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Contemplate and Get Sacked HSS Ltd. is actually a leader in high-end fabrics having headquarters in Bangalore. The company information a turnover of Rs 1, 000 cr. and also a year. A year back, HSS set up one at Hassan (250 kilometers away from Bangalore) to rotate home fabrics. The firm hired Maniyam as GM-HR and asked him to operationalise ne Hassan device. Maniyam contains a vision. Becoming a firm who trust in affirmative actions, he plans to reach out to the non-urban areas and tap the potentials of teenaged women with as well as two educational backgrounds.

Having finished their 12th standard, these types of girls happen to be sitting in homes, idling their period, watching TV serials endlessly and probably thinking abut their marriages. Junior colleges are situated in their respective villages and it is easy for these girls to get enrolled in them. Although degree colleges are not local. The nearest degree college can be minimum 12 km without parents dare send all their daughters in such very long distances and this too pertaining to obtaining degrees, which will not guarantee them jobs although could make searching for suitable kids highly challenging.

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These are girls to whom Maniyam wants to reach out. How to go about hiring truck people via a large number that can be chosen? And Karnataka is a big state with 27 areas. The GM-HR studies the geography of all the 27 areas and zeroes in about nine of them known for backwardness and industriousness. Maniyam after that thinks in the principals of Junior Colleges in all the seven districts as contact folks to identify potential candidates. This kind of route will certainly ensure desirability and genuineness of the applicants.

The girls are raw hands. Except the little educational backdrop, they know nothing else. They must be trained. Maniyam plans to setup a training middle at Hassan with hostel facilities achievable hires. This individual even employs Anil, a great MBA by UK, to head the training centre. All is defined. It is a shiny day in October 2006. MD and the newly chosen VP-HR came to Hassan coming from Bangalore. 55 principals coming from different parts of the nine zones also came on invite from Maniyam and Anil. Discussions, involving all, continue up to a couple of PM.

During that time, MD and VP-HR request Maniyam to satisfy them on the guest home to discuss a few confidential matter. In this getting together with, Maniyam can be told that his type of functioning does not jell with all the culture of HSS. He gets the impact of his life. He responds on expected lines by submitting his papers. Back in his room, Maniyam wonders what has gone incorrect. Probably, the VP-HR staying the same age group as he is, is sense jealous and insecure since the MD provides all gratitude for the idea and the way things are taking place.

Maniyam does not have misgivings. On the contrary he’s happy that his strategy is being implemented though he has been sacked. After all, HSS has already chosen 500 young ladies. With Rs 3, 500 plus a month each, these types of girls and the parents at this point find it easy to locate suitable boys. Questions: – 1 . Those that have made the MD change his mind and go against Maniyam? What function might the VP-HR possess played in the episode? 2 . If you were Maniyam, what will you do?