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While an indispensable part of BBA system, Department of Management research, Jagannath University, all the students have to experience project record program. Assumptive Knowledge is definitely not enough for a business student. There is a distance between the assumptive knowledge and practical know-how. Under this program the students have to write record based on interview, discussion and study about concerning field and experiences during the course of job. I was given to “customer attitude toward E-banking in Bangladesh” to complete this program.

So , this kind of report have been prepared while an academic requirement beneath the BBA software of the Department of supervision studies, Teachers of Business Studies, Jagannath University, Dhaka. The record will be submitted to job report director Rabeya Rahman of the same department.

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1 . two Objectives

The main goals of the research are to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness from the E-banks in Bangladesh which can be directly related to customer satisfaction. The satisfaction level creates confident or negative attitude toward E-banks. Nevertheless , besides this, the study can be an attempt to fulfill the following goals: The objectives of the analyze are:

5. to examine the current status of E-banking in the country * to assess the effects of E-banking on traditional bank industry of the country * To identify the future aspect and future issues of E-banking for the economic growth of Bangladesh.

* To evaluate customer frame of mind to E-banking

* To assess the existing E-banking scenario in Bangladesh 5. To explore just how customer frame of mind can be positive of E-Banking in Bangladesh context 2. A few recommendations on the plan issues relating to E-banking in Bangladesh.

1 ) 3 Opportunity of the study

Currently the number of E-banks in Bangladesh is elevating every year. This study is all about customer attitude toward E-bank which is the consequence of

present banking services. The range of the research is only pertaining to E-banking experts. The report covers the backdrop, overall banking activities and gratification of the E- banking activities.

1 . four Methodology

The study was conducted on such basis as primary and secondary sources of data that happen to be collected from your customers and bankers from the banks through questionnaire and form design, internet and website of various commercial banks of Bangladesh. 1 . 4. 1 Data Collection Process

Data have been gathered through the customers and bankers. When they (customers) came for service to Financial institution, The statement provided questionnaire to those buyers who were thinking about participating in the survey. Along with I asked customer survey to the bankers. 1 . 5. 2 Data Analysis Method

After collecting the data, it was analyzed simply by Microsoft Phrase & Stand out. Then the results were made. Based upon the conclusions, the present condition was described and suggestion was made. 1 . 4. 2 Data Collection

This report is well prepared on the basis of mixed methodology. The two primary and secondary data have been found in this record. So the survey was based on both the extra and primary data. 1 . some. 3 Sources of Data

The sources of info were of two types-

1 . 4. 4 Primary Sources-

2. customer interview with set of questions

1 . 5. 5 Set of questions

A questionnaire is known as a research tool consisting of a series of questions and other prompts with regards to gathering information from participants. The set of questions was developed by myself and with the by using a Rabeya Rahman. As a application for collecting primary data a set of questions was made to carry on the sample survey. 1 . some. 5 Sampling Plan:

A sampling plan is a detailed outline which data collection will be used

in what occasions, on which material, in what method, and by to whom. 1 . 5. 6 Populace:

Total E-bank Clients in Bangladesh.

1 ) 4. six Sample factor:

The sample element is the specific customer.

1 . 4. 8 Sample frame:

No organised sample body was discovered.

1 . 4. being unfaithful Sample size:

The sample size is 30 consumers.

1 . 4. 10 Data evaluation and revealing:

Quantitative and qualitative data had been collected and analyzed in respect to satisfactory standards of practice. Diverse tables and graphs had been used to associated with data significant. 1 . four. 11 Extra Sources/ Exterior Sources-

2. Web site of various bank’s website.

5. Various journals of various Financial institutions.

5. Various Internship reports of varied Banks.

* Bangladesh Bank Record.

2. Newspaper, publications

1 . five Literature Review

With the considerable technology advancement and telecommunication, we have seen new monetary distribution stations increasing swiftly both in the numbers and form, via ATMs, mobile phone banking, COMPUTER banking to internet financial. (Earring Solid wood and Account, 1996. Sathye (1999) recommended a model intended for Internet Banking in Australia is significantly affected by parameters of system insecurity, circumstance of use knowing of service as well as its benefits, reasonable price, availability of infrastructure and resistance to alter.

The alteration from classic brick-and-mortar financial to E-Banking has been Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and so the price tag banking industry witnessed significant and extensive change. Formally, E-banking includes various formats or technologies, including

telephone (both land line and cell phone bank, direct costs payment (EFT), and COMPUTER or net banking (Power, 2000). Weitzman, (2000), Lassar, Manolits and Lassar, (2005)

The modification from traditional brick-and-mortar bank to E-banking has been automated teller equipment (ATM) gets the retail banking industry witnessed such significant and extensive change. Officially, E-banking comprises varies forms or technologies, including mobile phone (both landline and cell phone banking, immediate bill repayment (EFT), and PC or internet bank (Power, 2000); Weitzman, 2150; Lassar, Ehou and Chou (2000) recognized five simple services associated with online financial: view bank account balances, and transaction chronicles, paying expenses, transferring cash between accounts, requesting credit card advance, and placing your order checks.

Electronic digital Cash and Internet Gambling (2003), offers defined electric banking because “an umbrella term to get the process in which a customer may perform banking transactions digitally without browsing a local institution.

The following terms almost all refer to one particular form or another of electric banking: personal banking, (pc) virtual banking, on line banking, home Banking, remote electronic banking, and phone banking are the most frequently used designations, (Joris, Claessens, Valentine Dem et. ing, 2001)

E-banking is the ocean of the future. It gives you enormous benefits to buyers in terms of case and cost of transactions, through internet, phone or additional electronic delivery channels (Nsouli and Schaechter, 2002)

E-banking development would lead to two classes of surviving banking companies, which are substantial banks and small specific niche market ones (Dewan and Seismanm, 2002).

Gerrard and Cunningham have referred to electronic bank as an umbrella term for the procedure by which a buyer may perform banking ventures

digitally without browsing a physical institution (Gerrard and Cunningham, 2003). Personal banking, electronic banking, on the web banking, house banking, distant banking, and phone bank are much more other type of e-banking. The ‘on range e-banking system’ gives everybody the opportunity simple access to their very own banking actions. E-banking actions include retrieving an account equilibrium, money transfers1 and retrieving an accounting history. In e-banking banking companies provide also services just like stock market deals, submission of standardized accounting payment documents for bank transfer to third parties, and so forth

on line electric banking program give everyone the opportunity simple access to their banking activities. These financial activities might include; retrieving a merchant account balance, funds transfers 3 (Between a user’s accounts, from wearer’s account to someone else’s account) retrieving a great accounting history. Some banks also enable services such as stock market transactions, and the submitting of standardised accounting repayment files to get bank transfer, to third parties, As technology evolves, different types of electronic banking system arise, each delivering a new sizing to the connection between end user and lender. The ATM is the initial well-known program that was introduced to aid the access of the customer to his banking actions, (M. Rahman, 2003), Manolits and Lassar, (2005), Ehou and Noir (2000) identified five basic services connected with online bank: view bank account balances, and transaction histories; paying expenses, transferring cash between accounts; requesting credit card advanced; and ordering checks. Majority of banking institutions is about to introduce ICT for the use of banking service and new Financial service, which will play a huge role in boasting efficiency inside the financial sector (Raihan, 2001). The most frequently factors are ease of use, deal security, convenience and speediness (Wan, Luk and Chow, 2005). Uddin and Islam (2005) discovered that the multifarious projections of ICT in human life plead a wining advantages of institutional integration of ICT related parts in non-urban support programs taken by Governments and NGOs. Chaffey (2006) dealt with technique and applying E-Business and E-Commerce in a logical but robust fashion. He stressed that e-business and web commerce is very important intended for management ramifications as such a bridge to link leading

border research and professional practice is required. Pires and Stanton (2007) left a comment that policy wise authorities must recognize that the ability of countries to engage in e-commerce can be tied the two directly and indirectly to their attractiveness to get FDI. Ahmed and Islam (2008) seen that taking on e-banking providers, banks in developing countries are faced with strategic options between the choice of delivery programs and the amount of sophistication of services furnished by these delivery channels. Shamsuddoha(2008) argued that in Bangladesh, banking industry is fully developed to a great extent than earlier period. It has created superb graphic in their different activities including electronic financial. Now modern banking providers have launched by some multinationals and new regional private commercial banks. Electric banking is one of the most demanded and newest technologies in banking sector. Ahshan(2009) contended that on the net transaction could boost the gross domestic product (GDP) growth and thus help Bangladesh accomplish the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In the era of globalization, the world wide web makes the globe smaller and e-commerce makes it possible for marketing and searching from home. E-commerce facilitates organization with buyers over the internet. In e-commerce, clients can buy services and goods over the Internet.

Rahman(2010) who is the Governor of Bangladesh Financial institution argued that Bangladesh Lender has accomplished a traditional milestone inside the trade and business area departing via conventional bank with the launch of ecommerce recently; a giant stride towards digital Bangladesh.

