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In spite to the claims of being a misogynist and inspiring the youthful minds to embrace this kind of theories related to gender stereotypes, Polly and Diggory, the first two children to fill the series, are far via impersonating stereotypes. Polly seems to be a smart and sensitive fresh girl, better to some degree than her good friend, Diggory. Towards the children whom regardless of their very own gender, manage to share identical degrees of intellect, courage and common sense, the adults that they describe as element of their reality are more likely to express what to a point could be the consequence of certain personal convictions with the author in the two fields of sexuality that are not extremely flattering for ladies in general.

However, the books of the Chronicles are useful, among other things, because of the potential to delight, keep the reader interested and intrigued all the way up to the incredibly end and last but not least, help to make one start off asking questions. As mentioned before, the way the stories are presented is not illustrating a powerful will to provide indisputable facts, but only to amuse children although making adults stop and reflect on their own condition as well as the condition of the earth they are moving into.

The second publication of the series, from the story’s chronology point-of-view, the Big cat, the Witch and the Attire, introduces the four Pevensie children, Philip, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. The story can be described as fairy tale, but you may be wondering what the author experienced in the real life: children warfare refugees happen to be incorporated inside the novel, inside the spirit CS Lewis cultivates all along the series. The four children “were sent away from Greater london during the battle because of the air-raids. They were provided for the house of an old Professor who lived in the center of the country, ten a long way from the closest railway station and two miles from your nearest post office” (Lewis, the Stories of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Clothing, p. 3).

The challenge between good and bad continues, but the border involving the two turns into more fuzzy. Tumnus, the faun Lucy first incurs could be about either side, for example. So that as the story grows, he reveals himself as being on the side in the latter. Youngsters are finding out in regards to a different kind of weakness, the kind that makes someone harm other folks in spite of their own can. This is another proof of CS Lewis’ alternatively sensible technique of presenting his young readers with more dark sides from the human lifestyle.

The writer’s sensitivity and creative brain have helped him create a series of books destined to young readers that suprises you and dazzles them, when introducing all of them into the associated with adults. The books aren’t meant to shock children or win them over simply by cheap means, but they work as open windows in to the world that encourages one to use your mind and listen to their soul.

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