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Drug Remedy Case Study

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You are on a medical unit and caring for a brand new admission, Ms. Polly Pharm a 65-year-old grandmother. Polly has the showing problems of Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and gastric pain. Ms. Pharm’s current medicine regime is usually

Glimepiride 2mg mane (morning)

Ibuprofen 200mg tds (3x day)

Lansoprazole 30mg daily

One of the most important responsibilities of an expert nurse is the proper administration of pharmaceutic drugs and prescription medications. Even though the correct medication dosage of a particular medication may possibly achieve the specified effect of reducing symptoms, taking care of pain, or reversing an infection’s distributed through the program, many of the most commonly prescribed medications are capable of leading to adverse relationships when they are improperly combined. As the doctor in charge of caring for Ms. Polly Pharm, it is essential that I am fully mindful of her previous intake of particular medications, her propensity to get allergic reactions, and any other mitigating factors which can affect the appropriate administration of vital medicines. It is also essential that I apprise myself of her current drug program, including the dose and the efficiency of the medications, to determine regardless of whether these prescription drugs may actually inhibit here restoration rather than improve it.

1 ) ) Exactly what are the signals and actions of the approved medications?

Because an seniors individual handling diabetes mellitus type two, Ms. Pharm has been approved the sulfonylurea Glimepiride every morning, which in turn acts to lessen her blood pressure by triggering the pancreas to produce elevated amounts of insulin (Mims On-line, 2011). Relating to Harvard’s Guide to Drugs, Glimepiride can be an “orally active sulfonylurea agent that stimulates insulin release coming from functioning pancreatic cells” (Tiziani, 2010, 172).

As an elderly ladies suffering from the normal effects of the aging process, which include reduced bone thickness and osteoarthritis, Ms. Pharm also requires an ibuprofen pill 3 x each day to alleviate general pains and aches. Generic ibuprofen is classified as a simple analgesic which is indicated because an effective remedy for the relief of mild to average pain (MIMS Online, 2011).

Ibuprofen is also in a category of medications known as NSAIDs, and acts “by stopping your body’s production of any substance that creates pain, fever, and inflammation” (PubMed Overall health, 2010).

Finally, due to her history of gastric pain, Ms. Pharm has been prescribed Lansoprazole, a common heartburn medication which is also noted by the transact name Prevacid. Typical signals that a patient would benefit from regular doses of Lansoprazole include “duodenal and benign gastric ulcers #8230; in patients with gastritis or perhaps duodenal ulcer to heal and prevent relapse of the ulcer” (MIMS On-line, 2011). Lansoprazole is grouped as a proton pump inhibitor, and acts to achieve significant reductions inside the body’s production of intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal acid (Tiziani, 2010, 395).

2 . ) What are the most common interactions with the prescribed prescription drugs including: drug to drug, drug to food as well as herbal connections?