From the aforesaid literature review, it is obvious that digital banking can as a supporting towards e-business. With the help of elektronische geschäftsabwicklung the country create opportunities since this will help equally producers and customers. Electric banking is the metamorphosis of banking globe. All the modify has been intended for the betterment of customers as well as banks as well. Customer to start with doesn’t take change very easily still innovative change in banking institutions in Bangladesh formed E-bank has already established in customers brain.

1 . six Limitations

Observing and analyzing the wide performances of E-banks and one of its Divisions are not that simple. The following limits are apparent in the report” * Just about every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others. As a result of obvious causes of security and privacy, the bank employees did not give all the record information about all their organization. 5. Since the lender personnel are very busy with their activities, that were there interested to help me yet got some time to do that. 5. I had small opportunity to confirm the fulfillment level of clientele and acquire their recommendations in banking activities. * Lack of practical knowledge


installment payments on your Background in the study

Multinational agencies worldwide have got adopted globalization as their initially strategic choice. Advancement in technology provides facilitated globalization too. There have been a marked improvement specifically in the area of protection, storage, supply and copy of data. The earth has literally shrunk becoming a “global village. Banks possess transformed themselves and are offering services through internet. By computerization to networking to ATMs and now E-Banking, banking institutions have moved up the worth chain. Internet banking refers to the use of net as a remote control delivery funnel for banking services. Thus the number of associates required to execute a transaction and solve problems has been decreased through on the net banking. The most common branches of banks have culminated into PC systems, whereby the customer can attract all the rewards and providers of the financial institution at a single click of the mouse. When the branch offices of traditional bank are connected with each other through terrestrial or dish links. It would a borderless entity permitting anytime, anywhere and in any case banking. Although no significant research has been conducted if IT (e-banking) application basically results in revenue increase and better customer support in Bangladesh. So from this point of perspective I have picked the topic “customer attitude toward e-banking in Bangladesh. From this report I have tried to describe a complete principle on e-banking and how clients perceive about electronic financial in Bangladesh. 2 . one particular Brief Great E-Banking

The concept of Internet financial has been together evolving while using development of the internet. Programmers focusing on banking data bases came across ideas for online banking ventures, sometime during the 1980s.. A large number of banking companies had currently started creating data ware housing features to ease their very own working écuries. The development of these databases was widely used throughout the development of ATM’s.

Sometime in eighties, banking and finance businesses in Europe and United States started effective researches and programming experiments on the idea of ‘home banking’. Initially in the 80’s when computers and Internet were not so well-developed, ‘home banking’ basically utilized fax machines and phones to aid their customers. The widespread of sites and coding facilities created further possibilities for advancement home financial.

In 1983, the Nottingham Building Society, commonly abbreviated and referred to as the NBS, launched the first Internet banking services in United Kingdom.. The facility introduced by Nottingham Building Society has been said to have been derived from something known as Prestel that is used by the postal service division of British isles. The initial online bank service in United States was introduced, in October year 1994. The support was developed by Stanford Federal government Credit Union, which is a loan company. The online bank services are becoming more and more frequent due to the well-developed systems. Nevertheless there are pros and cons of electric cash, it is now a revolution that is certainly enhancing the banking sector. Electronic financial, or E-banking, is the term that describes all transactions that occur among corporations, organizations, and individuals and the banking institutions. 1st conceptualized in the mid-1970s, some banks presented customers digital banking in 1985. Yet , the lack of Internet surfers, and expenses associated with using online banking, slower growth. The world wide web explosion in the late-1990s built people more comfortable with making transactions above the web. In spite of the dot-com crash, e-banking grew alongside the world wide web. (Wikipedia, 2011)

2 . a couple of Ventures in Electronic Financial

To ensure this industry to broaden further, protected transactions together with the trust from the consumers are required. Many banks happen to be advertising safeguarded on-line services, allowing buyers a wide range of actions that they can carry out. Security Initially Network Traditional bank is the first federally accepted on-line traditional bank that is certified by the Workplace of Thrift Supervision, the federal regulatory body for the keeping bank market. With the support of the federal agencies, Protection First Network Bank can give their customers more their confidence, but the assurance of the federal government, which gives buyers a large motivation to try electronic banking. For a genuinely convenient system, banks have to connect to buyers as well as to various other financial institutions. Creating a common hyperlink between multiple banks in order that banks may better plus more safely talk amongst themselves is becoming more of a reality. 20 of North America’s leading banks and IBM will work together to form an integrated network called Integrion Financial Network. The banking companies will be able to offer their customers access to their solutions through the open public Internet and Parallel non-public network gain access to, with secureness and level of privacy. In The european union, the Inter-bank Standards Connection Belgium has built the Belgium’s electronic banking system for connecting Belgium’s 3 main banks with each other to develop uniform standards intended for electronic repayments in Belgium. This system, manufactured by Utimaco uses electronic autographs according to the RSA method to assurance accountability and security resistant to the forging of electronic deal. Internationally, GENDEX Bank Intercontinental is trying for connecting the banking systems of numerous nations, states, independent principalities, and sovereign individuals to kind an international financial system. This kind of integration of electronic bank communities will promote the standardization of this industry. However , the primary concern today is a security concern. (Cracknel, 2004) 2 . a few Why E- Banking?

E-Banking (Electronic banking) brings the actual to extend low cost virtual bank accounts to a large number of currently un-banked individuals globally. Change has been driven simply by falling costs of technology, by competition and by the ability of digital banking strategies to offer buyers an enhanced range of providers at a really low cost. Whichever

technological option is usually chosen the development of an electronic bank solution must look into the customer perspective ” the consumer value idea; the institutional perspective ” the business. (Cracknel, 2004) 2 . 4 What does electronic banking mean?

E-banking can be defined as a facility provided by banking and financial institutions that enable the user to execute lender related ventures through Net. The biggest benefit of Internet banking is that persons can use the services seated at home, to transact organization. Due to which in turn, the bank account holder does not have to in person visit the lender. With the help of Internet banking many transactions could be executed by the account holder. When small transactions like balance query, record of recent transaction, etc . should be processed, the world wide web banking service proves to be very convenient. The concept of Net banking features thus turn into a revolution in neuro-scientific banking and finance. E-banking is a service provided by many banks, and Finance institutions that allows someone to conduct bank transactions on the internet using a pc, mobile mobile phone, or hand held computer (such as a “personal digital assistant). Through digital banking one may be able to: ¢ Access accounts round-the-clock, actually on weekends

¢ Observe balances on the web and find out whether checks or perhaps deposits have got cleared ¢ Transfer money between accounts

¢ Receive pay bills E-banking (without verify writing, envelopes, or stamps) (Chandra ou. al, 2010)

installment payments on your 4. one particular Customer Perspective: The Value Idea

To get electronic banking products to succeed they must consider how their product satisfies the stated needs with their customers. To meet the requires of the poor the value proposition must consider product features, accessibility, value and convenience. 2 . 5. 2 The Institutional Point of view: The Business Circumstance

For the bank the business case for e-banking should be strong. To put it simply there must be money. Profits will be attained by developing an e-banking answer that can host products geared towards

several segments and thereby build sufficient transaction volume to build sufficient charge income to hide costs. To assure transaction quantities a division system should be carefully designed and implemented. Multiple rewarding partnerships will be required to ensure accessible, simple to use products. (Cracknell, 2004) installment payments on your 5 Discussion for e-banking

Sound management of banking products and services, in particular those provided on the internet, is fundamental to preserving a high level of public self confidence not only in the bank and its brand name although also in the banking program as a whole. Crucial components that will assist maintain if you are a00 of open public confidence in an open network environment consist of: 2 . a few. 1 Reliability

Banks need to have a audio system of interior controls against security removes for all forms of electronic gain access to. 2 . five. 2 Authentication

Ventures on the internet or any different telecommunication network must be anchored to achieve if you are an00 of general public confidence. On the web, as in the physical globe, customers, banking companies, and vendors need guarantees that they will get the service because ordered or maybe the merchandise while requested, and they know the identity of the person they are working with. 2 . five. 3 Trust:

Public and key cryptographic systems can be used to secure details and authenticate parties in transactions on the web. A trusted other is a necessary part of the process. That other is the certification authority

installment payments on your 5. 5 Privacy:

For the case of internet bank personal information is very confidential. Therefore the information must be very much private. The banking institutions should make sure the privacy of all these types of information. installment payments on your 5. 5 Availability:

The financial institution should preserve their support at every minute. The customers of sites banking are time conscious and period is much more important to them. And so the service needs to be available at all times. (Khalil ainsi que. al, 2006)

2 . 6th Features of the Electronic financial:

With business techniques becoming increasingly digitized, business versions, and, with them, the danger structure of credit establishments, are changing. The following characteristics of E-banking are for that reason at the center of banking. Desk: Common Features Offered by Electronic Banking Items Accessibility|

