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Evaluating the financial condition of Eastman Kodak can be frustrating. Per my personal evaluation with their quarterly report which was found at http://www. kodak. com, some warning have came out that the auditors should be aware of. These kinds of stand out and really should have exceptional focus on. This quarterly report is dependent on the companies’ business actions as well as all their subsidiary companies between the confirming periods of January you, through January 31, 2011. It has been speculated that some of the previous studies have not been dealing in actual efficiency data basis (Avery, 2012).

Although many believe this to be not possible and false, however , there seems to be that there were simply no exceptions reported or seen on prior reports. Again, while analyzing this record there seems to always be correspondence in terms of data exclusion from the outsourced operations and data intended for leased services were mentioned. The cash flow analysis of Kodak is definitely cause for matter. The Kodak companies yesteryear several years have gotten many issues as appear by the monetary statements.

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“The internal funds flows are negative demonstrating that this company includes a financial issue (Arnold, 2012). Items like the operating costs, investing, and the use of the amount and its output when it features cash happen to be what we consider internal cash flows. Kodak company is usually aimed the focus on financing numerous capabilities and procedures. This financing was to ensure that the IP licensing approach would popular. For this to become applicable, the company would have to offer its property. “Thus to be successful in

the IP portfolio strategy EASTKOD three or more Eastman Kodak set generally there sites directed at getting funds of above $200 million and then to have licensing orders to generate between #250 and $350 million dollars (Anderson, 2012). A number of the red flags that they can should be aware of can be economic elements, earning problems, excessive debts. With these factors at heart it is plainly visible that Kodak dedicated to clearing their particular work on thinking about sustainability that they can had put in place process inside the 2011 fiscal year.

To get Kodak to settle competitive they’d to initiate new courses to generate business in the areas in which they will operate. These programs could boost organization. “After the 2011 sydney, Kodak was more lasting and appeared to be successful and benefit from their customer’s economic, environmental, and sociable performance in order to maintain and attain a profitable, sustainable, and digital company (Anderson, 2011). With these warning flags mentioned, Kodak and its position economically, either would catch the attention of or not attract buyers.

This is due to the fact that the economical factors such as the earnings of the organization provide an idea of what the profits, and the shareholders value to be. People willingness to take a position and to receive companies to fall in series with these people, Eastman Kodak is not an attractive company. This is true due to its low profits the company makes based on its last quarterly report. Kodaks last quarterly report as well as last a few previous years indicate that the company in the event that financially slipping.

During the review procedure they must be alerted that Eastman Kodak has tweaked its economic statements making its come back on capital and its economical stability hard to rely on. Eastman Kodaks free earnings is well below doble. Their technique has failed, and this will not attract new buyers. The financial statement show that the cash flow has reduced and this is definitely partly written for the board and the lack there of on their fiduciary duties.