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Maggie tells him he’d be better off in a greater shop but Willie does not have any real, desire and is could be afraid of change, and would prefer to work at Hobsons. Maggie tells Willie that if it where not for his fine footwear and her salesmanship the shop probably would not run. Willie tries to nicely complement Margaret saying, they are a wonder in the shop Margaret returns his compliment declaring and they are a marvel in the workshop but as very well as the compliment the lady asks the question well? Willie is mixed up showing that he is only some that razor-sharp minded.

Margaret gives him a bigger touch that your woman wants to enter into partnership with Willie it seems to me to point one of many ways. Willie continue to cant figure out the tip after one more hint from Maggie, Willie realises what she is declaring and makes reasons that he should be getting back to job. Maggie ceases him showing she is identified and not deterred by Willies excuses. The lady then coldly hints at marriage but cant propose, as that was not the completed thing in Victorian times. Willie cant assume that the employers daughter wants to marry him.

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He is therefore shocked that he sits down down and mops his brow. This individual tells her hes queasy and requests why your woman wants to get married to him. Margaret tells him straight that its designed for love however for business exhibiting that funds comes before romanticism in her brain. Willie tells her that hes no good at business. But Maggies tells him that my own brain and your hands ull make a working partnership Willie is now believes that Margaret doesnt mean marriage yet partnership he is relived, on stage he would stand up of his chair and become maybe less than Quivery, Margaret then tells him she does desire to get married to him.

Willie asks so why Maggie says its mainly because hes a great deal unlike her father. Willie finds the case awkward and tells Maggie that this individual finds it difficult Maggie says, whats cumbersome about it? Willie, you speaking with me similar to this showing that Willie is definitely uncomfortable regarding Maggie breaking Societys rules Maggie tells him shed be stupid to let this chance go, Willie cannot believe that he a not so bright workman from Salford is someones best chance.

Willie explains to her that he aspects her on her behalf salesmanship and looks but says he doesnt love her. Maggie explains to him that they can dont will need love to become married and tells Willie to guarantee her that they will go through life together for the money. Willie still has doubts that they wouldnt obtain far devoid of love but Maggie says she has enough love to get both of them. This kind of scene shows that Maggie is: Bossy, Identified, Clever, Driven and clear thinking At the. g. your woman nos that to get free from Salford the lady cant wait for rich person to marry her.