ATM. | Withdrawals and debris, account transfers, money exchanges, purchase of airtime and expenses payments| Merchant network | Ability to use solution to buy things at merchants| Visa / Maestro issuing | Credit cards branded Australian visa or Diestro (or MasterCard) enabling the cards to become used over the Visa or MasterCard facilities. | Cash back | A chance to withdraw cash from the card through a vendor network| Person to person transfer| To be able to transfer funds onto the card| 3rd party Deposits| The cabability to deposit cash into the card through third parties e. g. Post Offices| Ease of Use / User Training|

Uniformity of service | Services are offered in a standard manner in spite of point of service| Assistance at assistance | points Assistance can be provided by the merchant or through helped service points| Transparency|

Declaration Printing | A statement exhibiting recent history within the electronic account is published on request| Balance Enquiry | A balance enquiry both prints the account balance or perhaps shows that on a screen| Transaction Invoice | A receipt is printed by the ATM or POS gadget following the completion of the transaction| Security|

FLAG based verification | Verification of the consumer through utilization of a magic formula numerical code called a Personal Identification Quantity. | Biometrics | Using finger print or eye scans to verify the identity in the user| Useful Services|

Funds transfer | Transferring funds typically from a single card holder to

another| Invoice payments | Paying expenses electronically usually for electricity payments| Internet enabled| Internet access to the e-bank account|

Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT)| Electronic money transfer allows electronic payments into an e-banking Account| Source: (cracknel, 2004)

2 . 7 E-Banking Components

E-banking devices can vary considerably in their construction depending on numerous factors. Banks should select their E-banking system construction, including outsourcing techniques relationships, based on four factors; * Strategic objectives for e-banking

5. Scope, scale, and difficulty of equipment, devices, and actions * Technology expertise

* Protection and interior control requirements

Banks may choose to support their E-banking services inside. Alternatively, banks can use outsourcing for any aspect of their e-banking systems to third parties. The following entities could provide or perhaps host (I. e., enable applications to reside on their servers) Q-banking related services pertaining to financial institutions: 5. Another standard bank

* Internet connection provider

2. Internet bank software merchant or cpu

2. Core financial vendor or perhaps processor

* Managed security provider

5. Bill payment provider

* Credit bureau, and

E-banking systems rely on a number of common parts or techniques. The following list includes many of the potential parts and operations seen in a normal institution: * Website design and hosting

* Firewall construction and management

5. Intrusion recognition system or IDS (network and host-based)

2. Network supervision

2. Security supervision

5. Internet financial server

* Inner network web servers

2. Core control system

* Coding support, and

2. Automated decision support devices

These types of components come together to deliver E-banking services. Each component symbolizes a control point to consider. Through a mixture of internal and outsourced alternatives, management has its own alternatives once determining the overall system construction for the various components of a great e-banking system. (Chandra et. al, 2010)

2 . 8 Diverse form of E-banking

The terms ‘PC banking’, ‘online banking’, ‘Internet banking’, ‘Telephone banking’ or’ mobile banking’ refer to a number of ways in which clients can get their financial institutions without having to become physically present at the traditional bank branch. E-banking may be recognized as term that includes all these methods of banking organization electronically.

2 . 8. 1 PC Bank

The increasing knowing of the importance of literacy of computer offers resulted in raising use of personal computers through the entire world. The term ‘PC banking’ is used for banking business transacted from a customer’s PC. Using the COMPUTER banking right now customers are able to use their computers at home or perhaps at their particular office to get into their makes up transactions by subscribing to and dialing in the banks’ Intranet proprietary computer software using security password. Basically, PC banking could possibly be categorized in two types-

* Internet banking

* On-line banking

2 . 8. two Internet Banking

Internet banking could free both equally bankers and customers in the need for

proprietary Application to carry on with their online financial transactions. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly. At this point the monetary service is definitely characterized by individuality, independence of time and place and adaptability. These details represent big Challenges pertaining to the financial service providers. So the Internet is now considered to be a ‘Strategic weapon’ for them to satisfy the ever-changing consumers’ demand and Innovative business needs. Adequate legal framework and maximum security are the two essential elements for Internet banking. The comprehensive security system includes tiers of reliability from the network to the web browser, including complex encryption that protects customers’ from invasion when they get the bank within the public network.

2 . 8. 3 On the web banking:

At present, up to 29 scheduled banks offer virtually any branch bank facilities through their individual bank online network that gives facilities just like transaction through any part under the particular bank on the net network; payment against pay out order or perhaps pay buy encashment, demand draft encashment, opening or perhaps redemption of FDR via any branch of the same lender; remote account transfer, money withdrawal, funds deposit, accounts statement, removing and stability enquiry inside branches of the identical bank; and L/C starting, loan repayment facility to and from any subset of respective bank under its online network.

2 . almost eight. 4 Mobile phone Banking

Actually mobile banking is a variation of Net banking. Portable banking is an excellent example of how a lines between various kinds of e-banking have grown to be gradually Blurred. Due to the new transmission solutions such as WAP (Wireless Software Protocol), lightweight terminal just like mobile phones, personal digital associate (PDA) or small hand held PCs happen to be providing lender customers with access to the Internet and so paving the best way to Internet bank. It assures immense versatility and makes the financial services independent of time make. However , the usage of mobile financial is still in a nascent condition. The slow transmission velocity of the WAP standard as well as the limited amount of information available are just a pair of the factors inhibiting the application of those ports. 2 . almost eight. 5 E-Money

E-money contains electronic charge and credit system, key card. The smart cards has been identified many ways, nevertheless is generally thought as “portable info storage device with intelligence (chip memory) and provision for identity and security.  In their most basic forms, these types of cards are small microcomputers”lacking only exterior power supply, displays, and input keys.

2 . eight. 6 Card-Debit/ ATM card and mastercard.

Charge Card Order or Repayment Transactions allow you to make purchases or payments using a debit credit card, which can also be your CREDIT card. This may occur by a store or perhaps business, online, or by simply phone. The process is similar to utilizing a credit card, which includes important exclusions. While the process is easy and fast, a debit card buy or payment transfer’s funds ” fairly quickly ” from the bank account towards the company’s bank account. 2 . 8. 7 Tele-banking

Tele-banking service is offered by phone. To reach an account it is required to dial a Particular telephone number and there are several options of providers. Options included * Bank account balance

5. Funds transfer between current, savings and credit card accounts * Expenses payments

* Stock market transaction

* Obtain statement by means of fax

* Bank loan payment data

2 . almost eight. 8 Other designs

1 . Any part banking/ everywhere banking.

2 . TEXT MESSAGE banking.

3. Electronic fund copy system.

4. Online banking. (Baten, 2010)

2 . 9 Electronic Banking Technology

There are a variety of alternatives facing establishments thinking about buying electronic banking for the mass industry, these include: 5. Personal

Digital Co-workers to handle loan expert operations 2. ATM machines & DETRÁS

* Magnet Stripe Cards ¦ also known as “magstripe 5. Smart Greeting cards

2. Cell-phone bank frequently charge card and smart card choices are included with Automatic Teller Equipment (ATMs) (cracknell, 2004) 2 . 10 Application used

All the contemporary banks uses two common software manufactured by Bangladesh financial institution named NIKASH for examine clearing functions and LAPTOP OR COMPUTER bank for maintaining the ledger of clients. Besides Dhaka Traditional bank ltd. and Eastern bank ltd. uses FLEXCUBE, Cargo bank limited. and Shared Trust Lender ltd. uses FLORA Bank, the City lender ltd. and Arab Bangladesh Bank limited. uses FINACLE.

2 . eleven Impact of E-banking

It has been noticed that clients who take up E-banking are generally more rewarding to the financial institution, stay with the lender longer and use even more products strengthening the bank consumer relationship. Technology and Internet banking provides bridged the information gap, which has been interestingly because of human participation. Banks will make the information of products and companies available on their site, which is, an advantageous proposition. Prospective buyer can collect all the information through the website and therefore if he comes to the branch with queries it will be very particular and will have less time of employee. Consumer can visit these web sites and can review the services proposed by a financial institution with that of another. Customer can get all the information, by saving cash and period. The trend thus emerging away is that of electronic corporate program where the individual role is minimized to maximum result. The overall banking size and structure has increased considerably. It is also attributed to the present market features. Earlier nationalized bank centered the scenario. Now following deregulation personal banks include emerged like a powerful power. As a result, there exists a fierce competition among these types of players for capturing the savings of people and current accounts of organizations. This has been organized by the liberalization in the insurance industry. Insurance market is offering fierce competition through their very own offerings in various policies. This unexpected surge features necessitated the usage of technology in

offering better services competitively. Almost all of the banks have coupled THIS with their offering to add worth. Several banking institutions have been setting themselves as being a one-stop shop financial company with a quite exhaustive product selection, including deposit products, financial loans, credit cards, debit cards, depository (custody services), investment advice, costs payments and various transactional services. These types of apart, banks have also been stepping into the business of selling thirdparty products just like mutual money and insurance to the retail customers. To provide their customers higher flexibility and convenience as well as to reduce providing costs, banking institutions have been trading to automate their twigs and in new delivery channels such as ATMs, phone financial, internet financial and mobile phone banking. ((Baten, 2010)


several. Introduction

E-Banking is a short to get Electronic Banking where the entire transaction taken place electronically through Internet/computers. All the bank is definitely related with this method. This method is much less difficult, earlier than typical Banking. Invoice payment, Funds Transfer, Investments, Shopping everything is possible simply by e-Banking.

