Emergency sales and marketing communications

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Warning System, Txt messaging, Emergency Management, Kenya

Research from Business Proposal:

ECS can be set-up since an early caution and crisis communications program in areas usually affected by natural unfortunate occurances or conflicts and with high amount of mobile phone users and textual content message/SMS users. In case of an impending political conflict or natural tragedy, UniComm’s ECS will be part of an area’s communication plan as persons take action reacting to the information/message they received through the ECS.

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Pilot Prepare

UniComm, as part of its plans for the international launch, will installation special launchings in one country in Asia (Philippines) and Africa (Kenya) where the ECS can be examined in terms of its overall packaging. As the nature of the ECS service is more on the side of public services, UniComm will certainly seek companions from the exclusive sector with strong associations with the government and non-government units functioning within the selected sites in each nation. ECS will be tested in the Philippines as being a natural tragedy response interaction system, especially after Very Typhoon Haiyan, the country continues to experience typhoons that nonetheless threatens areas hardest struck by Haiyan. In Kenya, ECS will be tested like a tool to communicate with and inform people about the peace and order and security circumstances of their respective areas. The has been proven to suffer from post-election violence, and an ECS would be helpful in preventing this kind of from taking place again, especially during selection period.

Project Schedule



Date ranges

Evaluation from the Current ECS Product and Service Supplying

3 months

Development of marketing and schooling collaterals and technical documentation

3 months (after ECS Evaluation)

Meet/scout to get potential companions in exceptional launch countries (Philippines and Kenya)

3 months (2 clubs to cover a single country each)

Official foreign launch

3-4 months

Media blitz

3 months (simultaneous with established launch)


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