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William Shakespeare is definitely the magician of language: his well-built plan and decorated dialogue business lead readers into his virtual but reality-reflected world. Between many of his plays, Othello is one of the greatest tragedies which reflect the deepest characteristics of people: jealousy and love. Regardless of its good quality as a masterpiece, many modern day people are afraid of reading the original texts by Shakespeare due to its language, they have a tendency to believe that Othello or any other Shakespeare plays are too classical regarding both dialect and plan that contemporary people will not feel virtually any sympathies toward. However , various readers found it unexpected that Othello is rather modern day especially in terms of cultural role of woman illustrated in Desdemona.

Shakespeare portrays a woman who have refuses to acknowledge the socially expected arranged marriage by her father in his play Othello. Many literary critics assume that Othello is drafted approximately in 1603. In that era, the biggest virtue of girls was the compliance: the behavior to their father and mother, their lords. The Scottish protestant innovator in 16th century, John Knox, mentioned, Woman in her very best perfection was performed to provide and abide by man (12). Women were not supposed to keep any personal opinions but for automatically stick to the orders from their parents possibly for their matrimony. However , Desdemona, the female protagonist, is a very passionate girl who even stands against her father, Brabantio, to be able to obtain her true love several other contemporary women would do:

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BRABANTIO I hope you hear her speak.

If she concede that she was 1 / 2 the wooer

Desturction on my had if perhaps my poor blame

Light on the person. -come hither, gentle mistress.

Do you understand in all this kind of noble company

Where the majority of you owe compliance?

DESDEMONA My own noble daddy

I do see here a divided responsibility.

To you I actually am sure for life and education.

Warring and education both carry out learn me personally

How to esteem you. You are the master of responsibility.

I was hitherto your daughter. Although heres my hubby.

And so much duty since my mom showed

For you, preferring you before her father

So much I challenge that I might profess

Due to the Moor my own lord. (I. iii. 202-218)

Although she’s obedient and respectful of her dad for what he had provided for her, she is daring enough to select her own husband who is worthy of view at the same time. If perhaps she was a woman whom passively allows her social duty like a daughter of nobleman, she’d have abandoned her love toward Othello and get married to one of her wealthy suitors that her father selects for her. However , as clever as she’s, she excuses herself together with the situation her mother gone through-preferring her husband ahead of her father-to justify her behavior in the most reasonable approach. After all, Desdemona is a outstanding and firmly independent girl who has selected her individual destiny.

In addition , Desdemona, who may be always faithful and faithful to very little as well as to her husband, stands strongly against her crazy husband Othello to defend her rights while an individual. However, the love among Desdemona and Othello seems to break down when ever Othello entirely falls to a devilish trap of Iago. To arrogate a location of Othello as a basic, Iago puts a huge pitfall to all personas that at some point leads to the tragic finishing. As a part of the trap, Iago successfully deceives Othello that Desdemona posseses an affair with Cassio, the lieutenant of Othello. Later on, when Othello falsely accuses her of cheating on him facing Lodovico, Desdemona states, I’ve not deserved this (IV. i. 268). Although the girl still looks up him as her lord, she does not entirely give up her rights as being a human being and accepts almost everything her hubby does with her. Rather, the lady tries to correct Othello when he conducts any unjust actions to any persons including himself and Cassio.


Unfortunately the hefty day, how come do you leak?

Am I the motive of those tears, my lord?

If perhaps haply you my father do suspect

Musical instrument of this your calling back

Lay certainly not your blame on myself. If you have dropped him

I’ve lost him too. (IV. ii. 51-56)

In previously mentioned excerpt from the play, Desdemona clarifies that Othello are not able to blame other folks for what he chose to do. She also makes sure that she is happy to take a full responsibility for what she has completed. Although Desdemona is a devoted Christian throughout the Elizabethan age when womens not being obedient to their partners was regarded as a crime, the girl tries to amend Othellos behavior to clear up him on an equal remedying of women and men.

Finally, unlike Othello who conveniently turns his back and attempts for vengeance toward his believed-to-be disloyal wife, Desdemona keeps faithful and sincere of very little and partner although her foresight anticipates the tragic ending of her like:


Alls one. Good &lt, faith, &gt, how foolish will be our minds!

If I do die ahead of &lt, the, &gt, prithee, shroud me personally

In one of &lt, those&gt, same sheets.

EMILIA Come, come, you talk!


My mom had a house maid called Barbary.

She was at love, and he the girl loved turned out mad

And did flee her. She had a song of willow

An old thing twas, however it expressed her fortune

And she died singing that. That music tonight

Will not go via my mind. [I have got much to perform

But to get hang me all in one part

And sing it just like poor Barbary. Prithee, mail. (IV. 3. 23-35)

The above expert foreshadows the incoming doom of Desdemona. The lady tells Emilia that she wants to perish with the wedding ceremony sheets and indeed at the end, your woman dies on the bed with those same linens. Besides, your woman now sympathizes with Barbary who came across with tragic ending as a result of her proved-to-be-mad love. Yet , her outstanding faithful toward Othello is definitely not specifically being passively obedient with her husband, rather, she appreciates her responsibility of leaving her very own father to get her proved-to-be-mad love which she is aiming to take a responsibility for what the lady had done. When Iago lies regarding the relationship among Desdemona and Cassio, Othello believes what Iago told him without filtering. His blind love distracts him from getting conscious. Alternatively, Desdemona remains loyal and defends Othello even after Emilia potential foods of Othellos insanity and disbelief toward Desdemona since she is liable enough to not blame other folks for what the girl chose to do. Therefore , Desdemona proved herself to be because responsible since other modern day individuals.

To conclude, in his tragic play, Othello, William Shakespeare demonstrates a woman that is fully responsible for herself and independent as an individual while contrary to other Elizabethan girls at that period who were brought up to believe they are inferior to men, thus, followed their orders. Desdemona chose whom she committed to, was standing against any kind of unequal treatment options toward her and took entire responsibility to her behaviours. Therefore , although Othello is classified as classic books, in terms of position of women from this play, the play includes many modern day factors that even current readers can easily feel compassion toward.