You will discover currently 53 Banks coming together in Bangladesh. The competition will go up day by day, especially between your personal commercial banks. They are trying to experience themselves since the better one to buyers by prove new bank services, installation the existing services and so on. E-Banking is known to Bangladesh since 1990. Electronic Bank has got extraordinary importance in banking sector and banking customers as well. (Bangladesh Bank)

3. one particular Banking program in Bangladesh

The commercial banking system rules Bangladesh’s monetary sector. Bangladesh Bank is the Central Traditional bank of Bangladesh and the chief regulatory authority in the sector. The bank system is composed of four state-owned commercial banks, five specific development banking companies, thirty

private industrial Banks and nine overseas commercial banking institutions. The Nobel-prize winning Grameen Bank is known as a specialized micro-finance institution, which will revolutionized the idea of micro-credit and contributed considerably towards poverty reduction plus the empowerment of ladies in Bangladesh. 3. 1 ) 1 Central Bank

Pursuant to Bangladesh Bank Buy, 1972 the us government of Bangladesh reorganized the Dhaka subset of the State Bank of Pakistan as the central bank of the nation, and known as it Bangladesh Bank with retrospective result from 16 December 1971. 3. 1 . 2 Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has been working since the central bank because the country’s freedom. Its primary jobs include issuing of currency, keeping foreign exchange arrange and offering transaction services of all general public monetary concerns. Bangladesh Traditional bank is also in charge of planning the government’s monetary policy and implementing it thereby.

several. 1 . 3 State-owned Commercial Banks

The banking system of Bangladesh is centered by the four Nationalized Business Banks By which 3 is totally controlled by simply government and 1 (Rupali Bank) bank is manipulated by both equally government and sector Which usually together controlled more than 54% of deposits and managed 3388 limbs (54% in the total) by December 23, 2004. The nationalized industrial banks are: * Nationalized Commercial Financial institution of Bangladesh:

* Sonali Bank

* Agrani Bank

* Rupali Bank

* Janata Bank

3. 1 . 4 Exclusive Commercial Banks

Exclusive Banks are the highest growth sector because of the dismal activities of government banks (above). They have a tendency to offer better service and products. There have been no home private commercial banks in Bangladesh until 1982; If the Arab-Bangladesh Financial institution Ltd. commenced private commercial banking in the country. Five even more commercial financial institutions came up in 1983 and initiated a

moderate growth in banking finance institutions Now thirty-one private industrial banks will be operating in Bangladesh. Here is the list ” 2. United Industrial Bank Limited

* Mutual Trust Financial institution Limited

* BRAC Bank Limited

2. Eastern Financial institution Limited

* Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

* Dhaka Bank Limited

2. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

* Uttara Traditional bank Limited

* Pubali Bank Limited

2. IFIC Financial institution Limited

* National Bank Limited

2. The City Bank Limited

* NCC Bank Limited

5. Mercantile Financial institution Limited

* Primary Bank Limited

2. Southeast Lender Limited

* Al-Arafah Islami Financial institution Limited

* Sociable Islami Bank Limited

* Standard Bank Limited

* A single Bank Limited

5. Exim Lender Limited

* Bangladesh Commerce Financial institution Limited

* 1st Security Islami Bank Limited

* The Premier Bank Limited

* Bank Asia Limited

* Trust Bank Limited

5. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited

2. Jamuna Traditional bank Limited

* ICB Islamic Lender

2. AB Traditional bank

5. Jubilee Financial institution Limited

* Foreign Commercial Banking companies

* 10 International Commercial Banks are within Bangladesh. These are generally ” * Citibank


2. Standard Chartered Bank

* Commercial Bank of Ceylon

* State Bank of India

* Habib Bank Limited

2. Union Traditional bank Limited

* Modhumoti Bank Limited

5. The Maqui berry farmers Bank Limited

* Meghna Financial institution Limited

* Midland Bank Limited

5. South Bangla Agriculture and

2. Commerce Bank Limited.

* National Bank of Pakistan

* Woori Bank

* Financial institution Alfalah

* ICICI Bank

3. 1 . 5 Specialised Development Financial institutions

Out of the specialized banking institutions, two (Bangladesh Krishi Bank and Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank- simply for the development of the agriculture with the north bengal of Bangladesh) were developed to meet the credit needs from the agricultural sector while the additional two ( Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) & Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangtha (BSRS) are for extending term loans to the industrial sector.[1] The Particular banks happen to be: * Karmasangsthan Bank

* Bangladesh Krishi Bank

* Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank

* Progoti Co-operative Landmortgage Bank Limited (Progoti BanK) * Grameen Bank

* Bangladesh Development Traditional bank Ltd

* Bangladesh Somobay Financial institution Limited(Cooperative Bank)

2. Ansar VDP Unnyan Financial institution

5. BASIC Bank Limited (Bangladesh Small Companies and Trade Bank Limited)


3. a couple of Different Forms of Electronic-banking readily available

At present, several private industrial banks (PCBs) and international commercial banking companies (FCBs) in Bangladesh give limited services of tele banking, net banking, and online bank facilities operating within the branches of specific bank within a closed network environment. The FCBs possess played the pioneering position with usage of modern technology in price tag banking through the early 1990s whereas the state-owned business banks (SCBs) and PCBs came forward with this sort of services in a limited scale during the later 1990s.

three or more. 2 . 1 PC bank: PC financial refers to make use of personal computer in banking actions while under PC residence banking customers use their very own personal computers at your home or places outside financial institution branches to gain access to accounts for deals by subscribing to and phone dialing into the banks’ Internet proprietary software system employing password. Basically, PC banking may be classified into two sorts such as on-line banking and Internet financial.

3. installment payments on your 2 Internet banking:. Only 7 out of 48 banks happen to be providing a few banking solutions via internet that include balance enquiry, account transfer amongst accounts of the same customer, starting or modifying term first deposit account, cheque book or perhaps pay order request, exchange rate or perhaps interest rate query, question, inquiry, interrogation, bills repayment, account summary, account details, account activity, standing guidelines, loan repayment, loan data, statement obtain, cheque position enquiry, end payment check, refill prepaid card, password modify, L/C application, bank assure application, shed card (debit/credit) reporting, pay credit card dues, view visa or mastercard statement, or perhaps check stability.

3. 2 . 3 Mobile phone banking: The normal package of activities that mobile financial covers will be: mini-statements and checking of account record; alerts in account activity or completing of set thresholds; monitoring of term deposits; use of loan assertions; access to greeting card statements; position on cheque, stop payment on talón; ordering examine books; harmony checking inside the account;

recent deals; due date of payment; PIN provision, alter of PIN NUMBER and reminder over the internet; stopping of (lost/stolen) cards; home and intercontinental fund exchanges; micro-payment managing; mobile re-charging; commercial payment processing; invoice payment digesting; peer to peer payments; drawback at bank agent; and deposit at banking agent. Despite large prospects, just one or two banks implemented mobile bank in Bangladesh during the last yr. (Baten ou. al, 2010)

3. 2 . 4 Mechanical Teller Machine (ATM)

An ATM is simply a info terminal with two input and four end result devices. Similar to other day terminal, the ATM needs to connect to, and communicate through a host processor. Now just DBBL (Dutch Bangla Financial institution Limited) has more than 100 of ATMs in Bangladesh.

