Counseling theoretical framework and application

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The existential theory is the important beliefs, which in turn human beings knowledge that may trigger internal and external discord with those they connect to. The issues entailed are thought to control from a specific human presence. Specific principal factors are recognized after the application of the Existential Theory. These major factors might include: freedom of association, responsibility, death, isolation, and meaninglessness (Sue File suit, 2016)

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Those that are suffering from a external and internal issue may suffer by anxiety. If perhaps that is indeed the case an individuals psychological, psychic and cultural awareness may be reduced (Boszormenyi-Nagy Framo, 2013). Anxiety and also other ailments which may occur in the external and/or internal clashes may have a durable impact on your life. Signs and symptoms of anxiety may well not just be behavioral but can also be physical as well. An implementation of the existential theory utilized in The Case Examine of Perla. Margarita suffered with hunger and the factthat the girl was not crazy about her partner. By implementing the Existential Theory it might be safe to derive the opinion that Margarita was suffering from being hungry and could certainly not eat due to the internal issue of not being in love with her husband.

Theoretical Analysis

How people behave exhibit emotions talk and interact socially with other people is relatable with the Existential Theory. The essential background of the argument can be perceived to become from the creation theory (Boszormenyi-Nagy Framo, 2013). The existential philosophy claims that individuals think that everything contains a purpose. makes individuals to believe everything was made with a purpose and which has a set of rules. Because of the opinion that there are some rules and purpose it really is evident that there is the possibility of distinct expression as a result of individuals. (Boszormenyi-Nagy, Framo, 2013). With the premise that there is an objective for almost everything, there are individuals who continue to ask certain queries in life. An example would be how was the whole world created? For those that believe in the fundamentals of the Existential Theory, presently there lies the answer. The whole world was created together with the purpose of sustaining life.

The Existential Theory as well aligns to theories too. The ideas in which Existentail theory lines up with will be those that will be based upon man behaviors In respect to a latest study it truly is thought that psychotherapy is the best treatment for man existential actions (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). An individual that is certainly suffering from an external/and/or internal conflict is given the suggestion to seek assistance from a specialist to help with all the concerns. A therapist that is implementing the existential theory will provide the consumer with the required treatments to help these groups recover their emotions and mind.

Conjunction with my own, personal Philosophy

The use of therapy, based on my personal values and beliefs, offers offered a feeling of dignity to humanity generally speaking. Those that are suffering from a interior and /or external issue may have been salvaged by utilizing the therapeutic procedure, based on a report the rate of suicide missions have lowered tremendously following the adoption with the existential methods (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). Marital problems may be fixed in many families in the world today, by using the healing process. Therapy will reestablish the value and take pleasure in for individuals that will be suffering an internal and/or external (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017).


Margarita has become suppressing her emotions yet a therapist may utilize existential techniques to treat her. By curbing her emotions it has led her to obtain angry reactions and no assurance I himself, by doing so the girl started to hate her husband (Capella, in. d. ). However though she inhibits several of her emotions she feels relieved after she has screamed at her husband. Perla is stuck in a routine where she is feels as though her feelings are not valid and where concerns will be minimized.

Margarita’s adverse internal conflict has impacted her lifestyle and made her behave in a manner that is not perceived as “normal” for a person (Capella, n. d. ). Because the girl with insecure your woman now has low self-esteem and that has effect on her ongoing negative thoughts. Chiribita is faced with the fact that she considers she should have dies in a vehicle accident and not her friend and offers admitted that therapy hasn’t worked in the past for her.

Making use of the Theory with Diverse Populace

A lot of the populations nowadays would discover the Existential Theory effective. Reasoning being the theory trains individuals around the importance of having person control techniques and psychological therapy (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). Those that have employed the theory measure and apply its specifications throughout their daily lives. In one approach or the various other several enhancements have been achieved. The existential approach features impacted interpersonal integration, in a positive way, because a lot of individuals in a population have been educated and received medical services (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). The Existential theory has been utilized for several medical facilities to minimize the mental-emotional feelings in several countries (Boszormenyi, 2013).

Individuals from different backgrounds attended together to help in reducing problems linked to psychological concerns.. Because of this they have encouraged others within the culture to advocate for alter and awareness based on the result of existential theory for the lives of human beings in the neighborhood (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). The need to endorse for the value of psychotherapy in most in the institutions in surrounding neighborhoods is valid (Harvie ainsi que al., 2017). Margarita, and also other individuals must be offered the support to seek therapy without the fear of stigma. Existentialists recognize that as persons they have the free will certainly to make a big difference. Existentialists desire to help other folks and show these people that they can live life with a goal.

