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Perceptive Property, Authorities Contracts, Property Rights, Bribery

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The company’s efforts to trade globally get this aspect of their very own ethics and online project programs remarkable according to Saywell (2002, May). The usage of online endeavours to protect intellectual property rights online, besides the protection of line info is very well documented inside the analysis accomplished by Pep boys (2006, July) and Pollach (2003) as well. Lockheed-Martin uses a series of web proxy servers to protect online data, and also check identifies ahead of secured parts of the company’s internet site are attainable. In addition the business relies on higher-order security and authentication systems as necessary by the U. S. Federal government to ensure data used on authorities contracts is not sacrificed. The company even offers a series of governance processes in place to ensure that perceptive property can be not sacrificed over the Internet as well.

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Opportunities to get Improvement

Lockheed-Martin has established the tempo in many regions of ethics complying, regulatory compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley Action requirements, furthermore to ensuring all employees have already been trained about ethics techniques and procedures once a year. While using best practices the company has pursued, there is space for improvement as well.

1st, the company should actively pursue creating a staff portal that shows graphically how Lockheed-Martin is doing about compliance in accordance with its opponents, including having an Ethics Champions system to recognize those employees who may have made advice to save the corporation money while also increasing compliance to the SOX Action and govt reporting requirements. Recognizing exemplary performance more than what is essential from staff will also further drive ethical behavior into a core value for the corporation as well.


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