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Wound Care, Cystic Fibrosis, Nursing Teaching Plan, Personal Directed Learning

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This will give her a good idea with the level of understanding the patient has and then the lady can custom her theories to fit the patient’s degree of understanding.

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It is also a good idea intended for the doctor to give the patient as much published information on the subject as the lady can as the patient may always use these kinds of materials as a reference just in case the registered nurse is certainly not readily available. In the event that he teaching is about pursuing the menu program that will assist the patient in a quick recovery, the nurse may have the sufferer keep a food log of what he got for a week and they go over it with each other to determine what is working and what basically. The same applies to the patient having to be informed on almost any physical activities he must perform to be able to improve and maintain his overall health. A every week journal of the patient’s prepared physical activity must be kept and shared with the nurse at perhaps every week intervals to determine what more is needed.

An additional example would be a patient whom needs to be educated wound care and how to replace the dressing in the wound. The nurse can explain and teach him over and over again, nevertheless the best check is to permit the patient to completely clean and change the wound in her occurrence. This way your woman can guidebook him in the event that he is carrying out something wrong and encourage him if he’s doing a good job. Once the patient learns to care for him self properly and sees that his recovery is advancing smoothly, he could be more apt to further engage in the self-care process. The nurse combined with patient must make sure the lines of communication are always open.

The safe environment and instructing portion of the self-care theory would much more than work well with adult people who are willing to actively engage in their own curing and restoration process. However , Orem’s self-care theory might not always be suitable to teenagers. Children and younger people sometimes do not need00 the level of understanding or maturity that an adult would. This may not be to say which the adult sufferers are more qualified to follow the self-care theory, but at times children will need more assistance. Most children have very little control of the environment that they can live in, so it will be up to the father and mother or other responsible mature care provider to step in and work together with the doctor to make sure the recovery method is on track.

This does not dispense with the child via taking some responsibility for his recovery. Baker and Denyes note that younger the child, the greater difficult you should get him involved in his own self-care routine. The youngsters may conduct some will take, but not as efficiently as they should be. That they suggest getting children in the habit of self-care in the beginning so that it will end up routine in their lives (2008). At some point, the kid may even have the ability to care for him self fully with no help of the.


Orem’s self-care theory is important because it encourages people to take control and responsibility for the aspects of their healthcare that they may manage themselves. This can reduce the length of the hospital stay in addition to the long run, it may save the individual from being responsible for the rising costs of a hospital stay. The values included within this theory are highly relevant to the theory alone because every single one connections into the reality although the sufferer will be caring for himself, support, training and guidance will be provided every step along the way. There will be dilemmas with all the values in Orem’s theory, but the skilled nurse will know how to find methods to make these dilemmas feasible so that they will not pose any problems. The self-care theory is not a means of placing the patient on his very own, but it is known as a way to provide open marketing and sales communications between the registered nurse, the patient and everything family members involved. If everybody involved interact, the patient may be assured of the smooth and fast restoration.


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