Theoretical App

Because Margarita would not have control over her interior conflict she has been put through a negative your life routine. As a result of her adverse life program it is important that your woman set specific goals. The objective of the individual goals are to support her become confident, awarem and have more free will certainly. In order to set out to reach her individual goals she must first end up being truthful. becoming truthful. Perla will need to be honest not only to himself but to those that she interacts with as well. In the event Margarita is usually truthful to herself she’ll begin to be familiar with conflicts and be able to resolve her conflict (Harvie et approach., 2017). Perla claims that she is not really suffering from depression, or the reality she is angry, however she gets angry outbursts during the initial argument she actually is involved in. The simple fact that she is suppressing her emotions is definitely not healthy or perhaps helpful for her current turmoil. Another individual goal is going to to be able to learn how to love those that important to her and not only these people but to be able to love himself as well. If perhaps she discovers to take pleasure in she will build her assurance and be able to end the unfavorable thought process. Finding out how to love can overpower the negative thoughts such as depression and anger (Harvie ainsi que al., (2017). Margarita’s third individual target is to accept herself. To be able to overcome her internal turmoil she will need to be in a position to agree to herself and love her life. When the first two have been accomplished she will realize that she certainly does have the free will to make the choices in her life.

Affluence and Strategy

In contrast to other therapy models, with Existential therapy here are not specific concours utilized. rather the therapist that is applying this approach will draw interventions from other versions as necessary. The treatment that would suit Margarita would be the here-and-now strategy. The specialist will have Perla go over scenarios and situations that maybe causing the internal conflict and provide the tip that she needs to not fixate for the past but instead the situation that is certainly in the present. While the therapist it is important to focus on the present with Margarita and in doing so it might be necessary to concentrate on how the girl deals with her anger to her spouse and the loss in her good friend over the course of a few periods. During these periods it is important to how these kinds of events make her experience now and never how she felt recently. In order to end the unfavorable pattern it is important to start in the present (Corey, 2017).

Together with the existential way the specialist is certainly not viewed as an expert but instead as a information (Corey, 2017). The therapist must insure Margarita that she is not any alone as well as the feelings that she is suppressing are normal. The specialist could do it by looking to relate, accord, be genuine, and keep that therapeutic cha?non strong together with the client (Corey, 2017)

Cultural Methods

The complicated strategy and patterns of idea, emotional and beliefs that guide people of the culture is the meaning of culture (Ivey, DAndrea, Ivey, 2011). The cultural methods may affect the theoretical analysis of a person in a single way or perhaps the other. (Ivey, D’Andrea, Ivey, 2011). Margarita’s culture is very important during her treatment, essentially because it is who have she is. Chiribita must permit the therapist to comprehend what her version of totally free will means and the restrictions that may not really be crossed. There are 3 types of culture approaches to consider they can be: social strategy, critical way and connection studies.

Sociable Approach

To way the tradition socially is important. It is deemed necessary because Margarita includes a poor romance not only with herself, yet her spouse, and the people surrounding her as well. During Margarita’s treatment it will be essential to address this kind of conflict mainly because her anger has remote her hubby and the friends that the lady once got as well. Once the negative pattern is cracked Margarita can positively addresses the anxiety that she is suffering. Cultural approaches enables the individual some opportunity to showcase their inner self, by simply loving other folks in the culture (Ivey, DAndrea, Ivey, 2011).

Critical approach

The critical way allows a person to build up his internal and external self by developing his behavior to slip the required tolerance ( Show up, Holden, Marquis, 2017). Chiribita needs to relieve her stress, understand her free will certainly, and find the significance in her life while working on her present day personal.

Communication Approach

By simply allowing for open up communication the client and the specialist will be able to be familiar with situation and discuss this together. (Fall, Holden, Marquis, 2017). During therapy sessions Margarita should be able to speak widely about the emotions which might be affecting her. Knowing how the client perceives life and their understanding will allow the therapist a much better understanding of so why the client is seeking treatment. In the case of Perla it will allow the therapist to know the root of her mental poison.

Strengths in the theory

A strength of the theory is that it increases the counselor’s ability to relate with the client, unique in relations to the challenges they bear in their everyday life or within contemporary society (Gladding, 2014). The reason being is that many individuals prefer a person-centered type therapy. Mentioned previously before the therapist does not behave as though they can be in experienced in this strategy but rather they can be their similar. Another durability of the Existential theory is a focus on customer’s free is going to and their capability to make their own choices. The Existential procedure steers persons away from negative thoughts and behaviors by displaying them they that they are in control of their choices and actions (Corey, 2017).

Limitations from the Theory

A limitation to the Existential theory perhaps there is is no data on the success of the strategy Reason getting is because you will discover not any certain interventions and each case, is definitely case by case. In addition there are not any trainable programs which were developed but (Corey, 2017). Because of these constraints, Existential remedies are not the first choice for several therapists mainly because as stated prior to the focus is usually on the here and now whereas most models get started with the past of their clients.


In the case of Margarita an awareness between herself and the specialist will be essential for her to succeed and complete her individual goals.. Although there are constraints to the Existential theory way Margarita’s example has shown the importance becoming self-aware and the requirement of one to have free is going to In addition Margarita’s case has explained so why it may not often be important for the therapist to be seen as a specialist, but instead as a guide that is about the same level with all the client.