3. installment payments on your 5 Tele Banking:

Tele Banking is type of remote banking which is basically the deliverance of part financial services by means of telecommunication devices, where the lender customer can perform retail connections by phone dialing a touch 1 telephone or perhaps mobile announcement unit.

a few. 2 . 6th Online Banking:

Banking companies are considering on-line backings as a powerful “value added tool to attract and retain new clients. Online Financial (Internet Banking) is a expression used to perform transactions, payments etc . over the internet by using a bank’s safeguarded website. The internationally using VISA or perhaps MasterCard on the web from Bangladesh is very limited, which is an obstacle in the form of the online personnel, who has to perform online deals recurrently. Since Pay Mate, a trusted third party online Ventures Company is still not available in Bangladesh, the banks will need to come in advance and do something to solve this challenge. It will increase the principle of creating Digital Bangladesh. (Bangladesh Bank)

3. a few Electronic Banking institutions in Bangladesh

three or more. 3. one particular Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) was your first lender in Bangladesh to expose ATM and e-banking in 2003, and additional additions and features are continuously getting added and upgraded. DBBL has implemented the same precise Automation solution used by intercontinental banking giants (DBBL Twelve-monthly Report, 2010). A DBBL client features unlimited access to banking coming from any DBBL branch, CREDIT and Level of Sale (POS). ATM access to every DBBL clientele is infinite and totally free. All of these providers are cost-effective for everyone. With 800 ATMs nationwide DBBL has the greatest ATM network in Bangladesh which gives its clients complete access to ‘anytime anywhere ‘banking. All international and many community banks make use of the ATM network of DBBL for their consumers. However , if the client of your member traditional bank uses a DBBL ATM, the member traditional bank may include a transaction fee to it is client. DBBL has an off-site Data Recovery Site (DRS) which ensures that buyer records secure, backed-up, and up to date in the instance of a major catastrophe at the Electronic-Banking Division head office. Since 2004, DBBL has introduced cellular and TEXT MESSAGE banking. With a mobile phone, clients can perform various banking operations. DBBL is known as a primary permit holder intended for both AUSTRALIAN VISA and MasterCard. It is official to concern and acknowledge payments by both agencies. DBBL gives also Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards. It can also Net and SMS Banking and provides other providers. DBBL has established drawing set up network with banks found in the important countries of the world particularly in the Combined Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, State of Bahrain, Italy, Canada and United States of America. Bangladeshi Wage Earners can mail their money with confidence, safety and speed for their respective beneficiaries in Bangladesh in shortest possible time. DBBL has set up a representation arrangement with American Union Financial Services Inc, USA, which is a dependable international cash transfer business. Using the services of DBBL, Bangladeshi Wage Earners can easily send and receive money quickly from more than 225, 500 Western Union Agent located in 197 countries and areas worldwide simply by visiting any branches of Dutch-Bangla Financial institution Limited in Bangladesh. DBBL offers banking facilities through a wide range of mobile phones. Customer applying HTML internet browser has internet access banking facilities of DBBL.

3. several. 2 HSBC

Business Banking Account allows a person to receive credit of all the money or check deposits along with back to the inside remittance and make all local repayments and provide access tothe wide range of services for the business requirements. A person may first deposit uptoBDT50, 500 cash per transaction and any BDT amount in cheque 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the ATM Devices, conveniently located Sales and Service Centers. Easy Pay Machines are also available for first deposit of BDT 50, 000 cash per transaction and any BDT amount in cheque to the Business Banking accounts. With Easy Pay Devices both HSBC and Non-HSBC customers can make deposits and pay their utility bills, credit card payments and etc.

several. 3. 3 Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank supplies the client a thorough range of Funds Management solutions. Whether it is a company00, a multi-national corporation or possibly a domestic organization, Electronic Bank application gets the capability to support full range of Cash Management reporting and purchase initiation needs. It provides the secure, reliable and powerful link involving the client and client’s accounts anywhere over the Standard Chartered network. Electric Banking supplies various types of support through a wide range of operating systems, sweeping transaction accessories while using provision of reporting features or additional special features. There are 10 offices and 50 personnel under this kind of division, which in turn operates in 21 countries.

a few. 3. four Premier Traditional bank

Leading Bank provides Wide Location Network employing Radio, Fibre-Optics & additional communication devices to provide department banking to its buyers (Premier Bank Annual Statement, 2009). Customer of one branch is now capable of deposit and withdraw money at any with the branches. Most Branches will be included in the Vast Area Network. So , not any TT/DD or cash having is necessary. Most recognized Bank continues to be giving SMS Banking Services since 06\. The customers of Premier Traditional bank can include information about financial transactions and inquiries through SMS Bank. They can verify their stability, stop a cheque payment, or get statements. The

TEXT Banking offers the customers with real time username and passwords by using cell phones and training capabilities from your mobile phones at ‘anywhere, whenever, anyhow’. The service exists round the clock 7 days a week. Most recognized Bank TEXT MESSAGE banking services is totally free for customers.

several. 3. five Prime Financial institution Limited

Prime Lender Limited supplies Internet Banking with a safeguarded connection in the client’s usage of the accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any Internet connection (Prime Bank Annual Report, 2010). It provides a chance to verify consideration balances, copy funds, and pay loans, whenever when the customers log on to their very own on-line consideration. The customers may monitor consideration activity, obtain real-time balance, and transfer funds for convenience. Perfect bank’s Net Banking requires no exceptional software; it can be available through its website. Account access isn’t restricted to a specific COMPUTER with special software mounted and data stored. Anywhere the customers gain access to the Internet, gain access to their Perfect bank accounts. Excellent bank’s Net Banking enables the customers down load their most recent on-line username and passwords. Prime bank’s Internet Financial gives option of invoice paying for the customers through Prime bank’s Bill Payer program.

a few. 3. 6th Islami Traditional bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)

Islami Traditional bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) provides different companies of e-banking to their customers (Islami Bank Twelve-monthly Report, 2010). It has presented ATM, SMS banking and Internet bank. For TEXT banking sign up is required. Under SMS banking of IBBL customers get different companies. SMS and i-Banking features, however , are applicable only for on-line branches. The contract could be terminated by either aspect giving 30 days’ prior notice. The Internet Based Banking of IBBL is called i-Banking which has been presented since 2009.

3. a few. 7 Arab Bangladesh Lender Ltd.

The initial private lender of Bangladesh with a long standing experience in domestic and international banking. Its 153 branches out of all major

commercial centers of the country and 152 correspondents around the world provide experienced banking solutions to their customers. –

3. 3. 8 IFIC Bank

IFIC Lender issues VISA Credit Cards for both neighborhood and international use (IFIC Bank Gross annual Report, 2010). The Local Cards can be used any kind of time ATM presenting VISA Emblem for disengagement of cash as well as for purchase of goods & providers at any DETRÁS displaying VISA Logo within Bangladesh. The International Credit cards, on the other hand, can be utilized at any ATM and DETRÁS displaying VISA logo around the globe.

3. three or more. 9 Foreign credit card of IFIC

International credit-based card of IFIC Bank is a dual forex card and could be used at home & in foreign countries. IFIC credit rating cardholders can also enjoy 20 to 50days interest free period depending on the time of deal and the time of statement generation. IFIC Bank Limited provides also opportunity for TEXT Banking Greeting card Services to its customers. Under Cards Services the clients of IFIC can have Drive /Pull Solutions. All Bank account & Card Holder of IFIC Lender are eligible to apply for SMS Banking and Greeting card Services. (Baten et. approach 2010)

3. 4 The electronic banking and its services and software at a glance Stand: The electric banking as well as its services and software in a flash Bank’s Name| Software use| Vendor’s name| Service|

Primary Bank Limited. | T24| Temenos Switzerland| Core Banking| | TIB(Temenos Internet Banking)| Temenos Holdings Corporation, Switzerland | Net Banking| | Cardpro| Sungard System, Malayasia| Various Cards|

| IST 7. five | HMA STARware, India Origin-Canada| ATM own (VISA/MASTER)| | SWIFT| Belgium| SWIFT|

| Hypercom| Aamra(USA)| POS Terminal|

ABDOMINAL Bank Limited| Equation| Misys International Financial System Ltd. UK| Primary Banking| | Mobile Banking Management| SSL Wireless Limited| SMS Banking| | OmniEnterprise | InfrasoftTech Limited| Net Banking|

| Messaging, SWIFT| | SWIFT|

1 Bank Limited. | Mini Banker VPro/5 | Data-edge| Core Banking| | Harmony query simply by Cell Phone | Business Motorisation | SMS Banking| | Web Declaration | In-house | Internet Banking|

| TietoEnator Card Collection | Dataedge| ATM very own (VISA/MASTER)| | SWIFT| | SWIFT|

Bank’s Name| Software use| Vendor’s name| Service|

Bank Asia Limited| STELAR ERA | InfoTech Limited| Core Banking| | Tele Banking | ERA InfoTech BD| Cellphone Banking|

| SMS Banking | ERA InfoTech BD | SMS Banking|

| MyBank | ERA InfoTech BD | Internet Banking|

| BA’s proprietary Debit Credit card | ERA InfoTech BD| Various Cards| | STELAR ERA | InfoTech BD| ATM Distributed (VISA/MASTER|


| Feature readily available onInternet & SMS Bank | | EFT| | SWIFT Connections | | SWIFT |

| ERA- KIOSK-Banking | AGE InfoTech | Banking KIOS|

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. | Flexcube (IBM AIX, Oracle) | Oracle Financial Services Computer software Ltd., India (Local Consultant: Dataedge Limited| Core Banking| | BARULLO System | LEADS| Phone Banking|

| Flexcube| Oracle Financial Services Software program Ltd., India| SMS Banking| | Flexcube| | Net Banking|

| Card Suite(AIX, Oracle)| Tleto Enator, Latvia| Several Cards| | IST(AIX, Oracle)| FIS, USA| ATM own (VISA/MASTER)|


| Ingenico | ATCL(France)| DETRAS Terminal|

| Personalized S/W| International Accumen, BD| Banking KIOSK| Bank’s Name| Software use| Vendor’s name| Service|

