Effects of Too Much Technology in Children Essay

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Published: 18.02.2020 | Words: 510 | Views: 719
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The effects of technology may be serious; from kids not rendering it outside to ADD and AD/HD. Most children take more time in front of a television than they do playing outside with friends (“TV”). As even more technology comes out every single day, we have to collection a limit for children.

Being around too much technology can ultimately affect you mentally. There are countless things given that could bring on ADD or ADHD, nevertheless there could be one other cause. Studies have shown that technology can be starting to perform a major component. A study by Iowa Condition University showed that people who have play game titles for more than two hours per day have twice the chances of developing an focus disorder (Pytel).

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Using excessive technology can definitely affect an individual mentally. One more setback about using too much technology is that it’s driving children away from going outside the house and having fun with friends. A lot of children’s only contact with mother nature is through Discovery Channel or Nation Geographic Route.

You will hardly ever see youngsters playing with the local park anymore. Not merely has a lot of technology result in driving youngsters away from nature, but likewise childhood weight problems, laziness, and addiction to game titles and net because of it. Parents need to take action and take their children outside instead of letting them stay in front of a TV the whole day (Mehta). Acquiring action is a must in order for children to get away through the technological world.

A big part of kids not really making it outdoors is because of the media world advertising things electronic. Currently, everything from a cereal package to a Tv program or commercial is advertising either a game or a Tv program. Something’s advertise online digital worlds that you could make your own “you”. Not simply could this bring your son or daughter to more technology, although let them live in a online world and not the real world. Businesses make free games that you have to usually every day or you will lose coins or some sort of virtual funds, thus bringing children even closer to the world of technology.

Something else is that television advertisements. On almost every children’s TV show there is also a commercial for a few video game or TV show that they can just have to discover. When children see different kids, for instance , playing game titles online or off, they presume that it’s okay to accomplish this too. Observe that companies hardly ever set a limit on how much you can enjoy every day.

Instead of advertising games, why don’t they start off advertising getting outside and achieving moving? Advertising are a huge influence in kids. A lot of technology usage can affect children seriously.

From childhood overweight and video game addictions to ADD and ADHD, technology can be starting to result the next generation of tomorrow within a negative approach.