Comparisson of Leadership Styles to Henry V Essay

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This kind of week’s lecture dealt with the theories affiliated to the expertise approach to management.

The skills way can be regarded as very similar to the trait theory. In it we apply certain characteristics via a person to determine all their leadership power. The main difference between the two of these approaches to understanding leadership is that, while feature theory examines personality qualities in people, abilities theory targets skills and abilities that these people have got. Robert Kratz proposed an auto dvd unit for abilities theory in 1955.

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It was called “Skills of an successful Administrator” and recognizes that you have three skills that a manager should have. These three skills happen to be technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. Technical competence includes the knowledge, dexterity and competence that a person brings with them to all their job and that are essential to help him accomplish the task that he is given.

This type of proficiency can come coming from a formal education, on-the-job training and/or personal experience. A few examples of specialized proficiency could be how to use selected software packages just like Microsoft office, or Porcelain Photoshop. It is not necessarily only restricted to computer and electronics make use of, and can become the knowledge an accountant los angeles has on ratios and stability sheets. Several steps to building technical competencies are to initially define your job, you need to know what sorts of tasks you will be required to total. After that the next phase is to become an experienced at that task, either simply by receiving a formal education or perhaps gaining experience at the same job to the one you want.

Finally, the last prevent to building technical expertise is to seek opportunities to employ those expertise but also to seek options in the work itself. You are doing this to be able to further increase your knowledge in that area and to be able to make use of your abilities in initial ways and find out new kinds. Two other activities that we learned in class immediately was about believability and assertiveness.

Credibility is a ability to make people trust both you and has many rewards as a head. There are two components to credibility and they are generally: building knowledge and building trust. Assertiveness is not bullying and differs coming from aggression. But it is similar in the manner that you are somebody who confronts persons and do not overcome around the bush. I was quite amazed by the portrayal of Henry Sixth is v in this week’s movie.

It absolutely was only as a result of his management and mindset skills that the British were able to defeat french at the battle of Agincourt, even while staying severely outnumbered. He did not have the encounter that other people may have had nevertheless he discovered as he went and made the most of the situations that having been in. He also shown both assertiveness and trustworthiness.

His assertiveness was demonstrated on his initial speech by trying to prevent battle and to cow the leaders of some other army to surrender. His credibility was shown much more by struggling with alongside his men and mingling with them. This credibility likewise helped him deliver such a great speech as he do before Agincourt.

The best thing in real world that I have experienced until now is my current manager by Sodexo providing services. She gets an air of specialist about her and is capable to issue directions at will, although she also relates to the employees and is the first one to aid in setting up and performing events. She, like Henry, “fights” along with us.

This earned her my admiration and commitment, much more compared to the higher ups in the Sodexo office that do not help at events. This is a fantastic example of the two assertiveness and credibility.