Dhaka Financial institution Ltd. | Flexcube (IBM AIX, Oracle) | Oracle Financial Services Software program Ltd., India (LocalRepresentative: Info edge limited)| Core Banking| | Flexcube | Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd., India| SMS Banking| | Flexcube| | Net Banking|

| CARDPRO| BEPS| Various Cards|

| ITM, EuronetSwitzerland| local-CASH LINKBangladesh| ATM Distributed (VISA/MASTER)| | Eldorado| Interblocks (Sri Lanka)| EFT|

| SWIFT| Syscom Info Systems Limited | SWIFT|

East Bank Ltd. | Flexcube (IBM AIX, Oracle)| Oracle Financial Services Software program Ltd., India (Local Representative: Dataedge limited)| Core Banking| | Flexcube| | Net Banking|

| Trans Master for Prepaid Credit rating and Debit Card| Tietonator| Various Cards| | Wincor Nixdorf Protopas| ITCL| ATM own (VISA/MASTER)| | SWIFT| | SWIFT|

| International Insight Ltd. | | Financial KIOSK|

Standard Bank Limited. | STELAR ERA | InfoTech Limited| Core Banking| | GET Card Management| International Acumen| Various Cards| | Phoenix az Soft | International Acumen| ATM very own (VISA/MASTER)| | SWIFT| Belgium| SWIFT|

Bank’s Name| Software use| Vendor’s name| Service|

Janata Bank Limited. | Temonas | DataSoft Limited| Core Banking| | Win+SQL Machine | Computer system Limited | Internet Banking| | Dabit Card + Credit Card | ITCL, BD| Various Cards|

| Ease Limited | BD and Computer’s desktop Limited, BD| EFT|

| QUICK Alliance| | SWIFT|

| Bacteria Bank | Flora| |

| Bank Beximco| Bexi Computers| Offline Branch Computerization| Standard Chartered Bank| eBBS | In-house| Main Banking| | IVR | Suprico| Phone Banking|

| Portable Banking | In-house | SMS Banking|

| iBanking | In-house| Internet Banking|

| eCAPS | Under one building | Numerous Cards|


BRAC Bank Limited. | Finacle| Infosys Solution| Core Banking| | Access| Phoenix Soft Switch, Intercontinental Acumen| Cellphone Banking| | Web Assistance, Windows Assistance | In-house| SMS Banking| | Phoenix, arizona Soft Gain access to | Foreign Acumen| Internet Banking| | Cardpro | Sungard System, Malayasia| Several Cards|

| Cardpro | Sun Gard| ATM Shared (VISA/MASTER)|

| Phoenix az Soft | International Acumen| ATM personal (VISA/MASTER)| | Through Cellular Banking- Portable Banking | BRAC Bank| EFT| | SWIFT| | SWIFT|

| TNMS STIS| Aamra Technologies International| |

Jamuna Bank Ltd. | Flora Bank | Bacteria Systems Limited. | |

| Telebanking | Flora Program ltd| Core Banking|

| Win+SQL | Server Desktop Limited| Phone Banking|

| Q-cash | ITCL| Internet Banking|

| AUSTRALIAN VISA | ITCL| Various Cards|



National Bank Limited. | A2Z Multiuser Bank System | A2Z Pc Service, BD| POS Terminal| | Cardpro | Sungard System, | Core Banking|

| Tranzware, Compass Plus | IT Consultants Ltd, Russia| Various Cards| | QUICK Alliance | Belgium| CREDIT Shared |

| A2Z Multiuser Banking S/W | A2Z Computer Support | SWIFT| Southeast Lender Ltd. | Bank Ultimus | Leads Corporation Ltd| Offline Department Computerization| | SMS Bank | Publish Systems| Primary Banking|

| iBank | Ultimus LEADS| SMS Banking|

| Switching Software program | Cynergon Intelisys | Internet Banking| | Switching Software | Cynergon Intelisys Ltd| ATM own (VISA/MASTER)| Shahjajal Islami Bank Ltd. | Tagged with | Banking LEADS| POS Terminal| | AUSTRALIAN VISA Debit Cards, VISA Prepaid credit card (International), VISAGift Card | | TEXT MESSAGE Banking| | VISA, Q-Cash, OMNIBUS & DBBL change & CREDIT Network| | Various Cards| | ITCL | | ATM Distributed |

| SWIFT Cha?non Access 6th. 0 | Cambridge Throughout the world, India| CREDIT own (VISA/MASTER)| | PCBANK2000 | Leads Corporation | SWIFT|

The City Traditional bank Ltd. | ABABIL | Millinum Details System Limited (MISL)BD| Offline Branch Computerization| | O/S WAP | M/S S i9000. S. L| Core Banking|

| Finacle /Connect24| | TEXT MESSAGE Banking|

| Tranzware, Compass As well as | THIS Consultants Limited, Russia| Numerous Cards|

| Tranzware Compass As well as, | THAT Consultants Limited, Russia| ATM Shared (VISA/MASTER)| | SWIFT| Belgium| CREDIT own (VISA/MASTER)|

| Tranzware Online Moving over | THIS Consultant, BD, Russia| SWIFT| | | | DETRÁS Terminal|

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. | Bacteria Bank | Flora Devices Ltd. | | | Flora Traditional bank Phone Banking | Flora| Core Banking|

| Flora Lender SMS Bank | Flora| Phone Banking|

| Flora Internet Banking | Flora | SMS Bank |

| CTL Prime & CTL On the web TSYS | International, USA| Internet Banking| | IST AUCH switch of DBBL| | Various Cards|

| Under method -CTL Prime & CTL Online, | ATM Control mechanism TSYS Foreign, USA| CREDIT Shared (VISA/MASTER)| | QUICK Alliance| | ATM very own (VISA/MASTER)|

| Underneath process -CTL Prime & CTL On the web | | SWIFT | | | | DETRAS Terminal|

| | | |

Supply: (Ali, 2010)

3. your five Services offered by electronic banking companies in Bangladesh

Internet banking permits customer to reach his/her personal or organization accounts anytime anywhere from residence, office or perhaps when traveling. Net Banking gives customer the liberty to choose his/her own financial hours. Account Summary: this individual Customer will be able to view the set of Current, Keeping, Term Pay in and Loan accounts while using current harmony. Account Information: he Consumer can choose a particular account to see the bank account details which include unclear finance, limit, interest accrued and so forth Account Activity: The customer is able to see or produce his purchase activity in a given take into account a particular period. Transfer Cash: The customer can easily transfer money from one of his accounts to another of his accounts within the financial institution. Third Party Copy: The customer can easily transfer money from one of his accounts to another client’s account in the bank. Settle payments: The customer can pay his power bill (such Electricity, WASA, GAS, Cell phone, Mobile, ISP etc . ) Standing Guidance: The customer can easily setup, modify or

delete ranking instructions intended for transferring pay for from one of his accounts to another bank account (his account or 3 rd party). Open/Modify Term First deposit: The customer can open a term put in by shifting funds from one of his current or savings accounts with the financial institution. He can likewise modify the TD and redeem as well as part-redeem this. Loan Repayments: The customer can make payment with the loan payment from his CASA bank account. Statement Obtain: The customer can produce a request for accounts statement for any required period. The bank is going to manually service this demand. Cheque Publication Request: The consumer can make a request for a Check book. Talón Status Query: The customer can choose an account and enter the Talón number for which the position should be seen. Stop Payment Cheque: The consumer can indicate his Cheque leaf since stop repayment. Interest Rate Inquiry: The customer can query on the interest rates about CASA & Term Pay in Products. Foreign currency Rate Inquiry: The customer may query on the Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates making use of this function. Re-fill Pre-Paid Card: The customer can find a refill number for his pre-paid mobile phone or ISP hyperlink. Shopping: With a range of every kind of products, we can shop online and the repayment is also made conveniently through our bank account. We can also buy railway and surroundings tickets through Internet banking. (Chandra et. al, 2010)

3. six Position of Electronic-banking in Bangladesh

Currently in Bangladesh, there are 4 state owned Banking companies have 34% branches, 5 specialized banks have 1311 branches, 30 local non-public marketable banking companies have branches all transversely the country. Stand: Position of E-Banking in Bangladesh (As on The fall of 20, 2011)

Source: Bangladesh Bank 3. 8 Financial aspect of E-banking in Bangladesh

three or more. 8. 1 Advantages of E-banking in Bangladesh:

There is a substantial range of educated out of work youth pushes, with ability to read and write English exist near your vicinity. They can be qualified within a required skill in a short time. * Short term Benefits:

Decrease extra time; Increase productivity and efficiency; Remove duplication and wastage; Cut down maintenance, and shortage price; Curtail

security price.

* Long lasting benefits:

Create new opportunities of jobs for jobless; Take part in the country’s economic wellness; proper organizing and monitoring; Proper make use of resources.

* Job creation:

In accordance to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the quantity of unemployed persons in Bangladesh in 1990-01 was 1 ) 0 million. Among them 0. 2 , 000, 000 are male and zero. 8 , 000, 000 female, at the rate of unemployment can be 1 . 1 which is prolonged 1 . on the lookout for. The issue of pcs eliminating jobs of people is pretty emotional and painfully actual. But it features two sides that automation will get rid of certain types of job like record keeper and also create careers like manager, system analyst, programmer, owner etc . and help to reduce unemployment problem.

