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Now, the things i want is, Facts. With these opening words to Hard Times, spoken by Thomas Gradgrind, Dickens declaims Gradgrinds values anytime. Gradgrinds offers his guidance to the category teacher in unequivocal terms, using duplication of the word Facts repeatedly to emphasise his narrow vision of the aim of education and he closes with the terms Stick to Facts, sir!

Through his subsequent description with the classroom along with Gradgrinds looks Dickens discreetly gives all of us an idea of his incredibly personality. The description with the room like a plain, simple, monotonous burial container of a schoolroom parallels the inflexibility and solidity of both Gradgrinds personality fantastic physical appearance. This individual even traces his presence in architectural terms, when we talk about his square wall of your forehead through repetition from the adjective sq ., as in rectangular forefinger, sq coat, sq legs, sq shoulders, were given a vision of unrelenting straightness, monotony and solidity.

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This is attained in a forthright, good-natured manner (like Gradgrind himself), through the use of irony and an exaggerated, satirical humour, which excites the reader into colluding with all the writer in the mockery of Gradgrind. In Chapter 2 he builds up this motif through the use of metaphors such as ready to weigh any parcel of human nature, and we understand that Gradgrind is with no imagination or humanitarian feelings and is pleased with it, finding value simply in measurable and irrebatible Facts.

Dickens then gives us with two contrasting young people inside the forms of Sissy and Bitzer. Once again he uses the two description in the room (Sissy came in pertaining to the beginning of a sunbeam which Bitzer. found the end) and their contrasting physical performances underline the differences between them. Sissy is given in sunny, colorful terms but Bitzer is described as frosty and unwholesomely deficient in the natural touch, encouraging someone to value natural, individual emotion above cold and bare specifics. The very choice of names, a great alliterative diminutive (Sissy) on her behalf instead of the warlike surname of Blitzer to get the son, gives an contrasting feel to the way we are expected to view these two characters.

Bitzer is lauded for his factual definition of a horse, using simply no imaginative dialect, and in in this way Dickens reveals us that imagination is definitely anathema to everyone we certainly have met so far, except for Sissy. Our compassion towards her is aroused as she becomes baffled, frightened and humiliated by the adults. She alone is usually described in emotive terms such as placed into the best alarm. The lady alone uses words such as pretty and pleasant.

Hence by means of irony, exaggeration, metaphor, and humour we are brought to these three characters. Dickens use of repetition, unusual and carefully picked names and appropriate adjectives leads all of us to understand the conflicting ideals and personas of the personas and exposes the seite an seite conflict among utilitarianism and humanitarianism which is a constant theme of the publication. What impression does Dickens give us from the Gradgrinds house life? Look at the behavior of Mary and Louisa. What is our impression of which in Ch. 3 including the end of Ch. 5?

Dickens bears the chilly, inflexible think of Gradgrinds idealism into his home life and as well as, by reproducing the word model, conveys Gradgrinds well-meaning convictions. As just before, hard details abound and pressure is usually applied to make model kids. Dickens uses heavy paradox to show how the children are averted from experiencing normal idiotic pleasures and behaviour. The property itself is definitely appropriately known as Stone Lodge and the concept of the plain, bare and tedious from Chapter II is continued with expression such as a superb square house, all reigned over straight. Evaluations are made involving the house and Grandgrinds darker appearance as well as the use of metaphor continues once Dickens reveals of components of stone and ore (two hard chemicals in themselves) in the kids metallurgical cabinetry being cracked from the mother or father substances.

Each of our initial impression of Ben and Louisa is that the hard, factual parental input they have experienced has not succeeded in entirely crushing their natural idiotic spirit. Dickens chooses to introduce them to us as they surreptitiously dare to grab a glimpse of a circus through a hole in the circus camping tent something any kind of normal kid might perform. He uses this event to show that despite Gradgrinds best work at raising them to worth facts exclusively, they have maintained a natural idiotic curiosity and pleasure of lifestyle. The festival people are referred to in risue?o, jolly and mock high-flown language, providing a feeling of showmanship, exaggeration, exhilaration and fun all things which will would be completely disapproved of by Gradgrind and have been refused the children.