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Guideline Analysis According to Agree 2

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Guideline Under consideration: WHO Recommendations on Hand Hygiene in Medical care. Geneva: WHO, 2009.


The overall objective(s) of the criteria is (are) specifically defined.

Strongly Don’t agree 12 three or more 4 a few 6 7 Strongly Acknowledge

Comments: Quite a few sources and studies have demonstrated the importance of cleanliness from the hands, which when hand hygiene is usually complete, patient outcomes are usually more positive and surgeries are safer. (Grol et ing., 2003) (Sax et ing., 2007) (OBoyle, 2001)

installment payments on your The health question(s) covered by the rule is (are) specifically referred to.

Strongly Argue 2 three or more 4 your five 6 six Strongly Acknowledge


This guideline could be more specific in detailing almost all specific well being questions this kind of pertains to, although perhaps their particular lack of specificity was directly connected to the fact that hand care impacts just about any health condition.

several. The population (patients, public, and so forth ) to whom the guideline is supposed to apply is usually specifically referred to.

Strongly Differ 1 two 3 4 5 six 7 Highly Agree


In this case, the citizenry to whom this guideline is intended to apply is not especially described, more than likely because it is applicable to so many or perhaps nearly all foule.

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4. The guideline development group includes people from every relevant specialist groups. Strongly Disagree one particular 2 a few 4 five 6 several Strongly Agree

Comments: There is clear which all taking part members from the healthcare area have an obligation to participate in this guide.

5. The views and preferences with the target populace (patients, open public, etc . ) have been searched for. Strongly Disagree 1 2 3 some 5 six 7 Highly Agree

Remarks: The intended target population in this case is essentially everyone who also receive professional healthcare in virtually any and every professional environment. Their desired goals arent explicitly stated because they are implied: they wish to be healthful.

6. The point users with the guideline will be clearly defined.

Highly Disagree you 2 several 4 a few 6 7 Strongly Acknowledge

Comments: All clinicians have got a duty to participate in the best and most extensive level of detailed hang health that they are able of.


7. Systematic methods were used to seek out evidence.

Strongly Disagree 12 3 4 5 six 7 Firmly Agree

Responses: Even the many cursory search of the evidence demonstrates the most systematic techniques for researching the support of hand washing (Grol ain al., 2003) (Sax ainsi que al., 2007) (OBoyle, 2001).

8. Conditions for selecting the evidence are clearly described.

Strongly Disagree 1 2 several 4 5 6 six Strongly Concur

Comments: The guideline makes a small reference to conditions for selecting data.

9. The strengths and limitations of the body of evidence are clearly explained.

Strongly Differ 1 a couple of 3 some 5 six 7 Firmly Agree

Remarks: There could had been more dialogue regarding the talents and constraints of the human body of facts.

10. The techniques for creating the advice are obviously