5. Contribution to GDP:

Banks having a national economic climate, work towards building national capital, increasing countrywide savings and mobilizing purchases of trade and industry.

* Benefits from the banks’ point of view:

Through the banks’ look at point, the first benefits for the banks supplying e-banking services is better logos and better responsiveness towards the market. The other benefits are feasible to measure in budgetary terms. The main goal of every company is usually to maximize earnings for its owners and banking institutions are not virtually any exception. Automated e-banking services offer a perfect opportunity for maximizing profits.

5. Benefits from the customers’ viewpoint:

The primary benefit from the financial institution customers’ point of view is significant saving of your energy by the motorisation of bank services finalizing and intro of an easy maintenance tools for managing user’s money.

three or more. 8. 2 The main economic benefits of e-banking

Elevated comfort and timesaving-transactions can be manufactured 24 hours a day

without requiring the physical connection with the traditional bank. * Quick and continuous access to info

Companies will have simpler access to details as, they will check on multiple accounts at the click of a button. Better cash management. E-banking services speed up funds cycle and increases effectiveness of business processes as large variety of money management musical instruments is available online sites of banks. 2. Economical benefits

E-banking serves so many rewards not only to your bank itself, yet also towards the society all together. E-banking makes finance monetarily possible: * Lower detailed costs of banks

* Automated process

* Quicker credit decisions

* Lowered minimum loan size to be successful.

* Probably lower margins

* Cheaper of admittance

5. Expanded auto financing reach elevated transparency.

2. Expand reach through self-service

* Reduce transaction expense

* Make several corporate providers economically feasible for society * Make whenever access to accounts (Hasan, ou. al 2004)

3. 9 Limitation of E- banking in Bangladesh

* Huge Number of branches all over the Bangladesh even outside the country and then for the purpose of automation huge purchase is necessary. * Most of the limbs are in the rural areas where there are fragile modern digital communication facilities. * Most of the users or clients with the banks are poor and uneducated village people having no understanding of electronic financial and cannot afford it on the current price level. 2. Most of the representatives of these banks in the time-honored stage particularly the state owned or operated ones will be aggie and cannot understand and are reluctant to accept contemporary

electric banking. To choose around these banks initially the obsolete mentality of such officials with the classical financial institutions. * Illiteracy is a great injury in consideration of E-Banking activities execution. three or more. 10 Limitation of E-banking in Bangladesh

1 . Availability and growth of telecommunication course instructors. 2 . ICT operation in electric financial sectors.

3. Lifestyle of applying electric bank.

4. Legal and regularity construction

a few. The users of electrical banking happen to be in urban areas.

6. Infrastructure of villages is definitely not well suited for electronic financial.

3. 11 The Environment intended for E-banking

There are well-developed banking and retail industries, a encouraging central financial institution, good marketing communications and a generally great policy environment. The environment intended for electronic banking is influenced by the: Development of the economic and retail sectors

The size of the financial and retail market in which the answer is being launched is a important determinant of product features, accessibility, purchase volumes and financial literacy. Level of economic literacy

The level of financial literacy influences connection of the product, the nature of the distribution channel and the character of orders made. Regulating and policy environment

The regulatory and coverage environment must be supportive of electronic banking. This includes banking regulations and appropriate communications, security, and information plans. (Cracknell, 2004)


4. you SWOT Analysis

To discover the stability of a particular product we have to perform a SWOT Analysis in the product. This will analyze the Strengths, Weak points, Opportunities, and Threats with the particular product. For analyzing the

performance of sites Banking in Bangladesh all of us the following SWOT Analysis is regarded as

4. 1 ) Strengths

¢ Good corporate identity

E-banks in Bangladesh has creates strong corporate picture. With its solid corporate picture and identification, it has better positioned itself in the minds of the shoppers. ¢ Strong employee binding and belongings

Employee’s financial institutions are one of the main assets on this sector. The employees have a powerful sense of commitment towards organization and also feel happy and a sense of belonging to banks. ¢ Efficient Performance

It has been found from consumers’ opinion that E-banks give hassle-free customer services to its consumer comparing to other classic banks of Bangladesh. ¢ Empowered Work force

Your resource of E-bank is quite well believed & properly managed. Since from the initial, the top management believed in empowering employees, exactly where they declined to put their very own finger in every part of the curry. This energized environment makes E-banks an improved place pertaining to the employees. ¢ Hospitable Office

Working environment in E-bank sector is so favorable that one of the executives will probably plop straight down at a table in its cafeteria & join in a lunch, talk with whoever perhaps there is. ¢ Solid Financial Position

It is often seen that the net income has been slowly but surely rising over the years. Furthermore, E-banks are not merely sitting on its earlier year’s accomplishment, but also taking initiatives to improve.

5. 2 Weak points

¢ Absence of solid marketing activities

E-banks currently don’t have any strong advertising activities through mass media electronic. g. Television set. TV advertisings play essential role in awareness building. DBL has no such TELEVISION SET ad campaign. Even though do a wide range of CSR actions. ¢ Certainly not

enough innovative goods

In order to be more competitive in the market, E-banks should come up with even more new attractive and ground breaking products. This really is one of the weaknesses that this sector is much lag behind in innovation of products and providers. ¢ Diversification

E-banks may pursue a diversification approach in expanding its current line of business. The management can easily consider options of starting merchant banking or perhaps diversify that to renting and insurance. In Bangladesh they can also provide these solutions. ¢ Deficiency of Proper Determination

The salary at E-bank is very decent, but it does not have other sorts of inspiration. Incentives such as bonuses get for attaining a particular determine, but overall these are the only motivational factors. ¢ High price for retaining account

The account repair cost intended for E-bank is definitely comparatively high especially for greeting card holder. Consumers have to pay pertaining to maintaining account. ¢ Out-of-date Software and Hardware

Some of the Computers in this department have incredibly outdated components which is very slow and impacts the customers and hence the performance of the traditional bank as a whole. The software themselves are very old. Bangladeshi E-banks are employing backdated application that always can’t prevent cyber attack.

four. 3 Opportunities

¢ Distinct functioning procedures

E-bank operates its operation in specific procedure that is almost different from traditional bank. This distinction is confident toward consumer expected services. ¢ Region wide network

Great opportunity for E-banks is to increase its operations to entire Bangladesh. Goal for providing services through the country area will safeguarded its presence in the lon run. ¢ Experienced Managers

One of the key opportunities of E-banks can be its effective managers. They have

used experienced managers to aid its procedure. ¢ Enormous Population

Bangladesh is a developing region to satisfy the needs with the huge human population, a large amount of purchase is required. Alternatively, building EPZ areas plus some Govt. policies easing overseas investment inside our country caused it to be attractive to the foreigners to purchase our country. So , E-bank has a significant opportunity right here. ¢ New software

It truly is software which usually enables consumers to pay in and take away money coming from any lender with the talón or pay in of any other bank. ¢ Bigger Market

Large number of population is within our nation. Moreover each of our national cash flow and its organization scope is a huge untapped marketplace that requires loans and expects to deposit also.

some. 4 Risks

¢ Default Financial loans

The condition of nonperforming loans or perhaps default loans is very minimum or minor. However , this challenge may rise in the future thus; E-bank needs to remain cautious about this problem so that proactive strategies happen to be taken to lessen this problem.

¢ Industrial Downturn

Bangladesh is economically and political unstable nation. Flood, poem, cyclone, and newly added terrorism have become an personality of our country. Along with inflation, joblessness also makes industry extensive recession. These caused downward pressure within the capital with regard to investment.

¢ Financial Crisis

Although people have recovered a little from the distress, it may still pose being a threat. People are still not wanting to take financial loans or even deposit them.

Studies and Evaluation

5. one particular What values persuade one to open Consideration?


Banks give to the customers on the basis of buyers demand. They offer services with new added values that persuade customers to open new account. Just about every value with special top quality isolated consumers in some several groups. Therefore , customers believe to open take into account bank value services. Between 30 participants choose E-banking services for its 7/24% convenience, and 7/24% account managing.

5. 2 Gender


Financial institutions are for a lot of. No extra facilities are provided to most people. All classes of people very own E-banking Bank account. Though two parts of these people male and female are not equal in amount in case of E-banking Account possessing. Sample size for this statement is 35 and twenty-five or 83% men although only 5/17% Women Own E-Banking Accounts.

5. a few What sort of e-banking providers are you taking pleasure in mainly?


These days Bangladeshi E-Banks are providing different varieties of e-banking providers to their buyers. But clients are using these offers according to their own need. An Account holder can enjoy different varieties of e-banking solutions at the sometime. But I possess only centered on one major forms of providers customers work with at a time. Kind my review I between 30 respondents 12 use ATM largely that is forty percent of the total and the 5 or 17% respondents are employing online providers.

