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Romeo and Juliet

Ludicrous car chases, intense sizzling pink curly hair and a new where Prince songs are sung because hymns, are these claims what Shakespeare wanted when he wrote Romeo and Juliet over 500 years ago? Baz Luhrmann’s film adaption of Shakespeare’s work of genius, is a kaleidoscopic, punk version of the history of ‘star-crossed lovers’ that buries Shakespeare’s work numerous flamboyant scenes. In one failure, Luhrmann features mixed Shakespeare with company wars, luring both to audiences to the production, but disappointing every. Despite the ‘huge success’ this kind of film made in the container office, we can only ask, what was Luhrmann thinking to betray Shakespeare like this?

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The tragedy starts with a TV SET news survey on the fatalities of Romeo and Juliet. The record is titled ‘Star Entered Lovers’. We are then displayed a quick assemblage, introducing the key characters prior to a panoramic shot shows the setting, Verona Beach front, dominated simply by two skyscrapers displaying large lights which usually read Montague and Capulet. We are after that immersed into this ‘future world’ where a standoff arises between the Montague boys plus the Capulet males. We are demonstrated an extreme close-up shot from the guns, every branded a ‘sword’ and labelled while using family reputation. If the remaining portion of the movie trapped to this fast-paced, full-on, mad style, then it would definitely not be William shakespeare, but maybe it would not be considered a disaster, nevertheless , it is not bold enough to abandon the Shakespearean root base, creating great confusion throughout the remainder of the film.

The biggest disparity to Luhrmann’s adaption, is definitely the language of the play, which is kept initial while everything else reflects radical modernisation and excessive changes. In such a distinct context, much of the dialogue can be lost and misinterpreted. Often the poetic lines are screamed and yelled so incomprehensibly, that the stars might as well always be speaking in tongues. Luckily, the accomplished and interesting Claire Danes (Juliet) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo) managed to revive parts of the film, with their vital passion as well as the way they speak their lines with the grace and tune that was intent by simply Shakespeare.

Undoubtedly, destroying Shakespeare’s masterpieces is not only a method debuts in Luhrmann’s film. Via ballets, to songs, to many Oscar successful movies, not every Shakespeare remakes are let-downs. Several motion pictures have taken an identical line of actions as Luhrmann, including the Western Side Tale made in 1961 to twelve Things We Hate About who you are in 1999, none have been such a frustration as this infamous Luhrmann film.

Italian representative, Franco Zeffirelli, in his late 1960s classic strike Romeo and Juliet manages to concentrate on the essence of beauty that was purpose by William shakespeare when publishing this play, during the 16th century. This kind of British-Italian love film, handles to capture the exquisiteness of young like, with 12-15 year-old Olivia Hussey playing Juliet and 17 year-old Leonard Whiting playing Romeo, manage to create the perfect emotional balance among tension, appreciate and excitement, in the way a fantastic film should position the viewers. Furthermore, Zeffirelli plays his component well in sticking with the well known script, hardly ever modernising the film.

With his environment, costumes and music, Luhrmann has not been devoted to William shakespeare, modernising virtually all this creation, but is all pertaining to the bad? The film’s setting actually contains a cunning turn to the first, instead of getting set in Verona, Italy, it is set in Verona Beach a bustling contemporary beachside locale, which was filmed in parts in Mexico. The town has a good resemblance with the modern New mexico, possessing skyscrapers, modern cars and other contemporary infrastructure, all of which has been whelm by the city-wide feud between the houses, Montague and Capulet. The costumes had been drastically transformed from the original Elizabethan outfit to very modernised Hawaii shirts, leather boots and hot green hair. In addition , the music is actually a modern hip-hop style, utilising effects such as the electric guitar plus the choir could be heard performing Prince tracks as church hymns.

One among Luhrmann’s very best decisions, was going to choose the two perfect stars to play the key roles. Inside the final field, Luhrmann explains the top in creating a flower-strewn altar that is certainly lit by simply 2000 candle lights, yet the grand passion that tragedy requires, is provided with ease by DiCaprio and Danes. This kind of, however , is usually one of Luhrmann’s only good decisions, while using rest of the production being a key disappointment. Baz Luhrmann is known for driving the restrictions with his non-traditional methods, in Romeo and Juliet this individual has not only crossed the line, but has vandalised the truly great Bards lifelong legacy.