Cold War in the years 1945-1953 Essay

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How long do you go along with the view that superpower misjudgements account for the introduction of the Frosty War in the years 1945-1948?

It is sensible to claim that it was certainly superpower misjudgements that triggered developments in the Cold Conflict in the the many years movement 1945-1948, as it is suggested in both origin 7 and source eight, however other factors may be more prominent compared to the misjudgements in the superpowers, including the legacy remaining by World War two, as it is suggested in source 9. The suggestion of superpower misjudgements being responsible for the developments of the Cold War between years 1945-1948 is highlighted in origin 7 an extract from The Roots of the Cold War, released in 2008 has a revisionist guide, where it is suggested that American misjudgements would be to blame for the Cold Warfare developments American decision-makers misread Soviet security interests this kind of, in turn, led the Soviets to see ALL OF US policy as aggressive coming from my own knowledge i know that at this time Soviet policy was focused at ensuring nationwide security, by simply establishing a buffer’ region, as the Soviet Union had the truth is been penetrated twice before through countries close to this, America might have misjudged this while expansionism and a break of conditions that had been established at the Yalta conference, the origin further suggests that the Soviet Union acquired misjudged US policies because aggressive capitalist expansionism possibly in reference to the Marshall Program, and the Soviets may have seen this since America’s way of holding effect throughout Europe. Source almost eight a great extract in the Kremlin’s Cold War: Coming from Stalin to Krushchev, printed in 1996 agrees with Source 7 on the fact that misjudgements had been responsible for the Cold War developments, nevertheless the source describes the Soviet Union, not the USA for being solely accountable, the source claims that Stalin’s road towards the Cold War was strewn with miscalculations and that in answer to the Marshall Plan, Stalin began to consolidate a Soviet reliability zone in Eastern The european union by callous police strategies and extensive Communist propaganda which infers that Stalin misinterpreted the Marshall Program, and responded in such a way that could provoke the USA, this later led to the Berlin Blockade, the source also states that Stalin subjected the rest of the world into a bloody and protracted warfare that comprised the real threat of a global conflict this consolidates the concept misjudgements resulted in Cold War developments.

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