5. 4 Precisely what is the most important prevalent support services E- bank account?


E-banks offer customers significant services for which it is founded. Alongside these types of main companies E-banks give some support services for their customers that improve quality lifestyle. Among my own 30 respondents 7 consumers accept both equally utility costs payment services and application for the loan and


a few. 5 Precisely what is the main reason of opening E-bank Account?


Bank and buyer are interdependent. Banks are offering many in order to customer once customers see a E-banks for different purposes. To distinguish the main reason of opening Account this question was asked to the respondents. Loan application is one of many with the purposes becoming E-bank customer that is appeared in this research 12 participants out of 30 possess opened an E-bank are the cause of loan.

a few. 6 How is the E-banking transaction?


Providing services to the expectations from the customers is a wonderful concern for banks since it is a matter of attraction of those among huge competitors. To measure the E-banking transaction versatility level of the shoppers this query was asked the question for the customers and they show blended responses. 46% of the total respondents happen to be agreed to overall flexibility and 27% are firmly agreed to not flexible together with the question.

a few. 7 E-banking is costlier than classic banking. What is their opinion?


Financial institutions provide consumers better companies in exchange of money. They use all the ways and pavements to lessen cost of customers. With a view to meeting the customer expectation E-banks offer better services within probably limited cost. But in our region customers expect that they will progress service although not by providing more money what they taken care of traditional financial service. This study shows that 14 participants exclaim that e-banking asking higher cost than traditional banking. On the other hand just 7 customers seem that E-banking can be charging less cost than traditional bank.

5. almost eight What challenges you are facing in the E-banking?


Bangladesh banking guidelines recommend that customer satisfaction is to be reasonable, relentless and customer right (accessibility, data, good behave)must be guaranteed unless in any other case the bank established accused of breaking guidelines must be punished customers likewise expect that they can always are certain to get smooth service. They hardly ever want to face problems as a result of bank. But unfortunately in Bangladesh several problems are being confronted by E-bank customers. To measure the challenges facing simply by customers of asked this kind of question 11 customers confront service service problem and 6 customers face behavioral problem.

a few. 9 What are the major risks of E-banking you notice?

For smooth running bank professionnals always keep hawk-eye on their purchase, activities, solutions, products and so forth All complications aren’t often identified from your view stage of experts. Sometimes mindful customers maintain knowledge of banking institutions risk arouses from bankers’ performance. To realize whether the participants notice any kind of risk of E-bank activities in Bangladesh. Amongst 30 participants 8/27% consumers thinks that credit risks is high in E-banking 6/21% buyers seems that both market risk and secureness risk is in the second position in E-banking activities.

a few. 10 Have you ever any suggestions?

Banks anticipate to customers that they may help by providing information. Customers are wanted to give a few required info stored in the purchasers. Among different styles of question suggestions is 1. To identify what kinds of suggestions, amendment, rectification and attachment to present service or deduction by present assistance customer expect. This query was asked to customer. Among 30 respondents 8or 27% suggests for service improvement and 6 or perhaps 21% advises for behavioral improvement.

6th. 1 Tips

The study results have given useful information about where advancements are necessary to boost the customer solutions quality of E-banking. Though this least number of participants don’t stand for the real scenario of E-banking of Bangladesh, yet these kinds of recommendations will be helpful for the progress of E-banking. Now I recommend the following major issues, which will be ideal for building up confident customer frame of mind toward E-banking in Bangladesh.

* There should be career design and style for the experts in this sector. * Financial institutions should have enough research and technological backdrop in this regard. * Banks need to promote knowing of the customers about the e-banking * Banking is known as a service-oriented organization. Its organization profit will depend on its service quality. Therefore the expert always should take note about their service quality. 5. Long-term teaching very much necessary for the employees. 2. E-banking service should be according to the customer expectation and satisfaction. * E-banking service ought to be resolve the entire problems rapidly that the client face in online purchase. * E-banking system must be more flexible.

* The decision production process should be more quickly.

* Need to establish more ATM booths.

* Authorities should be leading to increase the IT facilities.

6. 2 Conclusions

With overall conversation we can terminate the issue of client attitude toward E-banking in Bangladesh. This study was created to create a deeper understanding of client attitude of E-banking in Bangladesh. The technology acknowledgement model evaluated here is useful for understanding and explaining how users’ notion affects their reason to use E-Banking. With the source of Bangladesh it can be beneficial for the banks too. Just need a few proper loves you to be taken. Additionally it is needed which the Govt. growth. The E-bank authorities have to deal with appropriate authority to create E-Banking more available in Bangladesh.

At present every types’ business organization performs primarily pertaining to customer satisfaction. E-banking is services oriented industry. The first choice of E-banking is to client satisfaction. Customers happen to be habituated with organization lifestyle. Culture is built up in the practice of years. And so customer frame of mind toward firm is born observing and suffering from an organization’s practice and satisfaction. Through progressive, structural and scientific schooling the employees of E-banking can offer better customer satisfaction. Favorable environment can be present. This environment draws the customers to the sector. Authority and employees need to be determined and committed to their very own recognition. They have to try to find out more creative and better methods to improve their features. They will have to add new and better executing IT system will boost capability to make positive picture. Customer attitude will be advantageous to E-banking. They must be aware about customer survey and is to be taken bank account that are located on the customers suggestion and recommendation will inspire them to get better plus more dealings and relationship with E-banks. Through this report several crucial data has been found to build up a well ambience intended for E-banking. Because customers constantly expect that organization need consider their opinion. Consumer will be asked to continue their relationship. Consumer expects that banking support facility, risk and reliability management and all other essential issues with regards to customer satisfaction must be maintained and monitored. Customer satisfaction is the prime components of positive customer frame of mind. For client satisfaction, outcomes with the survey provides some important information that can play a role in ensure very good E-banking environment in Bangladesh. However with financial customers growing increasingly comfortable with the digital lifestyle, but Bangladeshi clients are not aware about e-banking in Bangladesh. They can be not understand fully the power of technology and strive to leverage it to enjoy better control over their very own banking procedures. To conclude that e-banking could also provide various other benefits. For example, creating fresh markets, and reducing detailed costs, administrative costs and workforce are increasingly essential aspects for the banks’ competitiveness, and e-banking may improve these kinds of aspects as well. So , Bangladeshi banks is going to take these features of e-banking in Bangladesh economic climate as early as possible.


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This kind of survey is performed only for the educational purpose; the objective is that to understand about the customer attitude toward e-banking inside our country. 1 ) Name: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ 2 . Era: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦.. three or more. Gender

1 . Male

2 . Feminine

four. Do you have an E-bank Account?

1 ) Yes

2 . Simply no

5. What is the main reason of opening E-bank Account?

1 . To create a deposit

2 . Bank loan

3. Funds transfers

four. For financial savings

a few. Current account

6th. What principles persuade one to open Account?

1 ) Account supervision

2 . Facility to verify amounts

3. 24 hours services

4. anywhere on-line

a few. Curiosity

6. Low service price

7. Accessibility

six. What varieties of e-banking solutions are you taking pleasure in mainly? 1 ) ATM

2 . On-line banking

3. Tele- banking

4. Mobile phone banking

5. TEXT MESSAGE banking

6. Stage of Deal (POS)

7. whenever anywhere ‘banking

8. VISA and MasterCard

9. Virtual Banking

10. Electronic Fund Copy (EFT)

8. What is the most important common support services E- bank account? 1 ) Bill payment and presentment

2 . Investment/Brokerage services

three or more. Loan application and approval

4. Business-to-business payments

5. Inward remittance

6. shell out utility bills

7. Only in time providers

almost 8. transfer money

9. In addition to Internet bank account, do you really also have a classic

banking account? 1 . Certainly

installment payments on your No

twelve. E-banking is providing better solutions than classic banking. Find the following- 1 ) Strongly consent

installment payments on your Agree

3. None of them

some. Disagree

5. Strongly disagree

10. E-banking can be costlier than traditional bank. What is your view? 1 . Higher priced

installment payments on your Costly

3. Cheaper

some. No brief review

12. Just how is the E-banking transaction?

1 . Extremely flexible

2 . Adaptable

3. Not versatile

four. Neutral

13. Do you think that E-banking is secure?

1 ) Yes

2 . Not any

3. Neutral

13. What complications you will be facing in the E-banking?

1 . Reliability problem

2 . Network

a few. Behavioral difficulty

four. Service service

a few. Time consuming

12-15. What are difficulties risks of E-banking you observe?

1 ) Operational risks

installment payments on your Security hazards

three or more. System design and style

5. Maintenance hazards

5. Strategic risks

6. Credit hazards

several. Market hazards and

8. Fluid risks

sixteen. If you need an additional account, will you open a great E-bank accounts? 1 . Most unlikely

installment payments on your Somewhat less likely

three or more. Somewhat probably

5. Very likely

5. Certainly not applicable

seventeen. Have you any kind of suggestions?

1 . Service improvement

2 . Security enhance

3. Behavioral training

4. Network development

5. Expense reduction

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