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Teenagers form an important portion of countries population and development of the nation depends upon healthy and balanced youth. Teenage life is critical progress spurt in one’s your life. This is an age the moment adolescence is critical growth spurt in their life. This is an age group when children are unaware and intensely men to find out about their libido. Consequently get involved with different intimate activates. They could face a large number of problems related to sexual problems and legal rights as they lack knowledge about physical, psychological alterations accompanying their particular growth and development.

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The adolescents’ rising interest and curiosity about sex is known as a motivation factor to acquire information regarding it. Confronting face to face while using urge to learn sexuality will be the present sociable norms and taboos. This leads to many misconceptions and mal-information resulting in adolescence boys and girls trying to experiment sex and especially girls become more prone to teenage pregnancy or have to deal with the brunt of std. This is because they hesitate and lack communication with their parents, teachers or perhaps elders to have open outspoken discussions with regards to sexual issues. In Indian families parents are not open with their young people to talk about sexual issues and rights, which in turn ultimately impact the curiosity, understanding as well as belief regarding problems.

Overall health needs of adolescents include neither been researched nor addressed properly particularly their very own sexual concerns are often misinterpreted unrecognized or underestimated. The adolescents are not even mindful of their right to information.

Limited research shows that adolescents are indulging in premarital sexual more frequently from a young age, the chance of adolescent pregnancy can be rising and the most of them confront the risk of caused abortion beneath unsafe circumstances and will be subjects of sexually transmitted attacks including HIV.

Teenagers do not have right fore in which they can go over their concerns without reluctance out-of school adolescents especially those migrating searching for daily salary are particularly vulnerable to HIV’AIDS contamination due to not enough knowledge literacy rate in females is leaner than men. In addition women are more susceptible to gender discrimination early partnerships early being pregnant and its difficulties

To avoid risky of lovemaking behavior among adolescent girls and provide these people awareness and better opportunities to satisfy their very own queries this kind of study has become planned to understand the existing knowledge and notion related to sex issues and rights and to see the effects of input program in improving their understanding and perception.

Indian context both equally adolescent infants have completely different experiences during growing years including adolescence, the ethnical differences are vast with regard to their conduct and are based on traditional mature roles stereotypes. Growing like a female in India carries with that the significance of second-rate status, and lesser privileges-as compared to a male kid. It reduces across every social classes of the contemporary society and through entire lifespan. For a young lady, the start puberty signifies more restrictions on her movements, fewer communications with males and males, and more lively participation in household tasks. Boys continue to exercise higher freedom to maneuver about, supposed to seek educational and business pursuits as a priority and take adult roles.