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Additionally, they encounter a sizable religious group coming through the forest being baptized by a water, sirens whom supposedly “lure” Pete in to lustful relationships and turn him into a toad, and many other personas. They regularly have to stay one stage ahead of the sheriff and his bloodhounds, and still must find a way being pardoned towards the end, or they are going to go back to penitentiary. They take cars; fulfill a guitarist who believes he can enjoy the guitar as they sold his soul to the devil, and some hospitable people who help them along their quest. Most of the film involves their particular travels, tests, and tribulations, and it often seems as if they are going to never achieve their aim, which is one more element of an epic journey.

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The search really does indeed illustrate Ulysses’ (and many others) social and religious beliefs. Ulysses is definitely not particularly religious, but his search does have various Biblical references. For example , the Bible salesman is really a crook and a KKK member (in truth, many people believe the KKK move is supposed to signify a descent into Hell). Many of the bluegrass songs have Biblical or spiritual sources in them, and there are a large number of little sources throughout the film that demonstrate religious characteristics of the Southern region during the Depression, such as the baptism scene at the river, in which the “Soggy Bottom Boys” obtain their name. It also shows most of the culture from the South in that time. Most people are poor (the Hogwallops eat equine, and the males themselves have next to nothing). They sing within a can to earn $12, which today is not much money whatsoever. The couple of that do have got money are true “fat cats” just like the Cyclops and Pappy O’Daniel. They have the money and the electrical power, and use it mainly because it will advantage them (such as Pappy pardoning the Soggy Bottom Boys towards the end of the film). It reveals how few-people actually had money throughout the Depression, it also shows just how poor most of the people of the Southern were, and just how the tradition seemed to create that big divide between rich as well as the poor. Obviously, Ulysses is definitely not a excellent man; he could be a prison-escapee after all. However , inside he could be basically great and decent, much more so than the supposed spiritual persons he activities (such since the Scriptures salesman). This also reveals the dirty work of religious opinion – sometimes it seems one of the most devout are definitely the most incredible (like the KKK members). The film makes this lighthearted and laughable, but if the viewer appears a little much deeper they will not find just an epic journey which has a happy closing, they will view a deep social commentary about the people and beliefs inside the Depression To the south. Most of the people are decent, industrious, and simply seeking to live a fantastic life. Many are dark and evil, just like the Bible jeweler and the sheriff, and some are naive and innocent, like Delmar and Pete. All their journey provides them collectively and teaches them a lot of things, and that is another element of an amazing journey. Therefore, this film is a contemporary epic, much more ways that Homer might ever before have