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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

Community’s Emergency Response

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Monroe County, New york city

The relevance of an successful and well formulated emergency response plan cannot be over-stated. This is specially the case provided that today, unlike was the circumstance a few years ago, the United States is a important target of extremist teams seeking to advance their turned agenda. Occasions such as the 9/11 terror event and the Clou Attack point out to us that preparedness and disaster administration are essential.

In this discussion, I give attention to Monroe County’s response to pandemic influenza. In accordance with the Comprehensive Unexpected emergency Management Program of the county, response, about this front, “begins when there is also a real threat or a identified threat” (Office of Crisis Management, Monroe Country, 2009).

Weakness 1: Integration of Health Services into Disaster Response Businesses

To begin with, Monroe County’s Complete Emergency Managing Plan will not take into consideration or perhaps identify the necessity to integrate wellness facilities just like clinics and hospitals in disaster response operations. There is not any mention whatsoever of strategies in place to activate a powerful link between incident order, emergency management units, and health establishments so as to synchronize important info; including, however, not limited to, affected person numbers, traumas, and response measures staying implemented.

As per the Arlington County after-action record (AAR) on the response to the September 10 terrorist assault on the Government, it was found that throughout the first few several hours of the World Control Center and Pentagon strike, “there was little info relayed in the scene to the hospitals regarding patient flow” (Florida Label of Emergency Administration, 2014). Without a doubt, as some hostipal wards and medical representatives pointed out, the vehicles of individuals from the devastation scenes was largely unexpected and chaotic. This goes to show just how crucial it is to string in private hospitals and other wellness facilities in to disaster response operations. Because regard, therefore , Monroe County’s emergency response plan ought to identify the advantages of synchronized work between most critical stakeholders during mass casualty incidents.

Weakness a couple of: Communication

Even though the County’s Complete Emergency Administration Plan acknowledges that “public awareness and risk sales and marketing communications will be vital in effectively implementing cohesive and coordinated response, ” the country does not have set up trained standby technicians to handle emergency communications (Florida Trademark Emergency Management, 2014). Additional, there is nowhere fast in the prepare that there is a provision highlighting a marketing and sales communications strategy for unexpected emergency responders during emergency situations. In the end, therefore , Monroe County’s emergency communication system