Convergence in multimedia essay

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By concurrence, I mean the flow of content throughout multiple mass media platforms, the cooperation between multiple mass media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences – (Jenkins 2006)

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In today’s technology focused world, convergence takes on a very important part. It permits us to connect more efficiently between press platforms and technology. Through the entire in depth of study of convergence, it has become evident that convergence significantly affects to the relationship among media solutions and viewers. Technology as well as its devices are becoming increasingly brilliant and clever everyday, which is because we as humans are doing the same, which can be from the rise to the concept of prosumption.


The relationship among technology and it’s audience can be as strong since it’s ever been at the present time, around as human beings constantly around ourselves with it and being and so dependant than it. With this kind of growth in convergence, plus the clear move in technology, some ideas and worries have been raised.

Including the concept of control, and copyright issues that so frequently emerge in the technology globe because of the rapidly growing flow of information through stations and programs.

Introduction to Tinder

The phone application called Tinder uses this theory of convergence. Tinder was created in September 2012, to actually increase social interaction between students for a University in El monte (Empson 2013). The application uses it’s audience’s Facebook single profiles to collect details such as grow older and the wearer’s photos to make a type of online dating profile. The application then uses the user’s GSP gadget in the cellphone to track additional Tinder users located in a certain range to complement.


As stated before, one more concept which includes arisen because of convergence can be “prosumers”, which plays an important part inside the relationship among technologies and the audiences. This concept relates to Tinder relatively tightly. Tinder is usually an example of an application that increases the more that it must be used.

Intestinal Toffler clarifies the concept of a “prosumer” to be a common customer who positively helps boost or style the goods and services in the marketplace, transforming it and their roles as consumers. Inside the application of Tinder, changes will be constantly being created. This is because while using fast paced marketplace of applications and the demand of new and better-improved solutions that world is exhibiting. Companies just like Tinder have to keep up with the necessity of the audience. For example , Tinder is going to monitor the habits and behaviour of its users, and make this easier plus more pleasant to allow them to continue. This relates back to the importance in the relationship between audience and the industry, as the main objective for firms such as Tinder is to maintain the customer happy and pleased with the product and service provided. At the same time, the concept of produsage can be included in the utilization of Tinder.


Produsage is defined as the switch of users from followers to content creators (Jenkins 2008). This concept is understanding technologies including Tinder, where the audience is definitely technically the producers. Precisely what is meant by this is that the content material that is around the application, is uploaded by users of Tinder; photographs, information and profiles. One more aspect of produsage is that the makes of the content, which we all distinguished can be the audience, are the ones who obtain the data or material. Produsage is another aspect that enhances the marriage between technology and their audiences.


Tinder has brought many positive aspects and concepts towards the dating world of today and this mainly falls below cultural convergence. The traditional concept of “online dating” has been transformed, and this is because of the every changing world we reside in. Since about 2002, internet dating has originally been restricted to a computer, and users might each have a full profile saying all about their particular interests and hobbies, and pictures. Yet , on a Tinder profile, every single user is usually allowed a maximum of 500 words to describe themselves, and a limit of a few photos of their choice. This kind of change in restrictions that Tinder has chosen is a reflection of the ideologies of its target audience.

The average of Tinder users is 28 (The Weekend Australian Magazine 2014), a clear indication which the market that Tinder is usually targeting is a younger generation. The creation of this simple to operate app actually emphasizes the culture and so present in the younger generation of today of “hookups” or “casual sex”. The want for long term relationships employing online dating is definitely slowly about to die, and the with regard to quick hookups is becoming increasingly evident. The entire concept of Tinder, simple and short has confirmed to be very popular while using younger era because of this. Tinder saw a opening in the market for quick hookups, and filled this. Another characteristic of Tinder that makes it much more now appealing to classic online dating is the fact that it is a mobile phone application, and is used everywhere. This characteristic works well in the fast paced way of living the younger generation generally seems to live.


As there were mentioned, Tinder has bought many advantages to the online dating market. However , there are a few issues and worries that have been lifted about Tinder since coach anyone how to released a couple of years ago. A main issue was brought up about the security of the application. Interlude Security are a company who have discovered a flaw in Tinder’s production that triggered user’s being able to locate other people’s almost precise location, information that is supposedly kept a secret in the application (News. com 2014).

This discovery caused a whole lot of stress through most of Tinder’s users, and also members of the public. The downside was ultimately fixed simply by Tinder, however concern would still be present that another security flaw can easily be found. This entire saga affected the relationship that Tinder experienced created with its audience and users, which may have quickly, in turn, affected the popularity and accomplishment of the software. This gap in Tinder’s system meant that the users location could be seen, which often, is possibly putting Tinder user’s basic safety at risk. Resulting from the increase of flow of content within platforms, it can easy for faults like this to happen.

Another reliability issue with Tinder is the ongoing concern regarding basic on the net safety. All of us as a fast paced culture are constantly trying to find the most effective and simplest way to do things. Hence for what reason Tinder was so popular therefore quickly, individuals were looking for an easier way to date. The simplicity of being able to interact with complete strangers on mobile phones is far too appealing and so why many security concerns arise. The entire idea of “catfish” has recently recently been brought to interest in the multimedia recently, numerous cases of fake profiles and unsafe conferences occurring coming from online dating.

Again relating back in generational dissimilarities, online safety is a a lot more relaxed issue that it was 3 years ago. The simple fact that people are able to allow a software to show their location to complete unknown people is an indication of this.


Convergence can be an on going process in today’s society and it will never end. It influences us since the audience, as well as the producers plus the technologies we all surround yourself with. Complete platforms happen to be being altered, for example the dating world, to suit the wants and desires of the target audience. Technologies will be become increasingly intelligent, as the creators happen to be which can influence us both positively and negative. Affluence will always bring about negative activities such as security and copyright issues, but also the positives must be known.


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