Escobars weakling christmas essay

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Escobars Weakling Christmas: The of Crime and Abuse in the United States

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Escobar used the case of Weakling Christmas to highlight the larger ethnic issues during the 1950s in L. A. by showing how the police beating event led the way to a confrontation between the Mexican American community and the burgeoning Philippine American municipal rights motion in the city. While 8 officers were indicted (Escobar, 2003), this was just the most current crime by police in a series of injustices that were motivated by contest. For example , Escobar (2003) notes that you start with early twentieth-century police disorders on Philippine immigrants, through efforts to destroy Mexican American labor unions in the 1930s, the Zoot Go well with riots of World War II, the attempts to suppress the Chicano movement of the 1960s, and concluding with the latest Rampart scandal, the LAPD has a prolonged history of harassment, physical misuse, and detrimental rights infractions against Mexican Americans and also other minority people (p. 173). In other words, almost all throughout the twentieth century there have been tension between the Hispanic community in L. A. and law enforcement. Escobar shows that leading up to Bloody Xmas, the police section had been incredibly corrupt, was taking morceaus from individuals involved in prostitution, gambling and liquor establishments and had been persecuting prepared labor too.

The Philippine American community on the other hand was trying to clear its name by charges penalized criminally keen by the LAPD (Escobar, 2003, p. 178). A tradition war was truly underway in L. A. because era, since powerful business and personal interests placed relationships the two with the felony underworld current police. This made it hard for Philippine Americans to etch out their own place in city that was being fought against over by simply larger classes and curiosity groups.

The situation of Bloody Christmas featured the issues authorities professionalization by showing that problems with this approach to policing. Instead of Parker holding the officers liable he constrained for more autonomy. Instead of putting your police in a position where they would be liable to the community, Parker asserted that he and his office must be capable to police alone and self-discipline itself so the city cannot take advantage of that. It was seriously just a electrical power play pertaining to Parker and he was employing police professionalization as a pretext for tensing