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To offer the distinction requirements I will be assessing the need for protection and control in thecustodial environment. Reliability and control in the custodial environment is definitely the differentlevels of security methods in place within the custodial environment such as physical, dynamic and procedural and control is definitely the measures delivered to ensure the safety of bothprisoners and personnel. Security and control is required in a custodial care environment as individuals are sent there for a purpose so in the event that they were in order to do to do whatever they need it would not be a consequence. An advantage of experiencing control is usually that the staff will always have power over the criminals, which is vital as it enables them to implement discipline. An additional of having control is that they can keep an account of the offences that prisoners have got Committed just before and during time they have put in within the custodial environment. this will come in valuable if the prisoner has an adjudication it will also are available in useful in the event the prisoner includes a review.

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Having the IEP scheme in the custodial proper care environment is a great thing as it encourages the prisoners to display the appropriate normal of conduct whilst providing time in prison this will generate security and control simpler to manage because the scheme deters criminals from behaving inappropriately. Playing also makes prison your life more enjoyable for the prisoner which decreases the risk of re offending although in prison. Another aspect of security which is an advantage to both staff and prisoners is active Security. Jail officers monitor the prisoners to ensure that they are coping with existence in prison. This lessens the risk of self-harming and committing suicide.

A downside to protection within a custodial environment may be the cost of the security devices utilized such as the CCTV, thumb detection devices to gain access to keys, essential swab controlled gates in to every part of the prison from your reception for the wings to the visiting region. There is also the price tag on repairing or perhaps replacing the wide range of protection devices within the custodial environment. As a result of an increase in security equipment, procedures and control schemes in place within a custodial environment there is a need for more personnel to person security gadgets and impose security procedures and control schemes such as the IEP plan. This is something that increases the financing needed to put the above in position which costs the tax payers greatly.

Due to the need for a high level of control within the custodial environment they have led tosome prison representatives becoming dodgy due to the quantity of power they are offered whilst impacting control. Simply by his I am talking about officers can be involved in against the law activity just like smuggling medicines or different contraband in to the custodial environment or enabling prisoners to bribe those to ignore lawbreaker activity within the custodial center.