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In this assignment, the aim is to interview someone who is unique from myself in some social way. For my interview I was speaking with a man who is very much older than myself and originates from a different ethnic and religious background. We are interviewing a male named Julian, who I recently met and located very interesting because of his ethnical and faith based differences.


I use not known Julian for lengthy. I was just lately introduced to him because he wedded into my own girlfriend’s family members. Julian is definitely Columbian. Although he was created in New Jersey, his father and mother actually migrated from South usa shortly just before he was born. I chose to interview Julian because even those he was raised in New Jersey, I know that his Columbian traditions had much influence on the way that having been raised. Seeing that my family is definitely from North Carolina, and Christian in faith, I are interested to determine how his culture offers affected his religious philosophy, or if perhaps they have acquired any effects. Fortunately, Julian and his friends and family were on a trip to New york from their residence in New york city, this allowed me to interview him in time just for this assignment.


Q: what is their gender?

A: “I i am male”

Queen: how old are you?

A: “I am 43”

Q: where were you created?

A: “I was born in Jersey Town, New Jersey”

Q: what is you race?

A: “I am Columbian and mother and father were delivered in Columbia, South America”

Columbia is situated in South America, and inhabits a myriad of indigenous, The spanish language, and Latin American people. “Columbia announced their Independence in the early on 1800’s and covers a very large place with a populace of around 44 mil people. “Columbian culture depends on agriculture being a source of financial wealth and well-being (Colombia). “

Q: what is your sex orientation?

A: ” We am heterosexual, I have a better half and two young males.

Q: what is your faith based affiliation?

A: “I i am a non-secular Christian, although I was raised in a catholic church, training Catholicism. It absolutely was not right up until I committed my wife that my faith based practices changed. “

While Julian converted from Catholicism, and will not practice classic catholic customs, Columbia is a predominately Catholic region. A peice from an online site called Region Studies, declared “Columbians were some of the most devout Latin American Catholics. ” Julian stated that his father and mother still regularly attend mass and observe traditional Catholic practices (Country Studies. )

Q: what is the political association?

A: “While I prefer to refrain from putting myself over a political range, I would admit my as a result of my economical and faith based views, We am generally conservative. However , I did not grow up in children were politics were discussed. “

Columbian politics happen to be divided into two groups, the same as the United States.

Q: The thing that was it like growing up with parents therefore close to the Columbian Culture?

A: “For the most part We would say I had developed a normal childhood. With that said, mother and father spoke Spanish around each of our home and continue to achieve that even today. We spent most of my time with my children and my siblings developing up, nevertheless I had good friends over they always stated we ate strange meals. “

Q: did you enjoy growing up bilingual?

A: “yes without. I are thankful given that I am bilingual yet growing up my friends never knew what my parents were talking about. While me and my personal brothers hardly ever speak Spanish in our personal homes, my parents speak it primarily and their English isn’t very exactly plain”

The primary vocabulary in Columbia is The spanish language. “With the main language becoming Spanish hardly any people understand English and some areas where indigenous languages are used (Every Culture. )

Q: how a large number of siblings are there?

A: “I have 3 brothers and that we are all very close. We all celebration on Sundays for a food and to spend the day with each other. Columbians spend a lot of time with their family”

Queen: since your close friends thought you ate strange food, what is your family and civilizations diet?

A: Columbians consume a lot of grain, beans and my favorite, plantains. I am very particular and don’t want to try new things, I think it is because us Columbian typically eat the same types of food for every meal. “

My own research discovered that in a few parts of Columbia “roasted ants are a preferred snack, inch further analysis found the typical meal in Columbian culture involves, “meat, rice, empanadas, potatoes and plantains (South America. )

Q: how does a treat in Columbian culture vary from American Tradition?

A: “We spend a lot of the time eating, nevertheless Columbians seldom talk for mealtime. Following mealtime we enjoy ourselves simply by playing and conversation. American mealtime tradition includes chit chat, we eat and talk after. “

Queen: Is family hierarchy distinct in Columbian culture instead of American culture?

A: “I would admit it is a little different. In most people the father is somewhat the best of the home, but in Columbian culture this can be a little more severe. In my residence, my father was never to become questioned or perhaps interrupted. We took my dad extremely seriously and he was really an expert, rather than anyone to joke about with. inch


Primarily based off of Julian’s personal experience raised within a Columbian traditions, it has been informative to possibly understand however, small ethnical differences that he experienced growing up. Hearing about developing up bilingual is interesting to me.