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Computer, Infections

The Anna Kournikova worm

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Anna Kournikova (named by simply its publisher as Vbs. OnTheFly Produced By OnTheFly) was a pc worm written by a 20-year-old Dutch scholar named January de Humor who named himself OnTheFly on March 11, 2001. It was created to trick email users in to opening a mail message purportedly containing a picture with the tennis gamer Anna Kournikova, while in fact hiding a malicious program. The earthworm arrives within an email together with the subject range Here you could have, 0) and an attached file known as AnnaKournikova. digital. vbs. When launched underneath Microsoft House windows the data file does not display a picture of Anna Kournikova but releases a viral Visual Standard Script that forwards alone to everybody in the Microsoft Outlook address book of the patient.


ILOVEYOU, at times referred to as Like Bug or Love Notice, was a computer system worm that attacked many millions of Windows personal computers on and after your five May 2150 local amount of time in the Israel when it started spreading since an email meaning with the subject line ILOVEYOU and the connection LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU. txt. vbs. The latter file extension (vbs, a kind of interpreted file) was frequently hidden automatically on House windows computers of that time period (as costly extensions for a file type that is known by Windows), leading unwitting users to believe it was an ordinary text file. Opening the attachment stimulated the Visual Basic screenplay. The worm did harm on the local machine, overwriting random types of documents (including Office files, image files, and audio files, even so after overwriting MP3 files the computer virus would cover the file), and dispatched a copy of itself to all addresses inside the Windows Diary used by Microsoft company Outlook

The Melissa virus

Around March 26, 99 Melissa was put in the outrageous by David L. Cruz of Aberdeen Township, Nj-new jersey. [2] (The virus on its own was a certain amount to Kwyjibo, who was proved to be macro virus writers VicodinES and ALT-F11 by comparing MS Expression documents together with the same globally unique identifier”this method was also used to trace the virus returning to Smith. ) On Dec 10, 1999, Smith pleaded guilty to releasing the virus and was sentenced to 10 years in jail, serving twenty months. Having been also fined US $5, 000. The arrest was your result of a collaborative efforts involving (amongst others) the FBI, the newest Jersey State Police, Monmouth Internet and a Swedish computer science tecnistions. David T. Smith was accused of causing $80 million worth of damages by disrupting personal computers and computer sites in business and government.

Netsky worm

Netsky is a prolific category of computer earthworms which impact Microsoft House windows operating systems. The first variant appeared upon Monday, March 16, 2005. The W variant was the first family member to find their way in to mass division. It appeared on Wed, February 18, 2004. 18-year-old Sven Jaschan of Germany confessed to having written these kinds of, and other viruses, such as Trier. Although individual functions fluctuate widely from virus to virus, the Netsky family members perhaps is most famous for feedback contained within the code of its versions insulting the authors of the Bagle and Mydoom worm families and, in some cases, exercises that removed versions of such viruses. The war as it was referred to inside the media triggered a steady embrace the number of variant viruses produced in these family members.

By June 2004, Bagle experienced approximately twenty eight, Netsky approximately 29, and MyDoom roughly 10. Additional symptoms of Netsky included beeping sounds on specified dates, usually each morning hours. The worm was sent out while an email, enticing recipients to open a great attachment. Once opened, the attached software would check the computer for e-mail details and e-mail itself to all addresses identified. Until March 2006, the P variant of this virus remained the most prevalent disease being sent in e-mail across the world, despite becoming over two and a half years old. It was outdone by a variant from the Stration malware family in The fall of 2006.

Tornado Worm

Storm Worm (dubbed so by the Finnish company F-Secure) is a backdoor Trojan horses that affects computers using Microsoft systems, discovered in January 17, 2007. The Storm Earthworm began attacking thousands of (mostly private) computers in The european countries and the Usa on Thursday, January 19, 2007, applying an e-mail message having a subject collection about a new weather catastrophe, 230 dead as thunderstorm batters The european countries. During the weekend there were six subsequent ocean of the harm. As of January 22, 3 years ago, the Surprise Worm made up 8% of all malware attacks globally. There may be evidence, in respect to PCWorld, that the Thunderstorm Worm was of Russian origin, quite possibly traceable towards the Russian Business Network worm


CIH, also known as Chernobyl or Space filler, is a Microsoft Home windows 9x pc virus which initial emerged in 1998. Its payload is highly destructive to vulnerable systems, overwriting critical information about infected system drives, and in some cases destroying the system BIOS. The virus was developed by Chen Ing-hau, pinyin: Chen Yíngháo) who was a student at Tatung University in Taiwan. Now he is the chief executive officer, and owner of 8tory. 60 million computers were believed to be contaminated by the virus internationally, resulting in an estimated $1 billion US dollars in business damages. Chen claimed to have written the virus like a challenge against bold claims of virocide efficiency by antivirus software program developers. Chen stated any time the malware was propagate across Tatung University simply by classmates, this individual apologized to the school and made an antivirus program readily available for public download, the anti-virus program was co-authored with Weng Shi-hao, a student for Tamkang University. Prosecutors in Taiwan could not charge Chen at the time because no victims came forward with a lawsuit.

