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Research from:

Army doctrinal concepts in lessons C410 through C421 to answer the questions. Use the C400 on the net lessons and readings to help you answer the questions.

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Should you state a thing from doctrine, the psychic readings, or the lessons as part of your response, you must provide a citation according to ST 22-2. You may work with parenthetical citations, endnotes or footnotes; every citations must include site numbers.

Type your answers directly into the spaces supplied. The typeface and margins are already collection for you; the document will certainly expand whenever you type the responses. Single-space your answers; double-space among paragraphs; write in complete sentences, not bullets. Problem tells you simply how much space (approximately) it should consider.

THE SITUATION – 30 minutes back

You are definitely the commander of the 1/9 Shield Brigade Battle Team (ABCT), which is the lead element of the main human body in the 9th Infantry Division’s attack to seize OBJ ALPHA, a town 80 kilometers west of NEWPORT. 1/9 ABCT because the division’s decisive operation was to grab OBJ ALPHA NLT 040900 May 2018 (H+12) to be able to protect the II Corps’ main hard work. The division’s advance guard, 1/35 ABCT (attached to on the lookout for ID), approved NEWPORT without incident about two several hours ago. In the period between 1/35’s starting from NEWPORTS CIGARETTES and 1/9’s approach, the enemy quickly emplaced a lot of obstacles (overturned vehicles and building materials) on COURSE GREEN south of NEWPORTS CIGARETTES to disturb friendly power movement. Because lead elements of 1/9 ABCT approached NEWPORT, they received consistent and accurate mortar and RPG fire through the city. The intensity of such fires elevated as the brigade approached the outskirts of area.

THE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCE – 040100 May 2018 (H+4)

The remainder of the division’s main person is approximately two hours lurking behind your trail unit and will use ROUTE GREEN as well. The lead company of 1/9 ABCT took up rash defensive positions near the connection over the GREEN RIVER (unfordable) on ROUTE GREEN even though the brigade designed the situation about NEWPORT. As your S3 reports enemy speak to to the Section Main CP, the Section G2 information that a Redland maneuver groupe with two maneuver battalions (one battle suits battalion with about 40 T90 reservoirs and one particular mechanized infantry battalion with about thirty six BMP-3s) and one artillery battalion (18 2S1 self-propelled 122mm howitzers) have relocated south of METROVILLE and occupied set up areas approximately 70km north of NEWPORT in the last several hours. The G2 assesses that this enemy brigade will certainly attack the 9th Infantry Division’s key body because it passes through the area along ROUTE GREEN (see enemy course of action). Additionally , the G2 estimates a company-sized irregular force (100-120 personnel) within the associated with NEWPORT equipped with light guns (AK47 and RPK) and a few RPG7V and 82mm mortars. The G2 believes this kind of irregular push might organize actions with all the Redland groupe to the north. The CG considers these developments an important threat towards the division’s northern flank and the corps’ upcoming line of conversation.

The CG contacts you with the next verbal directive: “I i am concerned about the division’s northern flank plus the situation about NEWPORT. Your brand-new mission is definitely defeat the enemy on our upper flank to safeguard the division’s main human body. I’m unsure how long this kind of mission is going to take, but I want you back with us at the earliest opportunity; be prepared for stick to on procedures. 1/35 ABCT will continue as the division’s guardsman and 4/9 ABCT (approximately 30km behind your unit) will execute your prior mission because the division’s decisive procedure. “

Foe Course of Action

Take note: Citing règle is Too few to answer the questions. Look at the situation properly, and then apply the principles of doctrine. When you have analyzed the specific situation, write a meaningful response for every single question.

The Tactics Sustainment Sketch just for this situation is available to you within a separate document. Use the Techniques Sustainment Draw to answers the queries below.

Section 1: Analyze and develop a doctrinal solution to a technical problem.


