwal, Davao del Septentrión, children are laborers through the night. Kids at about 12 years old will be mining in deep tunnels. Mining is a very dangerous Work because heading inside the canal is a 50/50 chance that you could get away alive.

A lot has already been died inside the tube due to dynamite smoke, slipping rocks, and avalanche. Various children as well died because of mercury poisoning from the seafood that they take in because to make gold the ore that the miners accumulate are mixed with water and mercury and the mercury debris are disposed nto their particular lands resulting in the sickness of their people and themselves. We likewise saw inside the film, a female named Angeli Cabrera, a 10 year old young lady who lives at Manapla, Negros Occidental.

Angeli accustomed to work in a hacienda (a sugarcane factory) in their place and gain not as much as 40 pesos each day. Due to her work she actually is always lacking lost one of her ring finger, her classmates used to tease her, your woman said to her classmates she got injuries not because of playing although because of work. There are also instances especially in Ormoc, Leyte where children are told or brainwashed by a employer that there is a fantastic Job within their place. The recruiter provides them in the ship to Manila and force those to work in a sweatshop rather than working in a fantastic job as being a saleslady.

The worst component to it is that they will be imprisoned. The kids are not in order to send characters to their father and mother. The locked up children battled in the sweatshop. Hopefully the Kamanglayan Development Center get the children in this sweatshop and imprisoned the recruiter behind it. Now the Kamanglayan Development Center happen to be monitoring children that go Manila by boat as well as the most powerful organization for working kids. Can you imagine that millions of youngsters are working nowadays? It’s a simply fact and a big stress to all of us.

More and more children are forced to kid labor because of poverty. That they had suffered craving for food and thirst, pain within the body and pain in the cardiovascular system. They had lost their lifestyle ” instead of playing they may be working, rather than studying they are really sweating. Working children are miserable of playing. Children are meant to play and not to operate sweatshops because being a child doesn’t last forever. They should appreciate their years as a child and be satisfied with his or her amily; yet this can be a big awaken call to us all that not all people live within their means.

Filipino people suffer the economic crisis of the country. Various parents continue to work hard and still cannot fully support their along with that is why youngsters are forced to job because they pity their particular parents and in addition they work in so that it will help them. The love that the Filipino children share with their parents is very respectable yet the approach they support their parents is too very much, child labor is not the best way to support their father and mother. Children are battling and shouting “No time for play’. Yes, poverty offers greatly ruled the land yet when will this kind of suffering end?