These types of events resulted in new computer crime laws in Taiwan. The name Chernobyl Malware was gave sometime following the virus was already well known since CIH, and refers to the entire coincidence of the payload trigger date in certain variants with the virus (actually the malware creation date in 1998, to trigger exactly a year later) and the Chernobyl disaster, which in turn happened inside the Soviet Union on The spring 26, 1986. The term Space filler was introduced because many viruses compose their code to the end of the infected file nevertheless , CIH actively seeks gaps inside the existing system code, in which it then publishes articles its own code. This does not increase the file size in addition to that way allows the disease avoid diagnosis.


Zeus is actually a Trojan horses made to infect Windows computers so that it can perform various criminal tasks. The most common of those tasks usually are man-in-the-browser keylogging and form grabbing. Almost all computers had been infected either through drive-by downloading or scam scams. 1st identified in 2009, it were able to compromise 1000s of FTP accounts and personal computers from huge multinational organizations and banking companies such as Amazon online, Oracle, Financial institution of America, Cisco, and so forth Controllers of the Zeus botnet used it of stealing the logon credentials of social network, email and banking accounts.

In the US only, it was approximated that more than 1 , 000, 000 computers were infected, with 25% in america. The entire procedure was complex, involving persons from around the globe to act as money pantoufle to smuggle and copy cash towards the ringleaders in Eastern The european countries. About seventy dollars million were stolen and in possession of the ring. 95 people were busted in connection of the operation. In late 2010, the creator of Zeus announced his retirement but many experts believe this to be false.


Appearance in 2004, Mydoom was a worm pertaining to Windows that became among the fastest distributing email worm since ILOVEYOU. The author is usually unknown and it is believed that the creator was paid to create it because it contains the text message, “Andy, Now i am just carrying out my job, nothing personal, sorry, inch It was named by The security software employee Craig Schmugar, one of many people who had originally uncovered it. ‘mydom’ was a brand of text in the program’s code (my domain) and realizing this was gonna be big, added ‘doom’ into it.

The worm spreads on its own by appearing as an email transmission mistake and contains a great attachment than it. Once carried out, it will give itself to email addresses which can be in a user’s address book and copies itself to any P2P program’s folder to propagate itself through that network. The payload itself can be twofold: 1st it opens up a backdoor to permit remote access and second it releases a denial of assistance attack for the controversial SCO Group. It absolutely was believed the fact that worm is made to disrupt SCO due to conflict over control of a few Linux code. It triggered an estimate of $38. a few billion in damages plus the worm remains to be active in a few form today.

Code Reddish

Code Red first surfaced in 2001 and was found out by two eEye Digital Security staff. It was named Code Reddish because the couple were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew at the time of finding. The worm targeted computers with Microsoft IIS world wide web server set up, exploiting a buffer overflow problem in the system. It leaves very little trace on the hard disk as it is able to run totally on recollection, with a size of 3, 569 bytes. When infected, it will proceed to make a hundred clones of by itself but due to a insect in the encoding, it will copy even more and ends up ingesting a lot of the devices resources.

It will in that case launch a denial of service harm on several IP address, famous among them the web page of the White House. Additionally, it allows backdoor access to the server, allowing for remote usage of the machine. One of the most memorable symptom is the meaning it leaves behind on afflicted web pages, “Hacked By Chinese language! “, containing become a meme itself. A patch was later introduced and it absolutely was estimate that it caused $2 billion in lost production. A total of 1-2 million servers were affected, which can be amazing if you think about there were 6 million IIS servers during the time.

Crypto Locker

Crypto Locker is a form of Trojan horse ransom ware geared towards computers operating Windows. By using several techniques to spread by itself, such as email, and once your computer is contaminated, it will check out encrypt selected files on the hard drive and any installed storage connected to it with RSA community key cryptography. While it is straightforward enough to get rid of the spyware and adware from the computer, the files will still remain encrypted. The only way to unlock the files should be to pay a ransom by a deadline. If the deadline can be not met, the ransom will increase drastically or the decryption keys wiped. The ransom usually total $400 in prepaid funds or bitcoin.

The ransom operation was sooner or later stopped when law enforcement organizations and security companies were able to take control section of the botnet operating crypto Locker and Zeus. Evgeniy Bogachev, the ring leader, was charged as well as the encryption secrets were unveiled to the afflicted computers. From data gathered from the rezzou, the number of attacks is approximated to be 500, 000, with the number of those who paid the ransom to get at 1 . 3%, amounting to $3 million.