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Angola and Belgium: A Cultural Comparison

Although the two nations possess French-speaking factors to their cultural and record for geographical and colonial time reasons, the cultural factors present and characteristic of the African region of Angola and the Euro nation of Belgium are usually more striking within their differences within their commonalities. The very small European nation of Belgium, despite it is poverty of natural assets and diversity of culture, contains a prosperous manufacturing sector, a flourishing visitor industry, and a relatively safeguarded place in the European Community. This congenial economic romantic relationship with international structures of management could possibly be contrasted get back of Angola.

According to the Unhappy Planet Tips for Angola, a “peace arrangement signed in April 2002 may have ended the 25-year-old detrimental war which includes decimated Angola. However , Angola is still unpredictable and faulty for travel. ” (Lonely Planet, “Angola, ” 2004). In contrast, Belgium is a Western european nation mostly known for its relative express of tranquility and capability to attract tourism and international investment. (Lonely Planet, “Belgium, ” 2004). Belgium’s position as a celebrity on the community political, instead of economic map, is said to be alternatively dim, certainly not because it is a dull place, but due to retiring top quality of it is inhabitants. In contrast, the comparative prominence of Angola because an issue of African importance has been because of its civil war. It is noteworthy central yet economically poor and traders still shy away from its borders because of concerns over its politics instability.

Yet , this does not mean that all is harmonious in Belgium. The two nation of Belgium and Angola happen to be remarkable because of their existence in the crossroads of your multiethnic and complex personal struggle for dominance, a single on the European continent, plus the other around the African continent. Even if a newly released civil conflict has not happened within the borders Belgium’s own nation, Belgium’s relative closeness to the ethnic struggles which have gripped the European place have made it hyperaware of the typically difficult part that variety plays in the present00 workforce. As a result, both Angola and Athens present pertaining to the modern manager of an international business, a national examine in the require a tenderness to difference and diversity of faith and countrywide origin inside the workforce.

The expansion and halting and starting process of turning into integrated into the European Union has certainly affected Belgium, often thought of culturally like a kind of poor sister nation to France. Occasionally, in terms of its influence in setting forth the legalese of the economic terms of the EU it includes felt seemed down after for both equally its The french language and German dialects and its particular potential economic contribution for the developing superpower of the Eu. In its individual way, Belgium is just as divided as Angola. Described as a “rich and bubbling value-added tax of dark beer, chocolate, oil paint and bureaucrats, Belgium gives off the heady pong of the bourgeoisie. But mix the pot a bit and you’ll you should find an artificial condition roughly composed of two parts Germanic Flemings to one component Celtic-Latin Walloons. ” (Lonely Planet, 2004, Belgium)

Angola similarly was torn, as “the end of hostilities is just the first step in Angola’s journey of any thousand miles. War leaves scars: an incredible number of displaced, homeless, maimed, orphaned, starving and diseased Angolans. This means simply no infrastructure, poor roads, crime, graft, approximately eleven , 000, 000 landmines – and a glimmer of hope. inch (Lonely Entire world, 2004, “Angola) Unlike the recent history of Belgium, nevertheless , the damage that diversity offers caused towards the infrastructure of Angola has been physical alternatively