1 . Based on the situation and sketch, write down thier 1/9 ABCT’s mission declaration (FM 6-0, p. 9-12). [Remember to address the who, what, when, in which, and for what reason in your solution. ]

The 1/9 Armor Groupe Combat Team, lead element of the main human body within the ninth Infantry Division’s attack must defeat the enemy situation on the upper flank and NEWPORT to guard the division’s main body system. On purchase, secures NOTHERN FLANK to avoid 1/9 ABCT from being attacked by simply enemies in NORTHERN FLANK and about NEWPORT.

installment payments on your Write the 1/9 ABCT Commander’s intent just for this mission. The answer MUST include extended purpose, crucial tasks, and end state (ADRP 5-0, p. 2-19). [Write five sentences. ]

Expanded Goal:

To secure area of NORTHERN FLANK and about NEWPORT and serve as means to protect division’s main human body from enemy attack simply by coordinated work from the REDLAND BRIGADE.

Key Tasks:

Defend against enemies inside the Northern Flank.

Protect the division’s key body.

This is certainly an enemy-focused operation.

Deny enemies use of HPTs or perhaps main body system.

Destroy opponent targets prior to the arrival of division’s key body in NORTHERN FLANK NEAR NEWPORT.


AO clear of opponents, no foe direct/indirect fires.

Freedom of movement for friendly units off/on roads.


Return to base.

several. Identify the ABCT’s main offensive task and the sort of maneuver, OR PERHAPS defensive task and sort of defense (FM 3-90 Volume. 1, Part 1 and 6). [Write five sentences. ]

The main offensive activity is HARM. An attack enables the destruction and defeat of enemy pushes while likewise allowing the device to secure ad seize terrain. Since there exists a small window of time to perform such businesses, it must be hasty and should take those form of wait.

The primary control is infiltration. Infiltration is necessary to harm enemy-held positions and protected key ground. The North Flank plus the area around Newports cigarettes must be secured for the division’s primary body. This maneuver as well allows the application of part of one and can be performed to execute raids and ambushes, allowing the damage of important facilities or disrupt adversary defensive set ups. With hurdles along the course, infiltration provides for a covert breach. The dimensions of the unit is little enough with support arriving 2 hours lurking behind.

4. Recognize and clarify the ABCT’s decisive procedure, include activity and goal. (FM 3-90 Vol. you, Chapter you and 6). [Write five content. ]

The main goal for ABCT’s decisive procedure is to attack and create an area protection. The decisive operation will take shape through assessment with the problem which can be the enemy, visualization of nature, endstate, and type of the procedure. It is an attacking operation with defensive jobs with the purpose to create a secure environment for stability procedures and develop intelligence, along with holding onto key terrain. The next job is to gain time simply by defeating or perhaps deterring attacking operations permitting the surrounding location to prepare pertaining to arrival of main division.

5. Discover and make clear the ABCT’s shaping functions, include jobs and reasons. (FM 3-90 Vol. you, Chapter you and 6). [Write five paragraphs. ]

Shaping functions allow make use of the full selection of military power to lessen opponent capabilities. The main objective of shaping businesses will be denying enemy the surrounding surfaces and destroy enemy important capabilities just like fire support. Specific protection operations will probably be screen and guard. Along with these kinds of tasks, the mission is usually to ensure regular reconnaissance through route reconnaissance. Route reconnaissance will be essential in organizing the assault. The main reason for these actions is to provide the maneuver had to prepare important operation.

Section 2: Sketch and Description (FM 6-0, p. 9-24).

6. You must address each of the following items listed below. The answers you provided for concerns 3, 4, and five will help you with items a through my spouse and i below.

Pertaining to parts a, c, electronic, g, and h, you can depict the answers for the sketch.

Around the sketch, illustrate your visual images of the 1/9 ABCT’s operation for resolving the tactical problem. Work with Powerpoint to create and place the symbols for the sketch.

Intended for parts n, d, farrenheit, and i, you are going to state or explain your answers.

a. Depict the place of the cavalry squadron on the sketch.

w. State the task and aim of the cavalry squadron (FM 3-90 Vol. 2).

The Calvary squadron is an important a part of developing recurring situational understanding through make use of fundamental secureness and examen skills. Is it doesn’t scout from the unit and serves the reconnaissance and security aspect of procedures. Therefore , the reason is route reconnaissance and the task is search and secure through screen and guard.

c. Depict the place of EACH mixed arms battalion on the draw.

d. Point out a task and purpose for each and every combined hands battalion (FM 3-90 Vol. 1, Software. B).

The idea of TAXI is to perform civil support operations and possible offer C2 and sustainment to transportation, medical, etc .

at the. Depict the location of the fires battalion in