Edgware in London to City Road Essay

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Employing what I have learned from my study materials, I will assess Station Street, Edgware working in london to Metropolis Road, Cardiff for either their commonalities or distinctions relating to inequalities. Both highways are more than 200 years old and have identical layouts. Stop Road is located in a neighbourhood and is nearly the same as City Highway as it is extremely busy with high quantities of targeted traffic and also people shopping and commuting.

Along this road there are a few takeaways, cafes, eating places, newsagents and estate agents, drug-store, banks, charitable organization shops and in addition Edgware Subway station. For the one part of the roads is a big shopping middle with more shops inside and well known supermarkets SainsburyГўs and Marks & Spencer. There are similarities upon mentioned pavements such as street signs, bollards and of course retailers and people which can make the street what. City Street has a huge Ethnic group, on Train station road only a small minority are white colored British, the rest are Asians and East Europeans.

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Additionally, there are differences involving the streets which essay will use the differences to demonstrate how this could create inequalities. Differences are generally not just there or given, they are of people pertaining to others through people pertaining to material points and their environment. One of the noticeable inequalities upon Station Road is the visitors infrastructure. The numerous controlled crossings help people access all their destinations, in turn it has an adverse impact for road users and raises social disorder between road users and pedestrians as they guard space among the road.

City Road was said to have been a country side of the road 200 yrs ago, but by 1960Гўs was taken over simply by car dealers. Most of them have been replaced simply by cafes, takeaways and eating places designed for more and more ethnic minority and college student population (The Street 2009, scene 1). There are inequalities between neighborhood shops and big supermarkets upon both roads. On the street I understand there are 3 powerful stores, SainsburyГўs, Represents & Spencer and Lidl.

They have huge ranges of goods, the competitive prices, auto parking spaces, that they sell more products for the ease of people.